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March 24, 2006

Killing her softly with this song

Piggy piggy swine swine….

ooo, this song kills me…

guess which one is it….

I assure you it's one of the easiest quiz…..

March 21, 2006

Some little reccomendation for the Piggy pig

I was listening to AccuRadio online today… and you know I am an incurable Brit-pop fan, so I revisited Unkle. I think you may like it tooŽ

It was an album I didn't like at the time it released, but appreciate a lot now. :)

March 19, 2006

Things I ate last night!

Loads of goat cheese, blue cheese, and nuts
patatas bravas
wild mushroom bruschetta
tomato with basil, and a mozarella made of buffalo cheese (something Italian called di fior).
a fruit parfait with fresh whipped cream, baileys, strawberries and kiwi!

It was such an exotic meal for me Thanks Chichi for inviting me over~~ xxxx

I'm on a diet to put on weight!!!!

March 17, 2006


Writing about web page

Utopia is where everybody could kiss everybody else no matter how they look, smell, speak. We are so far from it.

(The grrly thingies is renamed as Male Phobia, and it's updated)

March 14, 2006

The Chinese are patriotists, but that's fine!

Writing about web page,,1710989,00.html

Jonathan Watts gave the best account of China I've ever seen in the Guardian, and that comfort me a lot as being a Chinese. Below is some quotes I want to share:


"In Britain, you have to learn 2,000 years of history; we have 5,000. In Britain, you have to know the geography and famous figures in a country with 60 million people. Well, we are 1.3 billion, and half a continent. And you have a mere 26 characters; we have 7,000."
Given that studying the basics of Chinese identity is likely to take up so much of the curriculum, it is easier to understand why so many people here are so nationalistic: they simply do not have much time to study the outside world.

China vs. Japan

This is an illustration of my prejudices about the two languages, indeed about the two countries, which have become polarised in my mind: Japanese is classical, exquisitely refined and painfully polite; Chinese is romantic but rough edged and distinctly down to earth.

lol! May all the Chinese be as cuddly and fluffy as the panda bears!

The Writers' Ethics

The two loneliest occupations in the world: the light keeper and the writer. (Said by some writer I read, can't remember who now :P)

Loneliness is indeed the very ethic every writer should get hold of at least sometime in their life. And such loneliness is only speakable to their readers, as honeyed words are only applicable for the be-loved. Only in such intimate way (not necessarily positive and sweet) the work of literature would present some value.

One thing I noticed today about being alone (hence aroused some sense of loneliness) is that it provides more opportunities to not only observing more people but also getting closers to them.

All my friends happened to be quite lazy today. 12 o'clock at noon, all their response to my text calling for an efficient working day is 'I'm still in bed'! As if they are all enchanted princesses. So that I was left alone in the crowd for the whole morning and afternoon.

There isn't much scent of loneliness in the library – everyone is accompanied with a book, including me. Wisdom or crap, it is comforting to have someone iterating in the tubes in your brain. But when I took a break and threw myself in the cafe downstairs to get my stomach stuffed – in that noise and the aura of companions – my state of being alone is accentuated, and there the loneliness attacked. Well, even the strong taste of garlic in my hummus sandwich didn't mitigate much. Sandwiches are dead when they are being eaten!

So when this Thai women spoke to me, I was eagerly ready to be a warm hearted 'local'. During our conversation, I found out that she was here to investigate the schools for her children's future. Her son studies in a high school in Luton. Today he has some classes, so she is free to take herself around visiting London. She is a business woman, aged 50, looked 35. Her slight curvy hair looks very sexy while she spoke in her broke English about her shoe business around the world – her next stop was Milan. In her blue print, her son's gonna do economics in the LSE and her daughter to go to a 'safer' environment either in Beijing or Shanghai. They gonna help her to expand her shoe empire.

A person's life can be well reduced to a casual lunch chat. She looks a very determined person, I am quite sure all her objectives will be more or less achieved. Love and kindness to her, when she exited that heavy glass door, I had these words ready in my mind somehow. :P

This encounter interestingly reminded me of a French novel I read not long ago titled 'Platform. All the figures of Thai women in that novel were reduced as sex parlours. Of course that novel was primarily concerning about sex tourism and what prepares the mindsets of these western men going to Thailand for it. It is quite well-written – and maybe that is the problem. There fictions, although very sufficient in its own concerned topic, can be too persuasive sometimes, that in the end of the reading, I kinda forgot about all these highly educated Thai friends I have that are extremely different from what were depicted in the book, and I started to draw a picture of a unbalanced hedonistic heaven of the Orient in my imagination of Thailand. Only till meeting this women today had that picture been supplied with another part of the reality.

I heard that one existentialist writer (can't remember who tho) once asserted that one does not need to travel, it is pretty sufficient to just read the exotic travel writings and let loose of the harness on imagination. Otherwise getting inhabituated in the once exotic context would only destroy exoticness per se. Drawing from my own experience in being in England for two different purposes: once for travel and once to study, I do agree to such assertion to certain extent. England becomes quite mundane after a good two years. One thing I want to add on top of such assertion is that if other people travel around and bring about stories (the ethno flow), it makes more or less the same impact of books. For example, this Thai women travels around to make herself ready to meet the slightly more settled me and an enriched imagination of Thailand is emerging in the mind. That would be similar to reading travel logs about travelling in Thailand.

The only question left to the individual is that whether you want to be a fantasy producer or consumer. If the latter one, of course physically travelling is redundant. But for a writer – such occupation is suitable for any willing individuals – the premise is the willing to produce. Thus the ethic for writers, besides enduring loneliness, is also enduring the mundaneness during the inhabituation when going away after the first few moments of fresh experiences.

Obviously, I am desperately longing for being a writer!

March 13, 2006


Just now, a feeling of happiness aroused while I was peeling my peanuts and putting them in my mouth. The room was warm, the lamps orangely lighted my eyesight, some peaceful happiness was in that aura. And I know what exactly it is:

It is being aware that I don't need to go out in the chilling March wind to scratch up the peanuts – all I needed to do was place my forefinger and thumb on both side of the curves, put on a little strength and these baby peanuts are mine.

It is also being aware that I was not hungry. The act of eating was purely seeking for pleasure. Being able to form imporable acts is happiness.

So I infer, happiness is actually all around, also find when:

  • Having sex without worrying about reproduction
  • Traveling without thinking of settling down to build a house
  • Reading without targetting at composing an essay
  • and the appreciation of all sorts of useless art
  • etc. etc.

These seemingly petty things are the very source of compensations that keep us balanced from the inevitable boredom of life. But sometimes we are very likely to take them for granted and forget about how pleasing they are, for example, how often do we realize the happiness of eating some peanuts? So to get happiness more constant happiness is not to get inhabbitualised into those daily happy routines. A sense of control is important, too. You know what happens when you eat an overwhelmly amount of peanuts.

So, hope everybody in the world would have the chance to indulge themselves in a tiny amount of peanuts sometime!

March 09, 2006

So is HIV/AIDS spreaded by the moblising army forces?

Writing about web page

With this piece of study titled 'HIV/AIDS and Security: fact, fiction and evidence' conducted by two LSE researchers I came across about such starry-eyed deduction on vectors of HIV/AIDS for the first time, though its main purpose is to protest against such proposition.

Is HIV/AIDS carried and spreaded by certain groups of people? There are always people kin to create myths, followed by supporter to mist it even more and protesters trying to clear the mess but nevertheless aroused the public curiosity hence the blame, hence the panic. Thus myths become even more mystified, and tabloids start to intervene – that's how we get to the chaotic point we are in now.

What I was trying to say was, as I believe I must not have made it clear, neither the previous studies proved HIV is spreaded by a certain group of people, nor has the new study proved they are wrong – not as much as I can see in the linked text. (Well, it can simply be because that was such a bad book review.)

I had several points before I tried to phrase them, such as

  • It is pointless to focus on who carries it thus it seems there are people whom the public can blame. More effort should be made on how to develop medcines and how to make people aware of ways to protect themselves.

  • Both arguments seem to bear too much hidden agendas between the lines. (Anti-international army force, pro-international military intervention)

But then, there are always things to argue against them, such as:

  • Efficient protection for infections includes sorting out how to deal with the high risk groups.

  • Even in the bio-chem labs, there must be leading ideologies that would affect the result. (Or is there?)

Bloody hell, social science = social chaos :S

The thing is, social scientists can never be 100% confident to ensure 100% efficient social policy.

Well, you can see how f**ked up I am with my current studies…

March 07, 2006

Congratulations to the Penguins!!!!!

Writing about web page

Penguin conquered the American film academies!!!!!!!!

That's big step forward!

Somebody says the documentary is a bit right-wing, but…...WHATEVER!!!!

March 05, 2006

Planet Earth

Writing about web page

I can either say 'this series is intriguing' or 'television is truly manipulative'. Well, in this case, I prefer the former saying, otherwise let's put it in this way – it is interestingly manipulative. (Let's put the argument of to how far does media effect aside, and get into the topic.)

Animals, I like watching animals on telly. Either it the loveliest Penguins, the vulnerable giraffes , the funniest birds paradise , the chumby polar bears, the beautiful killer snow wolves and the amur leopards, or it the ugliest hunting dogs, I am so glad I get to see their existence somehow – they are like a compensation for my pathetic narrow heart, and limited experiences. They are no harm to me behind that thin screen, neither I am of harm to them – thinking of my experience of petting – one dead mini mouse, two dead mini tortoises and countless disappearing tropical fish, I must be a nightmare to those poor animals. Popular science programs are redemption to me. (Don't quote this in your research to support the proposition of how poisonous television is.)

Also, it seems to me, all the wild animals are great travellers. Travelling is the essence of their well being, and perhaps one reason to keep them going. They travel for water, for food, for warmth, for survival, while human travel for the thirst of getting out of boredom. Well, both good for keep on going!

I've run out of words, I have a headache. I need to travel back to my bedroom now.

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