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April 30, 2006

Affection 2

Writing about web page!D43C9516521A7E28!113&_c=PhotoAlbum&_c02_owner=1

It's the same Coventry. Her lover used to live there. It is a bright Coventry.


Today I was out in Middlesex University taking IELTs. From a certain moment on, I found myself growing some affection to this city (London) and Britain, after all.

Perhaps it is because the university is middle–sex so everything around it was uni–sexual, and hence not getting the usual worldly problems of sexuality, and hence everything was less confused and nicer? And I was affected by that?

I said to Niamh on our way back, totally out of blue:

I think I like Britain.



(Perhaps I was still in the mood to practise my English, damnnit….)

April 27, 2006

Would democracy do the favor?

If we look at the Chinese translation of democracy 民主 (the people master), it comes from old confucius ideas which has had a great deal of application in old Dynastic systems. Li Shimin, the much praised emperor of early Tang Dynasty, which is the most prosperous time in Chinese history, left a famous saying on this: the people are like water, they can bear the boat, but they can also overflow the boat. They boat here denote the one in power. Such is different from the modern western understanding of democracy – normally simplified as 'more than two political parties' 'elections' and 'freedom of speech'.

It is true that people in the west now enjoy more material wealth and transquibility, less fear of insecure and risk. But haven't they just give too much account for the so–called democracy? Isn't it also because the accumulation of wealth from the old imperial time, the rich nature given by the geographic position, the good climate, the much smaller population concentration that have made people living more comfortably.

In contrast, if this kind of modern western democracy would do no good towards the living and psychological condition to the people – which is true in some cases, that it hasn't even improve the economic status of the country and increases the crime rate etc. would democracy still do the favor?

What do we want democracy for if it doesn't bring peace, if it only expands people's ambitions and already endless desires?

Same to equity, it is never gonna be equal unless you amend your attitude towards it. For example, you are uglier than your neighbour. The creator (if there is one) has been unfair. Now you can have plastic surgery and going to the gym three times a day, but still, you make more effort to be beautiful than your neighbour. It is unfair in the beginning, and it never gonna end. Unless, you don't concern about it in the beginning, it won't bother you whether she is more beautiful or not. Same applies to the common discourse in a society, if one doesn't concern on certain things and so does another person, if no one concerns of beauty of ugliness, there isn't a thing about equity in this issue. However, I have to admit that this is a very weak example…....................................................

And I have troubles with identities too…. why we care so much about who we are? We are essentially the persons how the society, our relationships with other people, and at most our gene shaped. It is kinda pointless to figure out who we are by putting on customised costumes, following some cultural specific conventions or speaking in a certain way. Because we are after all just what we are permeated or up to change…. you know…. making effort in there doesn't help us to know the world more…......

anyway…................ enough rambling….... bye…..

April 23, 2006

Why should the library dress code be 'SEXY'?

  • Library is always too warm, dressing little is to adapt to the temperature
  • We sometimes go to the library as if we are going to the prison. It is necessary to add more fresh element to this April&May routine everyday. And changing the way you dress is the least time consuming one.
  • The majority of people in the library are like us – getting bored constantly and in need of some stimulation to keep going. The sexy dressed library users are the most efficient eye stimulator.
  • When one person start to dress summery and sexy, the others all look too bookish, (in LSE library around one tenth has started being sexy) so in order to get rid of negtive self-image, dress sexy!
  • Library is the place where you are most likely to gain a date when you are dedicated to prepare your exams.

NB. The suggestion above is suitable for men AND women!

Sexy library look! _


April 13, 2006





January 02, 2006

Till love tear us apart

Just one of those randomness
when you feel my indulgence
furiously in love
division of joy
don't love me when you detect
my sense of sadness
my apathy to sadness
don't love me when
your heart beats
your tongue numbs
your eyes focus
don't love me at
this moment of blankness
don't love me till
love tear us apart

a chaotic day of essay writing, eating out-of-date food, and playlists producing

November 11, 2005

A site not to link, a poet not to recommend

Writing about web page


Love him, envy him, and publish him. Jam's show business.

October 20, 2005

What's the colour of orange?

At first I found this anti-spam question very cute. Then I realised it was actually discriminative. What if it's a person with colour distinction difficulties to answer this question? Although it might be a common sense that an orange is orange, there might still people don't perceive an orange's colour in such obvious way. Such discrimination applies for those who are more imaginative than just distinguish the world as it is always shown, too.


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