May 16, 2005


Over the past couple of weeks, I've heard that there have been some thefts from the bike sheds outside the maths department. Today, I had my speedometer stolen and an attempt at my mirror, which has prompted me to wonder about the security of the bike sheds.

How would it be possible to campaign for more secure bike sheds in campus. Would the university be willing to fix a CCTV cameras where bikes are locked up?

As it stands at the moment, next year, when I live on campus, my bike will be left in my room even though this is against "campus regulations".

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  1. Sometimes the motive for taking things is more akin to vandalism than illicit gain. So after parking I tend to take anything with me that can be removed easily. Thus I prefer wheels and lamps which need spanners for removal to those which are quick release.

    While I suppose the stands are as good as can be expected for commuting, something more secure is needed for people who live on campus. A thief might see that a good bike is always parked overnight and at weekends at a certain stand and decide that it's an open invitation. Lock up containers are marketed. The Sustainable Transport officer at Coventry Council can make recommendations.

    17 May 2005, 10:32

  2. Have you had any response from Estates? link has email and telephone numbers.
    I see Southampton University has a lot of high security bicycle storage. See link to help shame Warwick into doing something.

    22 May 2005, 12:23

  3. Mark Downes


    I bougth a new bike two weeks ago and it was stolen last Friday. I locked it in the bike shed at University House, near the deliveries entrance.

    I locked the front wheel to a stand with a D lock and the back wheel and frame witha combination Hardlock Rapper.

    All that was left when I returned was the D lock, locked to the stand.

    Any advice on teh safest place on campus to park and what locks to use?

    I was thinking of getting about 5 D locks in the future!



    10 Oct 2005, 10:45

  4. Sunil Chhita

    Oh Dear! I'm sorry to hear that your bike got stolen. Unfortunately, most D locks are only built to withhold a 5 minute attack at the best of times (like the ones the police were giving away free on campus a couple of weeks ago!). If your lock had a circular key, then it can be picked very easily with a bic biro. Just slightly confused, did you lock your frame to the stand?

    I used to park my bike between computer science and maths and only had one item go missing. However, I do know someone who had his bike stolen from there though. Apparently, there is a bike park in car park 8, which has video surveillance.

    For locks, it really depends on how much you are willing to pay, how secure and how much weight you want to lug around with you. For a really secure lock (but really heavy and expensive) get the kryptonite new york fagettaboutit chain. For a "slightly less" secure, but "slightly cheaper" lock, there's the abus granit chain. Both are pretty much top of the range locks and are apparently hard to break even with power tools. Definitely have more than one lock on your bike, as it should put them off hacking through two locks. Just make sure that your bike is much more secure than the bikes around it, and you should be ok.

    Hope that helps


    10 Oct 2005, 12:09

  5. Hi,

    Many thanks for your reply.

    I had a D-Lock attached to the front wheel to the stand. This was the Speciaslized D Lock that the Police wer giving away on campus. So, is this no good? On the Warwick website somewer it says ONLY D Locks are secure.

    I then had a combination coil lock secured around the back wheel and the frame to a stand. I thought it was pretty secure. Do you know which parts of the bike and how I should lock them?

    I will look for the Kryptonite one. Probbaly cheaper than repeatedly paying the excess on my insurance. I'm not too concenrened how heavy it is as will leave it here at work probably (obviously using less expensive locks to leave on when going in & out of work to get/take lock back).

    Where is Car Park 8?

    I have contacted Student & Ancillary Services as well as to let them know my thoughts. The fact that security has locked storgae for ABANDONED bikes only is ridiculous.

    Many thanks for your help.

    10 Oct 2005, 12:35

  6. Sunil Chhita

    What I tend to do, is to use my best lock for locking the frame and back wheel together to an immovable object. I then lock the front wheel to the frame (and to the immovable object if possible). Basically, the back wheel and frame are more expensive than the front wheel, so you want to protect them as much as possible. I wouldn't advise locking just the front wheel to the stand, as this can easily be removed. So when they took your bike, they probably just took your front wheel off. Not quite sure how they would have got through your D-Lock though, does it have a circular key? If you have enough bandwidth, check this video out to see why: link

    Here's a forum topic on bike locks: link
    which you might find useful.

    I agree with you that Warwick are terrible when it comes to bike storage. At the moment, it really doesn't dent Warwick's outside image enough for them to do anything. The regulations for parking bikes are a bit outdated especially for campus accommodation-I got told to store my racing bike outside with a D-Lock (like that won't get nicked and corroded!)

    D Locks aren't always a very secure way of locking a bike (the cheap ones are useless, and most are designed to only withstand a five minute attack). It really is a poor show that they are saying your bike is only secure with a D Lock – evidently not the case. I would also avoid combination locks as they can be picked quite easily too (just force the combinations across with a screw-driver).

    Anyways, happy hunting for bike locks!


    10 Oct 2005, 18:35

  7. Mark Downes


    I think I have decided to go for THREE of the Kryptonite New York Fagettabouit locks. I want MAXIMUM security.
    Do you think it's ok to go for three locks thatare the same or should I use three different locks? Does it matter?

    Also I've found it quite hard to find the 3 foot 3 version of the Fagettabouttit chain so think am going to go for the 5 foot chain. Does this affect security at all? If the chain is longer is it in any way less secure?

    Many thanks

    12 Oct 2005, 09:36

  8. Sunil Chhita


    Personally, I wouldn't go for three of the same lock, as IF they find an easy way to get into it (they really shouldn't) then they will be able to get the other two off quite easily. Having one Fagettabouttit should make them go for another bike, so having three should definitely put them off. I'm afraid I'm not really sure whether the 5 foot version is less secure. However, check this link out

    Is there anyway that you can store you bike inside? (I.e do you have an office that you could store it in?)


    12 Oct 2005, 16:48

  9. Mark Downes


    I have now received my replacement bike. I am using three Kryptonite Fagettabouitt locks. I have one attached to the front wheel and frame to the immovable object, one attached to the back wheel and frame to the immovable object and another attached to the frame and the immovable object.

    I have removed the lights, bottle from cage, pump from holder, bag and saddle. Does that sound secure?

    My front forks are Rock Shox J1s. Are these quick release from the rest of the frame? Could they be at risk?

    Many thanks


    28 Oct 2005, 09:01

  10. @%


    I personally think that D-locks are lousy in genneral. Like the Kryptonite locks can be hacked by a Bic pen. I think it's better to go for these two selections either the Abus Granit Extreme Chain 37 or the Granit Extreme Plus 59. These locks are pretty pricey but more secure. When it comes to locks I prefer getting a better lock regardless of price. I also would recomend these few more locks from Abus. The Abus Diskus Plus 20/70 or the 20/80 or the Granit 37/RK/80. I sincerely hope that people will chose security than price. Because when you are securing something valuable, it's better to be safe than be sorry.

    26 Dec 2005, 03:51

  11. se5


    I agree with @%.

    26 Dec 2005, 19:36

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