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Robert O'Toole
Staff: Arts Faculty Office

Robert O’Toole BA (hons) MSc PGCE NTF

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Robert O’Toole is a PGCE qualified Information and Communication Technology teacher, with 15 years of experience in learning technology and learning design at Warwick University and Oxford University. He is the recipient of a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence and the internationally prestigious Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellowship.

Robert provides consultancy on learning design and all aspects of learning technologies including the design and use of online and physical learning spaces. Contact Robert at r.b.o-toole@warwick.ac.uk for more information.

He has taught at all levels, and is currently the Arts Faculty E-learning Advisor at the University of Warwick. He is currently doing research into the application of design methodologies to enhance student and teacher use of user-configurable and edgeless learning spaces.

Robert presents his work to a local, national and international audience, and has strong links with the University of Oxford.

He has an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems, and attained a first class degree in Philosophy at Warwick. He is now undertaking a PhD on learning design as a collaboration between the Warwick Institute of Education and the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies.

He is married to a teacher from Botswana, and often visits Southern Africa.