March 09, 2006

So is HIV/AIDS spreaded by the moblising army forces?

Writing about web page

With this piece of study titled 'HIV/AIDS and Security: fact, fiction and evidence' conducted by two LSE researchers I came across about such starry-eyed deduction on vectors of HIV/AIDS for the first time, though its main purpose is to protest against such proposition.

Is HIV/AIDS carried and spreaded by certain groups of people? There are always people kin to create myths, followed by supporter to mist it even more and protesters trying to clear the mess but nevertheless aroused the public curiosity hence the blame, hence the panic. Thus myths become even more mystified, and tabloids start to intervene – that's how we get to the chaotic point we are in now.

What I was trying to say was, as I believe I must not have made it clear, neither the previous studies proved HIV is spreaded by a certain group of people, nor has the new study proved they are wrong – not as much as I can see in the linked text. (Well, it can simply be because that was such a bad book review.)

I had several points before I tried to phrase them, such as

  • It is pointless to focus on who carries it thus it seems there are people whom the public can blame. More effort should be made on how to develop medcines and how to make people aware of ways to protect themselves.

  • Both arguments seem to bear too much hidden agendas between the lines. (Anti-international army force, pro-international military intervention)

But then, there are always things to argue against them, such as:

  • Efficient protection for infections includes sorting out how to deal with the high risk groups.

  • Even in the bio-chem labs, there must be leading ideologies that would affect the result. (Or is there?)

Bloody hell, social science = social chaos :S

The thing is, social scientists can never be 100% confident to ensure 100% efficient social policy.

Well, you can see how f**ked up I am with my current studies…

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  1. Hamid Sirhan

    It is pointless to focus on who carries it thus it seems there are people whom the public can blame.

    Peng, if there are certain groups of people who tend to carry it more than others then they bear a social responsibility to avoid passing it to other people and if they act irresponsibly then the public has a right to blame them for the spread of the disease. For example, a man uses an infected needle. Then he sleeps with a woman who doesn't know about his previous drug-use. Can we not portion out some blame?

    09 Mar 2006, 15:15

  2. One could say it's another petty attempt to stereotype people and further divide us. One problem I have with that is: how many people does it take for one to claim that one particular social group has a tendency to spreading AIDS? If, say, five teachers from a local school out of a 100 are HIV positive, could one start ringing the alarm bell and start setting panic? Would it stand as a stereotype that teachers from that particular school are likely to be HIV positive? It would be true to claim that some teachers from that school have HIV. Yet, not all of them have; not all of them are clear of it either. There is a reason behind stereotyping, some stereotypes make sense (i.e. Chinese people do know how to use chopsticks by default; Russian people do down vodka rather passionately), they take the majority and the people that do not fit the stereotype are viewd more as exceptions from the rule. However it'll hardly be right to set a steretype with a 5 : 100 proportion. But where do we draw the line?

    11 Mar 2006, 10:03

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