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January 05, 2005

Meaning of Traveling ??

What is the meaning of life? I started to ask this question to myself very late, not until my first listening to pulp 's album This Is Hardcore , in 1998. The album only marked me with a full head of questions, without offering any answer. So I start to wonder what is the meaning of life? And suffered.

Yeah I know meaning of life is way too big a topic. Let's start from the smaller aspects. So here comes chapter 1, Meaning of Traveling.

Meaning of traveling is a question that I started to ask even more recently. Before 15, I only traveled with my Mom, and she had always told me that it's about getting new knowledge. But when I started to travel without her, I started to doubt it. My first single trip was at 15, I traveled to Beijing, to pursue my then lover. But traveling can't be always about love though. The question is booming after reading several friends' travel notes. Yes : ????? loads of question marks.

I had always thought that meaning of traveling is about food. I was, and still am though am trying to get rid of it, obsessed with good food. So the primary attraction of a tourist spot for me is its food culture. (Well, excluding Britain, I m here for a degree not Ďtravelingí. But I have to admit, I love the English dessert .) And the first place I went when arriving this destination of my trip is always a restaurant. However, what if you are getting too much of its food? My friend whoís currently traveling in India is facing this problem. I think if he continues to take curried food, eventually would he vomit all the food he had in his life. Well, so as he sounded. The second situation is, what if most food they provide in that place are mentally/physically unacceptable for you? I had this situation in Prague once. There is this Czech apple pie we had the other day, I put it down immediately after my first taste. I knew if I had the second taste I would throw up on the table, no kidding, I think I have this allergy to such food. But Lulu liked it, and she said I was not open-minded. Well, here is a more persuasive case. There is this village in China, which is famous for its made of the dried mice. Dried mice for what? Snack! I doubt many of you will travel to that place and have a taste of the mice biscuit. Will you, Lulu? Anyway, this is one of the cases, which put you off from putting food as the primary purpose of traveling. And furthermore, there is a third situation. What if the food culture in such place confronts your belief? A vegan would not probably enjoy the food in Brazil , I assume. Reading the tourist brochures, youíll find out, when they recommend some food, there are always some particular restaurants you can find the food. Thus the whole point about food culture is asking you to help pushing up the food industry in that place. And when they start to cook the same food just as the food you can easily consume in the exotic restaurants in your city, can you see anymore point to spend the money to travel a long way for food? So letís tick food out of the list in meaning of traveling.

After food there come the great architectures. I m not an expert in architectures first of all, and I assume neither most of you do. Itís only after told by the tourist guides, that I have gain some knowledge of what this kind of architecture is called, and what is that kind of architecture called. So, the whole point of about learning knowledge of architectures? Hmmm, probably. What comes next when you have already known the knowledge then? What if the architectures are those you are familiar with? Or what if the architectures are against your aesthetic taste? What is left for you to appreciate in that place you travel to? Iíd like to tick architecture out of the list.

Well, landscape then. There are landscapes that would hold your breath, and bring you to another life. Do you believe so? Letís interpret it like this: great landscapes are great background scenes for your photographing. Not only are the photography fans putting photos in priority, but also the others, the majority of the travelers. How far can the eye sight make the impact on our minds? What if you donít enjoy photography at all? The obligation of photo-taking can sometimes be a torture, too. Especially when you show your photo to a friend and receive laughters on your poor photographic skills. My lomographies on Prague is one among those disasters. Apart from photographic scenes, we enjoy the beauty of the landscape. I used to travel to Yangshuo to see the great landscape there. It was in the summer, we got great sunshine on the landscape there. I enjoyed the day when we rafting on the Li River. I could FEEL the landscape surrounding me. Actually, the mild sunshine and the breeze had played more effective roles in that rafting trip rather than the landscape. Nevertheless, the Sun and the breeze come to your home as well. What makes my trips different? I guess it may not be the landscape. I guess. O, I guess itís the utopian atmosphere they created there. The Ibiza Island remodeled beside Li River. And I know if I go back to that place again, shifting my focus from what they told me to focus on: the youth, the pubs, the x-sports; to the other facts: the young flowergirls, who were told to drink with the filthy mid-aged men, the louts and all; I wonít necessarily enjoy the landscape again. Letís tick landscape. Itís a camouflage that they have exaggerated the beauty to squeeze your money.

How about getting to know people? Good point indeed, but only when you are an outgoing person, only if you are good at starting a conversation. Does traveling leave the introverts at home? What if the introverts want to travel around the world too?

Perhaps my question is not about the meaning of traveling, but is traveling eligible for ALL people? Men and women, specialists and non specialists, extroverts and introverts? how about able and disable? How about rich and poor? Even if they are all eligible, the world has been globalised, does it worth to travel? Even if parts of the world remains very different, will you well stand the fact that you are an alien? Does traveling makes you a better person ? Have you yet opened your mind through your traveling experience? Are you any constructive element to the place you traveled to? Do you enjoy traveling?!????????

Angela would definitely tell me that I am a pointless person, if sheís got the chance to read this blog. Well, I m always pointless. You see, there are so many points scattering around in the world, I find it really difficult to choose a particular one to point at. So tell me, what exactly is the great feeling you caught when traveling?

Cutting off Chicken| Day 1

Today is a chicken seduction-free day, except from the fact that Leon wanted to put chicken powder in my stew potato. I sternly refused his offer and succeed in my first day of cutting off chicken.

Why I cut off chicken for the first step:

  • Chicken is toxic at least I believe so

  • I start to believe in Buddhism. I need to fight for my greed. Thus it's efficient to start a diet gradually.

  • I m not that keen of eating chicken anyway. I'd like to start from the easiest. And cutting pork will be my final destination.

New Gallary Updated

Have a look at Nico the Giraffe

She's different from Chester.
I think she's a bit like Nico the singer.

Born in east europe,
falling in meditation very often,
but also is brave enough to be on the road.

A Slightly more intense review

Follow-up to A suspended review from Far Away, So Close...

Not rated

Well, some may say my previous review on this film doesn't make any sense at all. Pardon me, I was only collecting my thoughts after the film and trying to arrange them together. But then this one, might be more telling, conventional, and intense, so as speak.

There is this Chinese nursery rhyme that nearly every Chinese can recite it backwards. ĎOnce upon a time, there is a mountain. In the mountain, there is a temple. In the temple, there are an old monk and a young monk. The old monk starts to tell a story to the young monk: once upon a time there is a mountainÖ (repeating endless the same thing)í. [my translation]I used to believe our parents played this trick for the quickly ran out bedside fairytale storage. But now, I think itís a masterpiece of Buddhism folks- applying the easiest way to define the most profound word. And also, telling the plot of this reviewed film. The defined word is samsara, literally means transition of life. Passing the fire from the first wood stick to the one hundredth one, the wood sticks burnt away but the fire remains in its original form. In this film, Spring Summer Autumn Winter and Spring, the story happens in the Earth continues. But the wise monks found the way out of such circle, and got into the state of Nirvana.

Different from the view that all human being are sinful in front of God holding by the Christianity, the Buddhism believe that there is a pure root in every being, as long as one can open the wise eye, one can get the Nirvana. The young Monk had committed various sin in his life, from harming the lives of animals to his greed to lust, but he was influenced by the Buddha, and finally returned to the peace.

Perhaps itís the nature that impelled the young Monk, too. I think it might be easier to learn the essence of life from nature than from the crowd. The film has presented a great landscape of this Korean Island. Similar to the landscape and story it presents, the film on the whole, is very minimalism.

Well, I m sleepy and out of my vocabulary now. Maybe I should come back to it in a third review.

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