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May 10, 2006

Revision + Detox = ?

Well Revision has been underway since the end of my coursework and project, but have I actually learnt anything? I think the answer to that is probably yes however I can't seem to recall anything at the moment. All a little bit worrying considering my exams start in under a week!

Adding to the joys of revision I'm also in the second week of a detox diet as well. Not so much that I needed to really, but more to give some friends support while they did it. So according to the book one of them has (by Carol Vorderman), we can't eat the following:

–Red meat, chicken, turkey and any meat products like sausages, burgers, and pate
–Milk, cheese, eggs, cream
–Butter and margarine
–Any food that contains wheat including bread, croissants, cereals, cakes, biscuits, pies, pastry, quiche, battered or breadcrumbed foods, etc
–Crisps and savoury snacks including salted nuts
–Chocolate, sweets, jam and sugar
–Processed foods, ready meals, ready–made sauces and takeaways
–Coffee and tea
–Sauces, pickles, shop bought salad dressing, mayonnaise
–Fizzy drinks and squashes, including diet versions

This rules out a lot of things really!! And leaves us with the following:

–Fruit juice
–Beans and lentils
–Tofu and Quorn
–Brown rice and rice noodles
–Rye crackers, rice cakes and oatcakes
–Unsalted nuts
–Unsalted seeds
–Extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
–Garlic, ginger and fresh herbs
–Ground black pepper
–Water – at least 2 litres a day.

So am I feeling detoxed? I'm feeling hungry if thats the same thing. I do feel a little better as in I've lost weight over the last week and I have softer skin (interesting…) but I think that it does mean essentially I'm cutting out good things too so my immune system is weaker and hence I now have a cough too. I can't wait for the weekend when it ends and I can finally eat meat again! I'm hoping for a sudden boost in energy for my exams, and the renewed power of redbull (it has kind of worn off from overdrinking..)

Needless to say by the weekend the four of us on the diet will probably hate vegtables, crave meat/chocolate and get really drunk on hardly any alcohol. But I'm going to stick with it and prove that I can basically eat nothing for two weeks.

April 18, 2006

Project… finished?

Well I have finally printed my Final Project! It's huge too! 65 pages I think and when it's single pages printed in colour, thats a chunk of paper! But its finally done! Now all I hope is that it gets me a good mark! Have the presentation to prepare next, so it's no break in the work for me!

Feeling shattered already and it's only 1.30pm. That can't be a good sign! But must keep working for as long as I can. Once I'm done I can begin coursework and then revision. That's where the real motivation will be needed!

I'm just taking time out of engineering to wait for my project to be bound. There was two copies for the eng dept, and then my supervisor wanted another copy, and I figure I might as well get one for me! So that's four copies! And at 30p per sheet and 65 pages each, it should have cost around £78 if I calculated correctly. I emphasise the word 'Should'... However for some reason it didn't charge this much… So I'm not going to complain!

Now I guess I better walk to Lazerlizard and pick up my project, try and work some more, and also try not to annoy Vikki with too many random texts resulting from insanity due to overwork! lol.

April 17, 2006

WiM's over!

Monday and WiM recovery is top on the list of things to do (well project and coursework are really….). Got back last night after a long long week of WiM. This was however a fun, but stressful week.

Arriving on friday 7th at around 7pm we had some dinner, a chat and then went to the pub. Was a good chilled night. However first thing sat morning the guys were awoken by scorching sunlight burning through the windows and devouring their very souls!! Ok, that may be a little extreme, it was bright lets just say that.

Breakfast in spoons was good however and the day was generally chilled. Around 3pm the rest of the choir arrived and the week officially began. Some rehearsal to sing on sunday morning was done, and the evening was good time to chat to people.

Sunday was a little busier with singing and rehearsal and even beginning to notice that Vikki would be busy during the week (being music co and all) and I hoped that it wouldn't be too bad. My job as media co was all about delegation, and later in the week about late nights!!

Through the week there was a lot of rehearsals and singing. We had to learn 7 songs per choir, a joint one and the two Karen Gibson workshop songs. So there was a lot to do. In the midst of this was band rehearsals, singing around the town (Newmarket) and advertising the concert. My job also entailed trips to cambridge to get posters, flyers, tickets, and programmes printed. This wasn't too much of a problem, though it did mean staying up till 4.30am finishing programme design to be printed the next morning!

The week was a fun week, and if it wasn't kind of a big blur then I would write what happened each day. There was a lot of manouvering between two venues and the concert venue throughout the week, and despite trying my best to chill, inside I was a bit down. Just a combination of lack of sleep, lack of food, and not getting to spend any time with Vikki when she either had nothing to run and do, or when there weren't 80 people around! Even though that was expected before we went, it still wasn't always fun!

Saturday, Concert day! This was a hectic day! With running between three places all day and then manning the door after the soundcheck went on almost two hours longer than expected, and the people in the queue had to wait half an hour late to be let in. That was interesting to have to tell over 100 people there was some technical difficulties and they'd have to wait! lol.

We almost sold out though, 169/200 tickets were sold! That was pretty good going for WiM and made me feel happy I'd done a good job advertising. The Tshirts also finally arrived on thursday and the choir all loved them! They do look pretty good to be honest.

So after a chilled day yesterday I finally drove home to get back into the work habit again! Been on campus all day now and it's getting very lonely and boring! Too much work to do though to go home! Just another few days and Vikki will be back from home and it will be easier to be distracted work (I'm hoping anyway!!!) lol.

Back to Work for the meantime!! Damn engineering computer room! So lonely, especially when there is loads of civil engineers around! lol.

April 06, 2006

Frustration of work – Friday (Nearly)

Big sigh.... Handed in a semi-final draft of Project to supervisor about an hour ago. Now need to read through it all myself and check for errors and other random bits that need to be changed. Thought I'd end the weeks theme of blogs. The frustration is still there as I still have a lot to do, but won't get to write an entry tomorrow. I won't be here! Heading to Newmarket (Cambridge) for WiM. Week in March that stands for. Interesting since it's in April. Hmm…

Should be a fun and tiring week. I still maintain that it should have been called 'Insomnia!' but apparently that wasn't acceptable. Nevermind. Still waiting to hear about Tshirts though which is getting more worrying! Need to leave at 3 tomorrow with the box of 110 Tshirts in my car, or the concert will look a bit crap! Where are you Dan?!

So it's 4:35pm and I'm still on campus! Waiting to go to Lazerlizard and pick up some laminating/cutting I got done for WiM (hopefully will be ready). The joys of being media coordinator! lol. After a short break I guess I will read through my project and see what needs to be changed.

This is kind of a procrastination blog, but to be honest they mostly all are!!

Food, cinema and seeing Vikki will hopefully keep me motivated to stay on campus til 7pm. That will be a long day! 9.5 hours of campus goodness!! Oh the joys of being a finalist!

When will I get to revise too? Interesting…..

Frustration of work – Thursday

Bloody Laptop!! You get to the final stages of the report you have been working on for what seems like forever, get into the flow of writing a summary… And blackness!!

No I didn't pass out, my trusty laptop decided to die on me! Then also take about 10minutes to restart. By which time I had got out of the nice flow of writing and had forgotten most of what I had written anyway!

So having started again with the summary and tried to write similar stuff to before, I have a feeling it won't be as good. Nearly there though. Finish this, add a couple of pictures, change everything to double line spacing and then make sure its all in the right place….

Phew! Then I can print it and take it to my supervisor to have a look. Hopefully he won't make any major changes or I may pass out!!

Back to work for the meantime!

April 05, 2006

Frustration of work – Wednesday

There seems to be a common theme between my last few posts. Thought i'd carry it on here. It's now Wednesday, as the title suggests, and I'm still doing project work. Nearly there it seems, but can't seem to get any closer to finishing. All the little bits of finishing it off seem to take the longest. To add to this is the annoyance of having been working on the project since the start of the year, while constantly being interupted by other pieces of coursework!

Well haven't got long to go till I finish I think, then have lots of other work to do! If only I didn't have other work I'd be much happier! lol. And maybe less tired!

What's up with groupwise as well? I can only seem to get on it from the engineering computers, and not from my laptop. Weird methinks!

Waiting to hear from a man about Tshirts for WiM next week too is slightly worrying. We are leaving for Newmarket on friday and if I don't have the Tshirts by then, my job has failed! Let's hope he gets back to me in the next day or so or I will be slightly annoyed/worried!

Back to working I suppose. Maybe will write again later with less random thoughts and more comedy/interesting things to say…

April 04, 2006

Frustration of work – Tuesday II

Well up to 11,590 words now out of 12,000…. So done a bit more to the project. Guess I need to finish it off and read through it all… Still alive though which is a good thing!

Frustration of work – Tuesday

Back again….. More work… Kind of bored again now! And as the money in my account hasn't cleared yet I'm hungry too! Dammit!

Well as there's lots of sun on my laptop and I'm kind of guessing what to write as I can't really see the screen, I best try and move and get on with more work.

Going slowly today though. But will keep on going until I either collapse of hunger or die of bordom…

April 03, 2006

Frustration of work – Monday

Again back in the engineering dept. Been here for almost 2 and a half hours now. Not bad going for a monday morning methinks. So project up to 10,542 words now. Only another 1458 ish to go. But when thats over I need to write a summary and to go through the whole thing and format it all properly so all the images and graphs are in the correct places and all referenced properly. (could take a day in itself!) Referencing… That's another part that could take a long time!

I guess this entry is a kind of break from working for the meantime. Checking emails every now and then / hour / 30mins / every 15minutes or so is another (brief) break from work. I think I would go insane if I worked constantly until 6pm though. Attempting to stick around until then to pick up Vikki and go play some badminton with friends. There's not much point in going home really. (although I have a seriously painful back at the moment! So should be an interesting time). RAG quiz after too. If only they asked questions on the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, then I'd be sorted. It seems that this project has squeezed out all the other random information in my head, leaving little room for much else.

Well, back to work for me. Procrastination over for the morning. Lunch soon….(although having only found enough money in my car for a yoghurt… yum..)

Two more random thoughts: I've just noticed that I have had my laptop plugged in for a couple of hours…but the switch off.. No wonder it was so dim!! Rubbish!

Number two: Does anyone else find it hard to read my blog or is that just Ali?

March 31, 2006

Frustration of work

Such a nice day and I'm stuck in the engineering building doing project work!! Arghh!! So much to do, and so little motivation time.

Oh well, hopefully Vikki will leave school early and I can have a valid reason to stop working! Awesome!

March 29, 2006


Last weekend was the trip to Ireland briefly mentioned in the last entry. Was a very comedy filled weekend, resulting in some good stories to tell people in the future. Mainly to embarass people that went.

So, friday I left cov at around 10am and headed home to Kent. I detoured to Billericy (Essex) to my grandparents for lunch on the way. Arriving about 12 and getting lunch half an hour later! Ham, egg and chips! Yum! So leaving there around 2 I headed over the Dartford bridge to bluewater to meet my sister on her break at work and buy some Krispy Kreme doughnuts!! I even managed to resist eating any of the dozen I bought.

3pm I leave there and head back to my house, only about 10 minutes away, so get some time to chill at home and watch tv. No-one in, so after finding my bottle of rum from barbados and packing that into my bag, I went to the pub down the road to 5:30pm and aimed for Gatwick! The journey however was much quicker than anticipated and I arrived at 6:20pm. So had to wait around the airport until 7 for chrisi to arrive, and then viks, emma and nikki. (The doughnuts were much appreciated by all!) So general airport waiting drinking guiness and checking in (with the doughnuts making it through customs too). Arrived in Cork at about 1030 and got taken to Tesco's to load up with food for the weekend. Load up we did! With 7 of us in a 7 seater car, all our luggage and all the shopping…. Was an interesting journey for 2 hours to the cottage in Adrigol were we stated!

Saturday was a general day of relaxing and drinking and eating. We went for a kind of walk/climb up a nearby mountain type thing… I ended up falling flat on my ass! Completely covered in mud in my new coat too! But was comical indeed! The evening entailed a drinking game of watching titanic…. interesting to say the least! But really the only way to watch titanic!

Sunday a few of us took viks and emma back to the airport as they had work monday, the journey was long and the amount of rain made it funny to try and corner on Irish roads at crazy speeds! (Wish I was driving at points!) Was sad to drop them at the airport and head back to the cottage, but we still had another day of crazyness!

After we ate when we returned we played 'pass-out' the drinking game, and a kind of very very wrong version of spin the bottle involving dares, truths and various other rules (who says we are too old!) Thankfully I was exempt from most of it!!! (Thanks Vikki :-) Phew!) What happened during the drunkeness should probably not be repeated here! Or anywhere the matter! lol.

Up monday morning at 630, this was after no 3 hours sleep. We had to pack and get the cottage clean. Then try and leave for our flight. The problem here however was there were 8 of us to fit in the 7 seater.... Was a little bit of a squash with all our stuff in the car too! Ended up nearly dying being a lot of pain all the way to the airport.

The flight back was a good one, apart from the amount of turbulence during takeoff and landing!! Was fun though I guess! Played Badminton in the evening for a couple of hours, did the rag quiz and then finally ate around midnight! Then collapsed!! lol. Was a good weekend, but a long and drunken one!

Was good fun, but next time would like to look around more of Ireland! Planning a road trip there in the summer (possibly with Viks) to just drive around and see where the roads take us! Hopefully can relax more then than this weekend!!

Back to work/recovering for me….....

March 21, 2006

Two entries in a day! Must be bored!

Ok, so I'm working in F211 (which is the engineering computer room). It's not a bad place to work really. It's warm, has a nice bright red paint theme going on, and has lots of computers/printers/and power for my laptop. So why does it seem to be difficult to focus on work!?

I have probably checked my email several times by now whilst doing my report. Done around 600 words this morning in the last hour and a bit on it, but mind keeps drifting to other things. Pretty much anything else, like food. Or wondering what the high pitched noise in my car is!? Or even wondering how Vikki's getting on in school (teaching, not learning…well may be learning, but learning how to teach I guess…)

Lots of wondering, now wondering how I can get my report moving past the stage i'm stuck on now. Its got to the point where I may need to actually start calculating things and writing about the answers. Up til now I have been writing the introduction and theory sections, with a massive literature review in there too. Must start being organised and working through it. Only a few weeks left!

Although looking forward to having another weekend off this weekend. Ireland here we come!

Kelvin-Helmholtz instability

My experiment! Looking back this picture was the first instability I recorded! It seems so long ago now, and yet strangely the maths of it still screws with my head!!

Early is good!

9am and I've been up for almost two and a half hours! This whole getting up early thing is good! It means the days are really long so technically a lot of work can be done! Although the chance I'm going to use it to it's maximum potential is quite low. That would mean spending all day on campus again. Did that yesterday, and did a fair amount of work. But had to get some Redbull to keep me going!

The good point of being up so early though is that I'm feeling more awake during the day, and getting into the routine of being up for a long time. That worked well in the summer (4hours sleep a night for around a month) and I felt more awake then having more than 8 hours per night! Thats crazy though! I must be slightly weird! lol.

So I guess I should get to campus soon, and carry on with project work. There seems so much to do, and with other coursework to do soon and WiM straight in the middle of it all I better get on with it. Today is going to be a boring day I can tell. Maybe I should rethink my first statement, if I hadn't got up until 10 or 11am the day would be so much easier to fill!

Oh well! I should stop procrastinating, good though it is. Maybe I will write again later during times of bordem!

March 15, 2006

Yey no more buses!

I finally decided to take my car and get it fixed this morning. I think I was given enough signs during the week. For example standing in the rain for half an hour for a bus yesterday, then while on the bus the last two days I kept seeing a van parked near sainsburys in tile hill. Now this seemingly innocent van had alternator repairs/replacements slapped all over it in big black and orange writing. Why it was parked randomly in tile hill is probably a good advertisement. It obviously worked though. So I started my car after a brief time of coughing and complaining (well it has been sitting in the same place for three weeks now and not moved once!) So after a trip back to Earlsdon they fit a new alternator for me in twenty minutes! Legends!

The newfound happiness of having my car back forced me to get a car wash, some petrol, oil and I even fixed the radio so that I can now pick up radio stations! (It has only been able to play CDs since I bought the car two years ago!) So all in all has been a good day. Sunshine too for a brief while!

So while its going well, I'm in the engineering dept attempting to do some project work! After little sleep in not sure how long I will last, but I guess all I can do is have a go!

March 12, 2006


Writing about web page http://www.rev.org.uk

Pre-Wim…. Crazy time in the revelation calender. It's a weekend designed with the purpose of getting the ball rolling on organising WiM (Week in March, although this year in april. Strange I know!). WiM is essentially where over 100 people meet up for a week, learn around 15 songs in that week from scratch (band too) and then put on a concert at the end of the week.

So pre-WiM is where all the people that have some kind of role in the organisation and running of the week meet up to.. umm.. organise I guess. So my 'job' is media coordinator. I think this means I have to make sure the t-shirts for the week are designed and ordered and ready to take there on time. I have to organise the publicity of the concert during the week. Such as designing and printing posters and flyers to hand out during the week, as well as printing programmes/tickets for the concert. This seems a lot to do really, what with my third year to hand in the week after and other work to do too. should be ok if I organise and delegate well.

So the weekend involved a late night in the pub on friday night, always a good thing by the way! Then up early saturday to learn a couple of songs to sing during the weekend, all day organising stuff and thinking of a theme for the week. Then another later night in the pub saturday, preceeded however by some…umm.. bastards let call them, stealing someones laptop, and Vikki's phone/purse and (brandnew) satnav from one of the rooms we were staying in!

So kind of had to go for a walk for 45mins to just chill (freeze in the cold more like!) and not get angery. Although was feeling very angery that just a few yards away from where I was cooking dinner they stole stuff from friends!

Sunday was another early start (8am ish) and then singing in the morning, followed by a massive roast dinner on the way home (thanks Chrisi's mum! legend!). so now a little shattered and a bit of winding down with little to do… Hence the blog methinks!

March 09, 2006

Thursday evening…

To add to my evening of general bordom and randomness I thought I should write an entry here, while my laptop still has charger, to make people like Thor and Ali happy. Just sitting here watching 'My Name is Earl' on E4.

(by the way, my laptop is very annoying – with random crashing/slow start-up from complete shutdown/random turning off. But it does have amazing battery power. It must have lasted 6 hours today!)

Well, there's not a lot to write about really with it being the end of term and all. A lot of work has been done recently, which makes a change! But I wish they wouldn't given me a 5000 word report at the same time as final year project!

Looking forward to the holidays though. With a weekend away this weekend in Newmarket, and meeting up with some good friends too! Should be fun. So at least that comes before the crazy amount of project work and presentation preparation to do over easter!

Although the comedy of 'My Name is Earl' is funny, I think I will try to stay up and watch 'Supernatural' over on ITV2. Although thats not for another hour, and with a dead car I need to get up early to head to campus…

Hmm… Oh well.

March 01, 2006

randomness again…

Ok, so bored of doing work for the moment so will procrastinate with a bit of blogging…

I have not only got a huge third year project looming over everything, but we have a lovely 5000 word report to do for the end of term too. So that measn a trip to the library! (Shocking I know, being an engineer and all!) After a trip there and a cold walk back to my laptop with a heavy book all about high-performance racing engine design I now have to have a break.

Also another exciting point to add the the week, my car has decided to have a little battery light turn on all the time, and a high pitched noise now comes out of it when driven. Now after looking at the fan belt (nope, not slipping or broken) it must be either the alternator or the battery itself. So at the moment it seems I'm just running on the remains of whatever the battery has left. Which makes it interesting, as i don't think its a good idea to use any electronics if possible so that I may still have some lights if I need to drive at night. The problem stopping me from fixing it is that alternators are pretty expensive, and it's the end of an expensive term, so I may have to find a way to steal some money from somewhere.

At least I don't really need my car till next weekend. (althought getting the bus maybe a cold and depressing act! Sorry to all those who take the bus, but I do like my car!)

There is also an insane crazy busy exciting weekend ahead. It's "Raise the Roof". The Rev spring concert. Which is going to be good! Sold many tickets already, but there will be many on the door too. So come along saturday at 7pm in Methodist central hall, coventry. I will be there from 9am to help set up lighting and sound stuff, so although no doubt will be shattered it's still going to be amazing! lol.

I best get to working again, or now as Rich is here I may be able to finally finish the programmes for the concert if we are going to get them printed by saturday.

(And the sun is kind of shining on my screen which makes it very hard to type!)

February 20, 2006

Busy busy week!!

This has been a crazy few days! So much has been going on! Why does it always seem that when I should be doing muchos project work I get distracted by several other things at the same time!

If I had nothing to do work-wise then no doubt I would have nothing to do outside work too! It's very odd.

Ok, so let's start with back to friday the 11th. This day was quite a busy day of project work, for a friday anyway, and whilst in the middle of it I get invited out to the graduate club in the evening for a Motown and Soul thing. Which turned out to be cool, but the five of us there did double the numbers when we arrived! Then after there was a cold walk back to Earlsdon at 1.30 am!

Saturday was a pretty chilled day, however it was time tunnel that night and a friend from London was visiting, so lunch in the Holyhead pub in the afternoon and then to the union. Another late night!

Sunday arrived with more lunch out, in the varsity this time, then the rag pub quiz in the evening (which we didn't win! Dammit!).

Monday was another general day of lectures and working, then to the varsity for a drink in the evening, plan was not to stay too late although ended up getting kicked out when they shut! lol.

Tuesday (valentines day!) went by with lectures until 6pm and then Rev in the evening, and for some reason stayed up after chatting to Thor, Ali and Rich until about 1am.

So wednesday started feeling less bothered about work, and decided to go back and play guitar for a bit in the afternoon, before the Rev film social in the evening. Bruce almightly followed by Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind… Interesting….

Thursday was another night out, was TGI friday's for the exec social (shuss…dont tell anyone I'm not on the exec. hehe) Then after that a big group of us went out in coventry. Another late night! 3am I think!

Metamorphosis friday! Rather a lot of mixing of drinks occurred and somehow not felt in the morning! Yey! Stayed on the floor at Vikki, Chrisi and Emma's. Was so cold but comfortable with lots of cushions!

A very lazy day saturday, with plans to go home and shower, but ended up staying and going to friends next door in the evening for a chocolate fountain and film. Was 2.30am when I left to go home I think!

Sunday was back to Vikki, Chrisi and Emma's for a sunday roast and was fed more alcohol! (well it would be rude not to accept! hehe)

Now its monday morning and I've just got home to shower and get ready to knuckle down to project/coursework! Hmm…..Where's the motivation!?

It must be there somewhere, if anyone knows where let me know!!

February 05, 2006

Spring concert 2006

Writing about web page http://www.warwickrev.org


Concert is coming! 4th March!

January 31, 2006

It's been a while!

Wow, it's been a while since I've written on here! Much to the dismay of certain people. I blame the amount of things going on in a finalist's life! Who would have thought there was so much to do when doing a degree?!

Apart from the long busy xmas holidays (including a trip to Barbados and large amounts of coursework and catching up with friends), the term has been very busy too. Why do I seem to do a lot more things outside the course at the same time too. Intrigue setting in in this question. For example, last weekend I was peer pressured into a night out in leicester square (London) on saturday, so of course no sleep or work that weekend. The week before was a trip up to Edinburgh for a dinner and Ceilidh. Which I have to say was an amazing weekend, but again no work then. The project is getting busy with the constant stream of experiments and lab work, but the hard part is about to begin. The 12,000 word report… This is a lot more then most dissertations, and I'm only an engineer! We don't like writing, CAD work or drawing (or even making/fixing things!) but writing isn't top of the list.

So trying to avoid the work for thursday today, by messing with the CSS on my blog. Haven't quite got it there yet, but it's on the way. When I have anothe really hard piece of coursework due in a couple of days I'm sure i will do more.

But best try and attempt more before my 5pm lecture! As rehearsal tonight means another time without work!