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April 24, 2006

My new diet is to put on weight!

We had a desert feast today, including:

  • Niamh's Rhubarb stew with cream
  • Simone's Brizilian kids' food – chocolate truffle. (See picture: they are real, taken freshly from our kitchen… copyrights belongs to Miss Asako Murako, lol)
  • And my caramel Lotus Root with dates. (See picture, copyrights belong to Ms P Zou, lol)

Before that we had a three course dinner with spiced rice, the courses are:

  • Stir fried sliced boiled eggs with green chilli, leek, garlic and black bean paste
  • Roasted vegetables flavored with lemon
  • Vegetable salad in olive oil and balsamic vinegar


Recipes of my dishes:(the student flat version)

Caramel lotus root


Lotus root
sticky rice
Chinese dry dates
loads of sugar
cornflour (or anything that would make the caramel sticky without being too sweet)
wooden tooth picks (lol, important!!!)
sour dried Chinese plums

Soak the sticky rice for a while (if you have a high-pressure steamer you don't have to do so), and then drain it and let it dry off a little bit
Peel the lotus root, cut one side of the top off.
Stuff the sticky-rice inside those lotus holes, until full
Use the tooth pick to reunion the lotus cap and the stuffed lotus root
soak the sour Chinese plums in a tiny bowl of water

Put the lotus root in a microwavable container (I used a microwave steamer, but I guess other containers would do to… better if there is a hole to let some of the steam off, or use a steamer…), cover it with water (the water should be covering over the lotus root), put a good handful of the dry dates in, and a one fiveth of a small pack of white cane sugar (other sugars can be used as well, the amount should be referred to this one), cover the container, and put the microwave on full power, give it a good 40 minutes or 50 minutes (if your microwave is not a strong character).

When it is ready, drain the lotus root out, uncap it, and slice it into elegant pieces, and let it cool of a bit

prepare a pan, full heat on the cooker, pour about one eighths of the sugary water with all the dates in the pan and the sour plum water in, let it cook for a while, if it doesnt sticken, pour more sugar in, and pour some of that flour in, stir stir stir, bring it to a sticky caramel, and now the lotus root should be properly cooled, and you can top it with this nice caramel

Stir fried sliced boiled eggs with green chilli, leek, garlic and black

(This is one of the good and exotic way to deal with your left-over easter eggs – not the creme eggs….. I probably mean the East European orthodoxy boilded ones with beautiful paints on the shell, like the one you see on the picture below, again copyrights belongs to Ms. P Zou. It takes literally 5 minutes to make, and it goes very well with rice, tastes a bit chilly)

Easter Eggs

Boiled eggs X 6 (this is for about 3 to 5 people, depends on their appetite)
Leek X 1
Garlic 3 cloves, 4 cloves for the tesco value ones
Green chillis X 3 to 5 (NB, this is the amount for the slender Chinese chillies you get in Chinese supermarket, it depends on how much you like hot stuff, but it does not refer to the Thai ones, if determined to use the Thai ones, put no more than three)
Some black bean chilli sauce if you have some, otherwise thick soy sauce

Peel the eggs, slice them in good-looking slices, best result look like the yolk is still with the whites, although it doesnt normally end up like that

wash the leeks carefully, and sort of chop them

cut the chillies in sort of triangle shape (it doesnt really matter, dont make it too small tho)

Slice the garlic

now you can cook


put some vegetable oil in a wok, heat it a bit
put the garlic, chillies and garlic in, cook for a while till you can smell the deliciousness
put the eggs in
stir stir stir stir, don't break the shape!!!!
put some soy sauce, salt and chilli black bean sauce in stir till it gets evenly distributed
before put it in the plate, you can consider to but a tiny bit of vegetable or chicken stock in… just a weeny bit…..

and that's it… the most delicious egg dish ever!!!

March 19, 2006

Things I ate last night!

Loads of goat cheese, blue cheese, and nuts
patatas bravas
wild mushroom bruschetta
tomato with basil, and a mozarella made of buffalo cheese (something Italian called di fior).
a fruit parfait with fresh whipped cream, baileys, strawberries and kiwi!

It was such an exotic meal for me Thanks Chichi for inviting me over~~ xxxx

I'm on a diet to put on weight!!!!

April 15, 2005

Why is eating vegetables not killing?

Here is an answer I found from Master Hin Lun from Hong Kong



It's very difficult to translate, I'll make an attempt next time, too late today :D

April 14, 2005

Vegetarian Swedish Balls

I tried this new dish today, it was a little bit of an experiment. I generally followed the recipe of meat balls cooking I found in some Chinese recipe, but used Quorn Swedish Balls instead and added some chillis, garlic, carrots, tomato and onions to make the taste stronger. It ended up a very delicious dish, a little bit sour and sweet :) It was cleared up very soon after served. So maybe you want to try it too :D


12 Quorn Swedish Balls
Some Poi Choi
mushrooms 4~5
tomatos 2
red onion 1
carrot 1
ginger 4~5 thin slices
garlic 1 clove
sesame oil a tea spoon
soya bean powder a tea spoon (optional)
chilli 1 (optional)


cut the mushrooms into half, get a quarter of a sauce pan water, put some sunflower oil in the water, and put the mushrooms in, when the water is boiled, turn down the cooker, and leave it on the heat

get another saucepan, boil some water. put the poi choi in for about 1 or 2 minutes. dont leave it too long on the heat. fish out the poi choi and put it in a plate

cut the tomatos into quarters
slice up the carrot, onion and garlic
cut the chilli into 5 sects
mix the soya bean powders with some water

Start to cook

Heat the oil and fry the balls for a while till the colour turns darker, and fish out the balls

put the ginger and garlic in first, and then pour in the carrot, onion and tomatos. fry them for a little while, pour in the mushroom soup, stir-fry for a little while. Then put in the fried balls, add sault, sugar, dark soya sauce, and turn down the cooker to medium heat, heating until the sauce is thick, and then add the soya bean water, stir fry for anther while, then put them on the poi choi plate and serve :)

(the picture is not my dish, it's a real meal balls dish, but I think it looks quite similar to mine~ just to make it more tempting)

April 05, 2005

A Vegetarian Dish

Hmmm, it doesn't seem very possible to follow strictly the diet of a vegan in this country, so I think I just follow as much as I can, i.e. I don't eat eggs and milk directly but don't resist them when they are in a cake, a cup of tea, quorn etc.

So, the following recipe is the vegetarian version for Kungpao Chicken. I use Quorn to replace chicken in this dish. So let's call it Kungpao Quorn pieces !


Quorn pieces (half a pack)

carrot (1 big one or 2 small ones)
cucumber (1/5 of a whole one)
mushrooms (2)
garlic (1 clove)
chillis (as much as you like)
kungpao powders or sauces

slice the garlic
chop the carrot and cucumber into similar sized small squares
chop the mushrooms into small pieces

Start to cook
heat the oil, and put in garlic (can put in the chillis at this time)
cook the mushroom and carots first
when you can smell the flavor of mushrooms, put in the quorns and cucumber
put some soya sauce, salt, and the kungpao powder
and that's it!

So easy isn't it!

o, btw, you'd better put some nuts and spring onions in the dish in the end of your cooking :D

January 19, 2005

Make your vegan food tasty I – Tofu

Good cooking makes you eat more and that helps you to balance your intake of nutritions.

Let's start with the Cauldron tofu you can easily find in Coscutters and Tescos

Sensational Tofu Dish (serves 1)


Cauldron Tofu 250g
Garlic (1 or 2 cloves, depends on how much you like the garliky flavor)
Spring Onion (Optional. I don't normally use it for some reasons, but it would definitely makes your dish sensational)
Red chilli peper (1. Optional. Depends on how much you like hot food)
Some vegetable salad (optional)
Some Lee Kum Kee Chilli Sauce (Preferably the Chilli Bean Sauce, others are also valid for this dish. You can buy it in the Chinese section in costcutter or in the Chinese mobile shop in market place.Other chilli sauces can be used too.)

Soya sauce (dark)
Vegetable oil (some. Sunflower oil is ok too)
Salt (some)


Unpack the Tofu (NB. Save the water in the pack, it will be useful later)
Dice the tofu into small squares
Peel the garlic (tip: press it hard with the side of the blade.)
Slice the garlic
Wash the chilli pepper, cut off the head, and slice it

Start to Cook

Heat the oil in the wok.(Put more than too little but less than burying the buttom of the wok) Wait a few seconds. Put the garlic in, stir it for several times. Put the Tofu in when you can smell the garlic. (Dont burn the Garlic). Stir fry the tofu for a while, put some salt before you can see some of them turn golden. (Don't wait till they all turn golden.) Put the chilli pepper in, and stir. Add the soya sauce. (just a little to make it look brown), stir to balance the colour. Put in the water saved in the pack. Turn down a bit the heat (to the middle power). Stir the tofu. When the water is boiled, put in the chilli sauce. (about three tea spoons). Stir stir stir, till the water nearly dry out. Put on the spring onion. Stir, stir. And SERVE!

NB. Always serve with RICE.

It will be good-looking if you put the vegetable salad on side and top of the dish.

I'll show you some pictures next time I make the dish. But trust me, it tastes damn good.

January 14, 2005

Being a vegetarian: the Beginner

Don't have much to post though. I have been a vegetarian for two days. If I can forget about some of the occasions that I had took some egg or milk product by mistake, I had pretty much vegan diet for past two days. In case of too much critism against my diet, I decide not to publish my diet in detail from now on. And I'll think of other ways to accomplish this column of the blog ;)

January 11, 2005

Cutting off Chicken| Day 7

I have to admit that today is not a very strict day. Let's count what I have eaten from breakfast
well, if there was a breakfast. My cursed alarm on phone didn't work in the morning, so when I opened my eyes, it was already 12. So I decided to add two plums to lunch to compensate my absent breakfast

Lunch: two plums, some noodles with artificial beef powder in the soup
Dinner: vegitarian dumplins (made in EAT), some vegetables… and potato salad… I don't know what kind of potato salad that was, but it tasted like poptato salad with mayonaise….....................................The second time tricked by mayonaise…..................................... how can I not hate it!

Just now: I had two peppers from leon's kebab ;)

January 10, 2005

Cutting off Chicken| Day 6

As people suggested, it's not a good idea to go too fast on a diet. And, indeed, vegetarian do eat. And it's true, that physically I m not very well adapted to this diet now. I'm only cutting chicken off after all, why did I make all those fuss even further to garlic and onion? I should give my body some more time. So I change the plan. What I have decide is, for next week, I will have two day off from my meatless diet, i.e. apart from these two days, I won't have any meat in my meals, and within these two days, I can have any meat I want except for chicken and chicken products.
Well, today is my meatless free day for this week :D

Breakfast: Jamcake and a cup of tea
Lunch: Vegan sandwich
Dinner: Potato and Leek soup (contains cream and butter), toasts with turkey ham (I threw them away after the second bite… I don't like them), an orange.

Since I will acompany Leon to do Lulu's hair cut, he will treat me a kebab:D I think I'll order a lamb one :D

My diet seems so far return to a healthy track.
Just had a large lamb kebab, hopefully that would help me catch up with my metabolism ;)

NB. I m neither on a losing weight diet, nor on a keeping health diet. I m doing this because I want to give eating a thought, and to be less greedy. This diet can be considered as my religious diet (see the Buddhist Diet for further information on this sort of diet), though I m a less religious person if consider in the length of time. But I do agree I should really work on to what extend that I should cut down the food I take in so that I can keep on going. Don't take me as any sort of extremist. I just want to take a step back and see the meaning of life.

January 09, 2005

Cutting off Chicken| Day 5

I can't believe that I have only been through this diet for 4 days, I thought this was the 6th day….

List of the food taken today:
two oranges
some potato salad
a piece of bread
a piece of biscuit

waw… that's all….
I gonna have some more oranges later :D

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