April 05, 2005

A Vegetarian Dish

Hmmm, it doesn't seem very possible to follow strictly the diet of a vegan in this country, so I think I just follow as much as I can, i.e. I don't eat eggs and milk directly but don't resist them when they are in a cake, a cup of tea, quorn etc.

So, the following recipe is the vegetarian version for Kungpao Chicken. I use Quorn to replace chicken in this dish. So let's call it Kungpao Quorn pieces !


Quorn pieces (half a pack)

carrot (1 big one or 2 small ones)
cucumber (1/5 of a whole one)
mushrooms (2)
garlic (1 clove)
chillis (as much as you like)
kungpao powders or sauces

slice the garlic
chop the carrot and cucumber into similar sized small squares
chop the mushrooms into small pieces

Start to cook
heat the oil, and put in garlic (can put in the chillis at this time)
cook the mushroom and carots first
when you can smell the flavor of mushrooms, put in the quorns and cucumber
put some soya sauce, salt, and the kungpao powder
and that's it!

So easy isn't it!

o, btw, you'd better put some nuts and spring onions in the dish in the end of your cooking :D

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  1. Looking forward to this one! ;)

    06 Apr 2005, 11:18

  2. You think it's hard in this country….

    Where there are hundreds and thousands of products with a little green mark on the back saying "Suitable for vegetarians"? Where you can be sure nearly every restaurant will have vegetarian options cooked in a proper vegetarian way?

    Imagine the problems a Muslim has in China (when outside of Xinjiang etc.) trying to look for food without pork. I swear sometimes it seems that staple diet in China does not involve "Rice with", "Noodles with", "Bread with" but "Pork with" if you know what I mean…

    Aiya it was some hard times finding anything safe for a Muslim to eat in East China. Especially the first time I was there and my Chinese wasn't very good. Imagine a giant gui lao trying to ask a waiter in broken Chinese if their food is cooked using pork fat… oh dear. Still, my Chinese is better now and China's a great place to be.

    06 Apr 2005, 12:31

  3. 'Hmmm, it doesn't seem very possible to follow strictly the diet of a vegan in this …..........' …..... i meant it's difficult to find food without containing milk and eggs in this country…. so that I can only be a vegetarian rather than vegan ;)

    o yeh, China is a pork obsessed country. I used to be a great fan of pork… i think i will be punished to be a pig in my next life :D

    06 Apr 2005, 16:23

  4. I don't really appreciate veganism… OK, I can understand not wanting to eat meat, especially from a religious/philosophical process… but many vegans were breastfed or breastfeed their children…

    Now, if you can accept that a mother should breastfeed her child, then why is it not acceptable to drink the milk of cows? Or sheep? Or goats? Or Camels? Etc.

    06 Apr 2005, 22:22

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