January 29, 2005

Penguins' sex trade? Or the smartest feminists in seek for more orgasms?

Writing about web page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/60302.stm

First of all, thanks lulu for telling me the links.

Maybe penguins are the most sexual-scadalised animal in the world. I just heard a piece of news saying that penguins are becoming gays not long ago, and now I got this piece —Pick up a penguin about female penguins becoming prostitutes

Anyways, I've long believed that female penguins are feminists. This research reinforces my suggestion again. Don't be shocked by the title, let me tell you the story: in Antarctica nowadays, there are a small bunch of female penguins, wanting a reason to have sex with male penguins out of their partnership. And so they did, they charged the males nests stones in reward of having sex.

She said she does not think the female penguins are doing it just for the stones.
"The female only takes one or two stones," she said. "It takes hundreds to build the nest to get their eggs off the ground.
"I think what they are doing is having copulation for another reason and just taking the stones as well. We don't know exactly why, but they are using the males." ——Pick up a penguin BBC News

There you go, female penguins are liberated feminists, they have their own opions on sex ;)

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  1. ouch…penguins r so cute. now that innocent image gone lol

    29 Jan 2005, 02:25

  2. :D

    I like them even more :D

    29 Jan 2005, 09:35

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