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January 29, 2005

the Prague inspiration

I found a little piece I wrote in my trip to Prague. It is surprising how much my inward sight has been changed since then. The feelings illustrated in that piece of writing was so common those days before winter, but very weak these days. I'm very happy to see my progress. The practice of giving up seems working. The delusions are eliminating.
Here is the piece of writing.

正点钟敲响过后,我就来到了尘土飞扬的湖北小镇. 那里街的四角,便利商店里,都学着西洋的随意,贴着黄的绿的招租信息.信息上印着很多熟悉而亲密的脸.但我昂首挺胸的走出了那片铺天盖地.天空下只剩了那一条古董买卖的街.我于是学着他的样,夹着胯撇着腿,大摇大摆的,瞬间挪移. 再回到布拉格的太空钟下时,已经四点过.天是灰蓝灰蓝地阴沉下来.大象,猫,狗,还有长颈鹿,占领着熙攘人口的百分之八十.青石的地坚强的凹凸着,似乎是在牵拌,也像是在阻挠,这些温驯的步伐.但一切却都改变不了我夹在那中间没法再跟着自己的节奏摇晃,只能四肢着地,又再长出犄角,成了那四不象的怪物.

Penguins' sex trade? Or the smartest feminists in seek for more orgasms?

Writing about web page

First of all, thanks lulu for telling me the links.

Maybe penguins are the most sexual-scadalised animal in the world. I just heard a piece of news saying that penguins are becoming gays not long ago, and now I got this piece —Pick up a penguin about female penguins becoming prostitutes

Anyways, I've long believed that female penguins are feminists. This research reinforces my suggestion again. Don't be shocked by the title, let me tell you the story: in Antarctica nowadays, there are a small bunch of female penguins, wanting a reason to have sex with male penguins out of their partnership. And so they did, they charged the males nests stones in reward of having sex.

She said she does not think the female penguins are doing it just for the stones.
"The female only takes one or two stones," she said. "It takes hundreds to build the nest to get their eggs off the ground.
"I think what they are doing is having copulation for another reason and just taking the stones as well. We don't know exactly why, but they are using the males." ——Pick up a penguin BBC News

There you go, female penguins are liberated feminists, they have their own opions on sex ;)

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