December 24, 2004

布拉格的魔术师 — Prague of the Magicians

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Below is some impression on Prague, and just worked out the translation, quite a crappy one again… but hey… I think I got the gist of my crappy poem anyway. I have another poem of the series, called 'The Magician of Prague', havent made a translation though. Besides the other poem is a bit more rambling… I need to give it another thought to make more sense out of it before I show it to anyone else. Anyway, here it is, my vision to Prague. — ME


长颈鹿, 大象 ,河马
小猫, 小狗, 猫头鹰



长颈鹿, 大象, 河马
小猫, 小狗, 猫头鹰

烧红酒, 欧式热狗, 打铁肌肉男
木偶, 玻璃, 黑暗中的哑巴剧



Prague of the Magician's

Giraffes, elephants, hippos
Kittens, doggies, owls

Congested, and walked
On the stone paths and bridge
While they worshipped
The great sculptures all along

But the magician is there
Under Charles IV
Just past the bridge

Giraffes, elephants, and hippos
Kittens, doggies and owls
No exit to escape
All but get back to the shape
The medusas wearing cute clothes
Judged by those eyes
Owning four legal wives

Red wine, euro hotdog, and the beef squad smith
Puppet, glass, and black deaf pantomime
Here comes the magician
With a powerful command
Swiftly they disappeared
Without a slightest hint of dust

All but
The light on the roof
Brown or green
Those beautician lightening equipments
Brightened the night

Eventually the magician
Picked Prague back to the pack
Nodded and took the bow
With thanks to
All over the world

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  1. I like the last bit of translation and the poem in original :)

    25 Dec 2004, 17:28

  2. yeh… should reconsider the translation later…
    can't be bothered at the moment tho
    i m thinking of translating the young poet's work i told you of the other day…
    anyway, may need your help later

    25 Dec 2004, 22:19

  3. if that's the final version of your poem i should take a day out (of my bed) and try and come up with my own translation of it :D don't throw things on me when i post it here!

    27 Dec 2004, 22:10

  4. Owls, hippos,
    Elelphants and giraffos
    Kittens, as well as
    Barky pesos

    They strod across
    the Charle's Bridge
    Appreciating the
    Astute statues

    Out of nowhere
    Appeared the magician
    Standing beside
    Charles the Fourth

    And no escape
    For the idling company
    No choice but to reveal themselves
    In the true shapes they were born

    Home brewed red-hot wine
    Hot dogs la Europa
    Muscly blacksmiths in the corner
    Don't forget there is also
    Puppets, glass and
    Black light theatres

    And suddenly the Prague magician
    With a wave of his magic wand
    Eludes the wonder all at once

    Only leaving the beauty lights
    Brown or green
    To highligh the roofs of
    The mighty edifices

    And eventually, the magician
    Pickes Prague back into his pack
    Smiles, and takes the bow
    Sending his gratitude
    All over the world

    27 Dec 2004, 23:39

  5. thanx a lot~
    but still, i have a few things to point out…
    first, i dont like rhymed poems…and I didnt have the intention to rhyme my poem
    the second is about the Black light theatre, I called it 黑色哑巴剧 with the intention to bring about some playfulness in the poem… I could translate it to 影子舞台剧 or something else otherwise.
    well, about the 白骨精 equivalence… maybe it's better omitte it…
    I appreciate your translation… better than mine :)
    anyway, it's only a lame poem…but maybe a simple case study for translation :D

    28 Dec 2004, 01:39

  6. Lu

    I know you don't care about the rhyming and I wasn't trying to rhyme. But you have to give it to the rhytm. For what I understood, this poem was meant to be playful, rhythmical, a bit magical and not at all sentimental. Correct me if it's not the case. As to the issues of equivalence, I think it's best to try dymanic equivalence and maybe dig up some English equivalent for them. And pardon my unfaithfulness in translating your poem :) You know I rarely stay faithful

    28 Dec 2004, 04:14

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