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January 14, 2005

Boar, did you show us the WHOLE fact?

About the recent Janan Ganesh article titled 'Great leap forward?' China, many people have read and responded. However, when I went to the Boar website tried to comment. The editor cut my comment by waist, and changed my screen name 'interpreter' to 'Anonymous'. Well, that is quite strange way of editing website message board. So by hoping all I have written are legal in this country, I'd like to try out putting my comments up here, and see what will happen to it.
May I take this opportunity to show my interpretion to Janan's words:

1. 'Why are we so relaxed about China's ongoing rise to superpower?'

—>'The power China bears is terrifying. Great Bush has listed it into the demon list. Let's not neglect its evil potentiality with all those weapons! Get our own weapons!!'.... and yes, eventually….'Invade China like we did to the Iraqi terroists! Kill the Chinese cos they make us feel insecure!'

Shall I point a mistake you made, Mr. Ganesh? 'Superpower' is not the word you want to use here, it's too netrual, I think you'd better use 'huge satan' or something

2. 'Europe will suddenly find itself amounting to little more than a vulnerable peninsula of a vast authoritarian landmass stretching from Moscow to Beijing'

ah, simple case! —> Europe will be invaded by the Chinese and the Russians! Why would the EU allow the two countries to exist?! Grab your weapon! Destroy them, European citizens!

Yeh, I know, Chinese people are so evil. Then prepare a helmet for yourself tomorrow, Mr.Ganesh, the Chinese students in your university might attack you as well as their country would have attacked Europe.

3. '... the fact that China hasn't had a single national election in its 5,000 year history?'

ha, even easier -> 'Chinese people are uncivilised! Grab your weapons cilvilised ppl! Kill the barbarians!'

Yeh, Chinese women have been discriminated as a possession of men for thousands of years too. Like women all over the world. I think you forgot that point as well.

I don't know if you have a clue about what 'cultural imperialism' is. If people have been living in a single system for thousands of years and are still content of it (the majority), why would you think the alternatives are better ways? Even if the people in such culture want to try out other forms, let them do it out of their will! They don't need any other SUPERPOWERS to intervene their own business, especially by FORCE!


I don't know why the editors and directors of your newspaper hate the Chinese students in the university so much so that you would spare such a big space for someone to whip up the idea of KILLING ALL THE CHINESE BABARIANS? Can you please give me some answer? I don't see it as the freedom of media issue. Aren't the media supposed to have concern on ‘educate’, 'inform' and ‘entertain’? Do you think the university student should recieve such 'education' as the Chinese are from an evil country and they're our enemies? So that all the university students who read the Boar would rise up and have the university boss to kick out the whole 1000 Chinese population here, is that your initial concern to put up this news comment? Or do you think it's hard facts that you should inform the students that China is evil? Oh, I suppose you only thought it's an entertainment. Entertainment for who? The Chinese students would definitely not take it as an entertainment, nether does the Russians I suppose.
So why? Tell me what aspects are your editors looking for? What kind of effect do you want to make on the students? Don't tell me Janan was only pointing his fingers at the Chinese government. I have looked throught the whole article, not a single word indicated it was the Chinese GOVERNMENT. No! He used CHINA, all the time. For the Chinese, China is where they can find their identity geographically. Are the Chinese people here threaten you at all?

the editor replied me for my second half of the comment to the name of 'Anonymous (2nd year Cultural Studies)' and below is my reply back.

Dear Editor,

Thanx for your reply. I have always appreciated your concern on Chinese students, and been grateful. But I think you've seen all those criticisms on the Janan article. And I bet there are hundreds more going to flood here. It's aparently based on an assumption of 'belated $60m' donation from China without checking the fact. As I have already pointed out, the word used there was CHINA, not Chinese government. China includes the government AND the people, so far as I understand. O, well, English is not my mother tongue, I don't have the say. But that's the feeling most of the Chinese readers get. So what do you think if you post a comment said that the British public donated some 'belated …barely' amount would happen? Would you not hurt the British people's feeling? Will they not be angry?

And just now, I saw how you worked exactly the same as the Chinese media editors I worked with. That's nothing much to complain I know. I just had some stereotypes on the democratic medias/internet.

My first bit of SHOUT, was sentimental I admit, but I don't think it is a taboo to a comment board on internet. I did follow exactly what you have informed me 'Tips Informed, constructive debate is what we're looking for here, as well as your views and opinions. Remember to stay on-topic, avoid repeating what others have said and keep it to the point. Enjoy.'

why can't my understanding (although tends to be extreme, but it was my first impression from the article) to be aired?

Being a vegetarian: the Beginner

Don't have much to post though. I have been a vegetarian for two days. If I can forget about some of the occasions that I had took some egg or milk product by mistake, I had pretty much vegan diet for past two days. In case of too much critism against my diet, I decide not to publish my diet in detail from now on. And I'll think of other ways to accomplish this column of the blog ;)

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