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January 22, 2005


Writing about web page

The film Kekexili: Mountain Patrol has been a hot topic and various awards winner in Chinese speaking area. The landscape pictured in the film was very beautiful, and the conflicts very drastic. For me, it's another propaganda film. But propaganda for good reasons. The Chinese need such propaganda to arouse their awareness to protect the evironment. However, as I always believe a narrative film is always limited in dimensions. My worry about it is that it might cause a great wave of tourism to Kekexili. And I believe that is disastrous. Anyway, check out the link. It's the official website of Kekexili. See what we can help.

January 21, 2005

This is so damn fun

Writing about web page

check the link out~

Popoya: Railroad Man

3 out of 5 stars

Director: Yasuo Furuhata
Ken Takakura
Nenji Kobayashi
Shinobu Otake
Ryoko Hirosue
Hidetaka Yoshioka

Patriotic propaganda film. But tearwinning.

This film is about an honourable Japanese rail man's life, interwoven with some magical Japanese fairy tales re-interpreted into the story's frame. I give it three stars because I like the acting a lot.

The film in a whole, is very stereotypical, and old-fashioned. Good for being nostalgic. Both for the Japanese and those who share the memory of the influencial Japanese culture before 1980s.

January 20, 2005

Meaning of Suffering?

  • The Buddhists believe in that the hunman being suffer, everyday, all the time. Then someone asked: 'Why were we born in the world as human being if it's inevitable to encounter suffering?' Li Bingnan the Zen scholar answered:''The suffering in human life may cause the ennui for life, but since there's no extreme suffering, we get a chance to learn the Sutra and find the Way. The Gods upon the heaven have too many joys that they tend to forget about the sentiments. The demons down the hell have too much hatred that blinds their mind to understand. The animals are too stupid. The ghosts have only thirst and hunger, they suffered in the hell from the internal. Thus none of them would find the way. Hence the opportunity to become human is precious." (I think it's a very lame translation. The original was written in old Chinese style, I could barely understand it. Sorry if I misinterpreted it. After all I think the answer is quite sufficient.Please check the original, it's the answer 15 in the linked page.)

  • Persistence (执着, I m not sure whether this is the equivalence in English), the cause of suffering.
    Li Bingnan says:'Persitance confines you in the ambit of confusion and obstacles. Accomodating makes your wisdom boundless. The knowledge is not achieved from the first stages. So once you persist to a misunderstanding, you have stepped into the devildom of learning. The only way of achieving the Way is to follow the Sutra, but to take a further step and boasting how much you learnt.' (Answer 46)

  • What does Li say about how to resist the suffering?
    'Learn more from the Sutra, find out more about the Cause and Effect. See through the psuedo-reality, and then you can gain the power of enduring.' (Answer 83)

These answers above kinda answered my questions developed from today's talk after the Meditation. Do they answer you at all?

I was thinking about my endless argument with Lulu at all the time since we started being good friends. Relating it to answer 2, I got some conclusion. To start an argument was fun, but it often ends in fruitless result and bad moods. If I didn't have the persistance of the knowledge I assumed I had, those awful outcomes could all be avoided. Or could they? To put it into a wider context, does the argument play a part as building up our friendship? Or does it not? Hmmm… complicated…

And again, what about the anxious youth? The ones portrayed in the film 15 ? Why do they suffer? Were their sufferings out of their cravings as well? What were the cravings we had when we were 15? Can someone answer this question? (ha… I m enchanted by my essay topic of subcultures now… )

PS. I was listening to Hey Jude and Let it Be when writing this entry.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder
And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be


solutions, solutions, there are always solutions. Cest la vie ;)

January 19, 2005

Make your vegan food tasty I – Tofu

Good cooking makes you eat more and that helps you to balance your intake of nutritions.

Let's start with the Cauldron tofu you can easily find in Coscutters and Tescos

Sensational Tofu Dish (serves 1)


Cauldron Tofu 250g
Garlic (1 or 2 cloves, depends on how much you like the garliky flavor)
Spring Onion (Optional. I don't normally use it for some reasons, but it would definitely makes your dish sensational)
Red chilli peper (1. Optional. Depends on how much you like hot food)
Some vegetable salad (optional)
Some Lee Kum Kee Chilli Sauce (Preferably the Chilli Bean Sauce, others are also valid for this dish. You can buy it in the Chinese section in costcutter or in the Chinese mobile shop in market place.Other chilli sauces can be used too.)

Soya sauce (dark)
Vegetable oil (some. Sunflower oil is ok too)
Salt (some)


Unpack the Tofu (NB. Save the water in the pack, it will be useful later)
Dice the tofu into small squares
Peel the garlic (tip: press it hard with the side of the blade.)
Slice the garlic
Wash the chilli pepper, cut off the head, and slice it

Start to Cook

Heat the oil in the wok.(Put more than too little but less than burying the buttom of the wok) Wait a few seconds. Put the garlic in, stir it for several times. Put the Tofu in when you can smell the garlic. (Dont burn the Garlic). Stir fry the tofu for a while, put some salt before you can see some of them turn golden. (Don't wait till they all turn golden.) Put the chilli pepper in, and stir. Add the soya sauce. (just a little to make it look brown), stir to balance the colour. Put in the water saved in the pack. Turn down a bit the heat (to the middle power). Stir the tofu. When the water is boiled, put in the chilli sauce. (about three tea spoons). Stir stir stir, till the water nearly dry out. Put on the spring onion. Stir, stir. And SERVE!

NB. Always serve with RICE.

It will be good-looking if you put the vegetable salad on side and top of the dish.

I'll show you some pictures next time I make the dish. But trust me, it tastes damn good.

A Dream

Someone I know won a Nobel literature Prize in last night's dream.

January 18, 2005


Writing about web page

3 out of 5 stars

93 min
Director: Royston Tan
Produced by: Zhao Wei Films

It's hard to write a start to review the film. As usual, too many points are stuffing in my brian. Such a twisted film. What do I want to talk about? Maybe, simply youth culture…

Why are young people so confused? Those kids presented in the films, they don't wanna go to school. But neither do they have fun outside the school. They tatooed, pierced, meddling with people around them, take drugs, deal drugs, and they commit suicide. They are not bad intentioned. The fact is they don't have any intention except for being loyalty to the brotherhood. Or maybe that was not the case either, I think they are just so confused, why life doesn't seem open for them. They suffer, from lifestyle they choose, the abusive families they were born with, and the low social status they match.

Just before seeing the film, I had read the focus story in Sanlian Life Weekly (issue 49, 2004) about four boys (the eldest aged 17 when arrested) kidnapped another boy about the same age and killed him. The story happened in the outskirt of Beijing. And the protagonists were not scared at all when they were judged a life sentece. Their background, as portrayed in the magazine, were pretty much the same to the Singaporian kids in 15 -- low school attainment, unemployed parents, spoiling grand parents, divorced parents and so on. They killed the other boy as easily as the Singaporean kids killed themselves... as easy as the young massacrers triggered their rifles in the columbine school . But I can't agree with Micheal Moore that to change certain law or certain political leader would calm down the anxiety of the youth. Class might have played a role in building up the confusions, as the fighting between the middle class English speaking kids and the lower class kids who speaks Chinese delineated in Tan's film. Same conclusion did Sanlian Life weekly come up with, adding problematic school education system as another key factor in charge of the juvenile crime. But is it always relative to draw a connection between class and juvenile delinquency/crime? I remember when I was 15, well, maybe I should have said when my secondary school classmates were 15 since I was one year younger than them all, it was even a fashion to form a gang fighting each other and people in the street. There were also girls who lacerate their arm skins to relieve the pain in their minds. My school was a private boarding school, the students who could afford going there were all middle class. Is it because young people are particular sensitive to the world around them? Once the image of the world can't cater their needs, they get anxious? Or are young people particularly vulnerable? Any obstacle would be vital to their willing to live? Whereas there are the majority of the kids survive, the life beyond the youth stories is not necessarily bright. As Kitano ends his 1996 film Kids Return by picturing the pragonists bicycling in circles, we can pretty much predict their lives with Tan's line 'After I graduate, I may join the army, then if lucky get a job, then if lucky meet a girl and marry her… ' Then what? However lucky, the only things they value would disappear in the future, either brotherhood or championship, etc. One of the girl who lacerated her arm skin in my school has now become an illegal passport trader (so far as I heard of). Has life not yet open to her, or does she enjoy cheating people? I don't know to how much an extent I should hold my sympathy to her, or maybe I should keep it for myself.

Have been very familiar with the Japanese films on problematic youth, the Singaporean film is a new experience. Brutal to an extent, it keeps a huge sence of humour. The scenes were not as coherent, but the story is still catchy. It also provided us a sight to look deep into Singaporean Society, the mixed culture, music, class division, city landscape and Chinese influence. Those kids in the film must look very familiar to the Chinese audience as well. While the director Jia Zhangke has kept an insight of provincial urban youth cultures in China, I think 15 is one of the few youth films besides Made in Hongkong and Beijing Bicycle that provides us an image of what the metropolitan Chinese kids could be like in a Chinese breeded culture context.

being 15 is a really weird age
there seems no point to life at that age
school is your life, but you hate school =>therefore you hate life ——— Matthew Felgate :D via MSN


I think I will never post any comments again
I hate arguement but I couldn't help to get temporally grumpy…....




in destroying every mean of democracy (maybe I mean liberty) media plays a very important, I can even say, crucial role. It is media who is playing the role of establishing a new psuedo-utopia taking the place of religion nowadays. Some religions would provok people to think, but media only help people to draw a more and more simplified picture of the increasingly complicated world. Marx is right, media is the best tool for ruling the world. It horrified me when I saw those comments posted by both the Chinese and Britons about how firmly them believed in the facts their media presents them and opposing each other. If the world is a helpless case, media must be the biggest demon!

January 15, 2005

The Samaria Girls

4 out of 5 stars

Another Kim Ki-duk's film. Just as Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Again, Kim Ki-duk tells fables in his camera frame. The story seemed to circulate around the two young girls becoming prostitutes. Both of them, instead of suffering from such jobs, kept mysterious smile. Yes, how can you judge for them that they are sad? You just want a reason to suffer. Because you take in the facts too fast without really dig in depth, you've got to vomit. Just as what the father in the film did. He tried to protect his daughter but end up in commit a murder. But when he finally sees the nature of being, he choose to guide the daughter instead. However, even guiding doesn't work sometimes. Life is full of mystery, you don't what you can do to avoid mistake ever. Kim Ki-duk was challenging his limits,the theme went further in responsibility, morality and religion. He did great.

The Funniest Translation EVER

Just saw a Chinese translation for the film Leon, calling it 流氓医生(literally mean the Horny Doctor). Ridiculous

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