April 17, 2006

A delayed response

L: The world is sad, even the closest people don't get to know each other.
Me: (the immediate response) of course some people know each other. How about your parents?
L: Of course they love each other, but there is no way they can know each other.
Me: …

(My parents lived together for 25 years, and within that marriage, there were a lot of lies – well intended or just lies by nature, there were suspicions, and there were cheating. I found no way that I could construct a respond to that argument.)

But I looked at it again, and now I have an answer ready:

It is the desire wanting to know 'the others' drives you away from knowing anyone. It is the desire to create an identity that drives the others from knowing you. In the core, everybody is more or less the same: there is a thirst for striving for survival,there are fears of the unknowns – like darkness and death, and maybe a few other basic elements; all the others are constructed and changable hence they are unimportant. So that if you want to know others, you need to deconstruct yourself first, reduce the ego to the basic components, and then you can tell: your depression is others depression, so are your ambitions and happiness. So rather, there is a need to live simple than to live curiously about the so-called the others. You yourself is the others.

The girls were talking about marriage again last time after Easter feast. It's still something unimaginable for me and the majority on present. But my parents start to talk about it to me. Some marriages are to possess another person, and the others is helping one to enrich the living experiences. Before one more or less know what him/herself is about, it is very difficult to contribute to a relationship so it's gonna be like a battle over properties – that's my problem, but my parents dont see it this way.

Talking about the Double Life of Veronique

When Veronique finds another Veronique, it's not a miracle or coinstance, it's neccesity. That's why the film is so delicate. It raised a puzzle but the puzzle is answering itself…


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  1. Wow Peng! Your delayed response is beautiful :). I think I agree with you entirely, so I haven't really got a comment, just thought I'd register my appreciation…

    I'm just having a lazy Saturday afternoon so I thought I'd just browse through everyone's blogs. Ant has a very poetic entry about paying attention to the journey (and incidently moaning about the tube).

    Everyone is so creative… I like it :)

    29 Apr 2006, 17:33

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