December 01, 2004

ha, Fahrenheit 911

Bowling for columbine didn't make much impression on my mind cos I think Elephant is the perfect narration of the tragedy. But I definitely like Fahrenheit 911 better… hmmm…. perhaps seeing it in cinema helped as well. When does the world become so evil? Since Bush came into power? Or only since recently when I start to learn the world in more perspectives?
Micheal Moore is a genius, he knows the art of convicing. However all the activists are ambitious; all the ambitioous are dangerous. People will die anyway, no matter how much we were touched and burst into tears during the film. I m an incurable pessimist, what can i say? I simply can't figure out a better way of living than to accept what we've been living now.
Hmmm… probably again, the side effect of writing essay. Staying up too late, reading too much… but I saw some pictures of a guy looks like my dreamlover in a more beautiful face… good looking guys are good solace for stress :)

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  1. Dear, we all die, but not all of us know how to live.

    Most try to survive, get fed, find a shelter away from cold and darkness. That's not the meaning of life.

    Michael Moore is less a genius than a conscientious individual with means and commitment to give the world a wake-up call. He deserves credits for the positive impacts his films have had on some American and world audience. But he's not a hero.

    Indeed we need to LEARN to take responsibility of the general wellbeing of the place/society we live. We are obliged to acquire knowledge of what our government or elected public figures have done to our society. We then need to watch if they are contributing to alleviating or perpetuating social injustice.

    Politics, national and international security are matters of concern to all. If one powerful nation nurtures gun culture, the rest of the world would, sooner or later, suffer from the domineering discourse/logic of violence in the name of pre-emptive defence. Then, peace will not be with us.

    If one powerful nation nurtures consumerism and a culture of 'spend till you drop', then the hegemony of money and vanity will spread to all corners of the planet and wipe out humanity.

    Despite the fact that we can't survive without money to buy bread/rice, life is not about money.

    So I hope your incurable pessimism is not going to hinder you from taking real action to counteract the power of darkness.

    There's a better way of living, dear. Keep your eyes open, your mind alert, your hands full – go see the world and meet people, do not despair, do not give up.

    Do not lose touch with your soul, enjoy your blue sentimentalism, meanwhile remember to prepare yourself with knowledge and skills so you can take action to counteract the force of evil.

    Live your life with good will and conviction, do not let every day pass without reason.

    04 Dec 2004, 20:11

  2. It seemed to me more ethically acceptable to say 'this is a lie, this is a fiction, but let's try to tell the truth within fiction'(always acknowledge as fiction).
    ——Peter Greenaway

    Documentries are always too much persuading that once it misleads, everybody believes the wrong idea…

    09 Dec 2004, 03:36

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