November 09, 2005

My boy, his wife and her freedom

To the Corpse Bride on the other end of the world.

Another Tim Burton film, one that makes her feeling stronger, and one that scared the hell out of me.

Actually, it's like any other Tim Burton film: cute, extraordinary, warm, and rewarding cinema experience. Like every other time seeing his films, I got too much involved in the plots. Normally I would squeeze some tears in the end of the film, for the sake of those moving stories. But this time, being put in a quasi-little-mermaid "happy" ending, I was a bit scared to give my tears to that conclusion.

I'm not feeling like writing a consistent review tonight, so let's skip from the creepy plot (for me and half joking), to something I specially specially like in the film.

The very first thing is the length. I had not been very happy about it being so short, i.e. 78 mins, with a typical consumer mentality that the amount of money I pay equates the time I spend in the cinema, before I really had the experience. Then I realized that 78 minutes is a comfortable length. To put it more concretely, within 78 minutes it is very unlikely that you would be urged to go to the loo, within 78 minutes you would not change too many sitting positions that distracts you a lot from the film, for a 78 minutes film you wouldn't worry about it being too late to walk home from the tube station even when you go to the film after dinner, and 78 minutes doesn't seem a big occasion – it's closer to the entertaining nature of films rather than what we would address as 'rituals' or whatever the pundits call these occasions. Someone told me that in the old days 78 minutes is about the standard length of a film. Good old Tim, thank goodness he haven't yet fallen into the international (whether hollywood or not) filming trend.

The second coming feature of my strong liking is the colour. Brightness was endowed to the corpse world, and the living world left only greyness. This might be a misread, but, whatever! The redness on the corpse Bride's lips, the quick glimpse of pink on the living bride's cheeks, and the poison in dark red, they are actually the few impressions left in my mind now.

So, shall we go back to the plot and charactor analysis? Victor didn't struggle to make any decision. He was pushed into situations for three times: the first wedding, the second wedding, and getting back together with Victoria. He made up his own mind for about three times too: telling a lie to Emily in order to get back with Victoria, deciding to die for Emily, and not insisting that decision when alternative way is on offer. Victor isn't the important one. Emily is. And Victoria is trivia. That's what so scary for me. I can't identify myself with Emily, though you are not supposed to relate yourself with any charactor when you are supposed to be 'media-literated'. Old habbit dies hard! Anyway, follow that habbit I locate myself in Victor. I'm the one react to whatever comes up to me, and make pseudo-decisions. But then, I can also be accomodate in the Victoria category as well, empirically. Enough! My mind tells me, enough is enough, stop analysing the plots and charactors, it's unprofessional!

Here I stop. Leave the film for you who read till this bit to judge with your own eyes. Enjoy the Corpse Bride.

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  1. I think I identified most with Victoria, but sat there longing to have the beauty, elegance, and character of Emily.

    09 Nov 2005, 07:40

  2. I felt quite guilty when I indentified myself with Victoria, not better than relating myself to the evil step-mother in Snow White. ;)

    09 Nov 2005, 11:59

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