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September 25, 2019

Words communities should learn to be ready for university students

Word: peng (adj.)
Definition: attractive
Example sentence: They’re really peng. I want to chat them up.

Word: bare (1, adj.)
Definition: a lot
Example sentence: He’s got bare money.

Word: bare (2, adv.)
Definition: very
Example sentence: This song is bare good.

Word: lit (adj.)
Definition: good
Example sentence: That was a lit Wasps fixture.

Word: gucci (adj.)
Definition: good
Example sentence: It’s all gucci in our flat.

Word: bevved (adj.)
Definition: very drunk
Example sentence: He is proper bevved from the club.

Word: rec (n.)
Definition: park
Example sentence: We’re going to the rec for a kick-about.

Word: paigon (n.)
Definition: a person who does nothing; a person who should not be given attention; a pesron cannot be trusted
Example sentence: "I do want to use this to say that Theresa May is a paigon and you know what we're doing right now." - Stormzy in speech at GQ Awards

Word: snake (n.)
Definition: a person who betrays people
Example sentence: That snake was bad-mouthing my friends.

Word: clapped (1, adj.)
Definition: ugly
Example sentence: That bloke over there is clapped.

Word: clapped (2, adj.)
Definition: stupid
Example sentence 2: That was a clapped thing to say.

Word: –ed can be added to almost any noun to mean 'drunk'
Example sentence: I got absolutely wallpapered last night.

Word: yeet (1, interjection)
Definition: general exclamation of approval
Example sentence: I love Warwick! Yeet!

Word: yeet (2, verb); pt. yote
Definition: throw
Example sentence: I yote the ball to Mary. She will yeet it back.

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