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January 08, 2005

Cutting off Chicken| Day 4

digestive biscuit, multivitamins juice, jacket potato with butter and cheese, vegetable salad, tea, potato salad dressed with onion, olive oil, salt and artificial bacon salad dressing. O, well, that's all I had today. Plus I went to tescos, bought some tesco value bread and 6-pack orange, so there is possibility that I will eat these as well.

Apart from the butter thingie, I have been a vegan today :D I m quite proud of my rapid progress on getting into a Buddhism diet. I have even forgotten there was something once on the earth called chicken that we could eat as food. Well, apart from that I nearly used mayo for potato salad. I liked mayo a lot, so I did struggled with myself about the intrigue that maybe I could forget about the fact yolk is a part of the chicken category. But you know, justice would always defeat the devons :D The diet plan went on very well today. Congrats!!

January 07, 2005

Cutting off Chicken| Day 3

By cutting off chicken, I seem to have cut off a lot of other food. Say I only had one or two this wheat biscuit and some multivatamin juice so far. It sounds more like a keeping fit diet to me now, though you know it's not where I departed. But well, so what, multi-tasking, hooray~

I had a breakfast panini at work... it contains eggs.... I didnt know that... I thought I should choose a bigger thingie to eat cos it was my work meal... I thought it was only bacon...I ended up eat 3/4 of it... Anyway, it's very bad…. :/

January 06, 2005

Cutting off Chicken| Day 2

Breakfast : an apple

Lunch : Chocolate Milk Shake and Some Biscuit

Tea : A Meatfeast Pizza (meaty but without chicken, yey~)

Supper : Not yet, may not have it, or just end the day with another apple would be fine.

----I had the apple .

--- I was too hungry that my stomach started feeling funny...

  • So I cooked myself some noodles. The only meaty ingredient I noticed on the packing is 'artificial beef' ;) It's not as tasty as usual, cos I would usually add spring onion and ready-eat chicken portions in it. Spring onion as well is one of the abstain food from the Buddhist diet list. So I deliberately decrease my huge intake of spring onions. The the spice pack comes with the noodles contains some dry spring onions. Well I dont expect myself adapt too quickly to the resistance of great tasty food. But I m on my way resisting the major seduction in life (don't get any other ideas). So as I currently believe, resisting the seductions in life is a way to clarify my mind, and will help me to see the world better.

Conclusion: Pretty well, another day without eating chicken

January 05, 2005

Cutting off Chicken| Day 1

Today is a chicken seduction-free day, except from the fact that Leon wanted to put chicken powder in my stew potato. I sternly refused his offer and succeed in my first day of cutting off chicken.

Why I cut off chicken for the first step:

  • Chicken is toxic at least I believe so

  • I start to believe in Buddhism. I need to fight for my greed. Thus it's efficient to start a diet gradually.

  • I m not that keen of eating chicken anyway. I'd like to start from the easiest. And cutting pork will be my final destination.

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