January 20, 2005

Meaning of Suffering?

  • The Buddhists believe in that the hunman being suffer, everyday, all the time. Then someone asked: 'Why were we born in the world as human being if it's inevitable to encounter suffering?' Li Bingnan the Zen scholar answered:''The suffering in human life may cause the ennui for life, but since there's no extreme suffering, we get a chance to learn the Sutra and find the Way. The Gods upon the heaven have too many joys that they tend to forget about the sentiments. The demons down the hell have too much hatred that blinds their mind to understand. The animals are too stupid. The ghosts have only thirst and hunger, they suffered in the hell from the internal. Thus none of them would find the way. Hence the opportunity to become human is precious." (I think it's a very lame translation. The original was written in old Chinese style, I could barely understand it. Sorry if I misinterpreted it. After all I think the answer is quite sufficient.Please check the original, it's the answer 15 in the linked page.)

  • Persistence (执着, I m not sure whether this is the equivalence in English), the cause of suffering.
    Li Bingnan says:'Persitance confines you in the ambit of confusion and obstacles. Accomodating makes your wisdom boundless. The knowledge is not achieved from the first stages. So once you persist to a misunderstanding, you have stepped into the devildom of learning. The only way of achieving the Way is to follow the Sutra, but to take a further step and boasting how much you learnt.' (Answer 46)

  • What does Li say about how to resist the suffering?
    'Learn more from the Sutra, find out more about the Cause and Effect. See through the psuedo-reality, and then you can gain the power of enduring.' (Answer 83)

These answers above kinda answered my questions developed from today's talk after the Meditation. Do they answer you at all?

I was thinking about my endless argument with Lulu at all the time since we started being good friends. Relating it to answer 2, I got some conclusion. To start an argument was fun, but it often ends in fruitless result and bad moods. If I didn't have the persistance of the knowledge I assumed I had, those awful outcomes could all be avoided. Or could they? To put it into a wider context, does the argument play a part as building up our friendship? Or does it not? Hmmm… complicated…

And again, what about the anxious youth? The ones portrayed in the film 15 ? Why do they suffer? Were their sufferings out of their cravings as well? What were the cravings we had when we were 15? Can someone answer this question? (ha… I m enchanted by my essay topic of subcultures now… )

PS. I was listening to Hey Jude and Let it Be when writing this entry.

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder
And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be


solutions, solutions, there are always solutions. Cest la vie ;)

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  1. 执着 in english can be translated to clinging…. which is born of craving ….. hence attachment

    27 Jan 2005, 17:35

  2. thanx a lot!!!!!!
    how would you translate 修罗???

    27 Jan 2005, 18:04

  3. What is 修罗? Can you elaborate on that. I know what it's meant by 罗汉....

    30 Jan 2005, 16:06

  4. I read it from the text below

    '人身愁苦,能啟生厭出離之心,苦而不極,能得如法修行機會。若天則享樂忘憂;修羅瞋恨不釋;畜愚痴;鬼饑渴;地獄受苦無間,皆無解脫之緣。所以貴乎人道也 。'

    I think he's talking about six forms of being there '天' (I think it means god here), '修罗' (evil gods? mara?) '畜' (animals) '鬼' (ghosts) and human beings and another (is it Buddha?)

    30 Jan 2005, 16:15

  5. 修罗 is demigods (半神半人), they are the upper realm (in between human and god) in the explanation of samsara. 修罗 is not mara nor is it evil, in fact Mara is only a personification of ego "我" used before Gotama Buddha realised "無我" (Sabbe Dhamma Anatta). 修罗 suffers from hatred. The six realms are:

    Heaven, Demigods, Human, Animals, Hungry Ghosts and Hell

    天.阿修羅.人.畜生.餓鬼.地獄 and we called this 六道

    31 Jan 2005, 14:01

  6. ah, I c! Thanx!

    31 Jan 2005, 14:05

  7. Ha

    People are born to find something called "(True) me". Only those with absolutely peaceful "heart" could notice the way. Once reaches "me", he/she secedes from the cycled realms -"????".

    01 Feb 2005, 01:03

  8. but… isn't the secession coming only when you forget yourself and melt into the nature/world? If only pursuing the 'real me', isn't that narcissism?

    hmmm, i m confused sometimes….

    01 Feb 2005, 01:11

  9. Felix

    isnt 'the real me' part of nature and the world?

    01 Feb 2005, 09:48

  10. Ha

    If you think pursuing the "real me" is narcissism, it just proves that you are not a buddha yet. ^^
    As a lot of scientists concentrating on deciphering the entire DNA of human and the argueing of whether human are evoluted from monkey, human want to know what they are and where they from.

    01 Feb 2005, 13:28

  11. Ha

    "Forget self and melt into the universe" is a method. In that method, the "body" you need to forget is not the "real me". After we are born to this surffering world -"娑婆世界", we learn "greed", "anger" and "persistence" and forget the "real me" with our duty in this world. After years and years, evey idea comes into our mind is with "me", e.g. "why does he smile to me?', "what do i need to do?", "is my child good at school?".

    01 Feb 2005, 21:05

  12. "I" "you" "me" are conceit… there are ego… a sense of self which causes delusion to see things the way they really are.

    05 Feb 2005, 11:42

  13. Just came across a paragraph about Foucault in Notes of a Desolated Man quoted below :

    '好艰涩唠叨的性意识史,依我看来,无非他的忏悔录。他提出的性与权力的关系,广泛 被学者括引,延伸,炒作,太好用了。然而这班学者不过搬弄语言,记号跟记号所指的对象从来 不发生关系,因为从来没有什麽对象的存在。学者们在做一场智力体操训练,专技替代实相,让 他们在学院里罢。

    而傅柯不。他是有对象的──他自己,跟他所存活於其中的世界。二者之间,他真想问 出个答案来。


    他亦即性,刻骨铭心给他激悦给他酷痛的性,他用了一辈子功夫去实践。当他渐渐能看 清楚它,理解它,说明它的时候,他也走到了生命的尽头。它跟他一齐埋入土中,像无价之宝乍 现於世随即不知所终。後代寻宝人,一切一切,仍得重新来过。


    arrrrrrr….... it's irrelevant… I came across it and felt it might be relevant….. hmmmmmmmmmmm…......

    06 Feb 2005, 01:45

  14. Ha



    08 Feb 2005, 14:02

  15. Ha


    慧能:菩提本无树,明镜亦非台。本来无一物,何处惹尘埃?---no "me"——>"real me

    08 Feb 2005, 14:05

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