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October 03, 2004

Jim Carrie and his choice

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

In this Mr Agreeable blog, an arguement arise. The Trueman Show, or External Sunshine on Spotless Mind, which is better? Im for External Sunshine: not exposing too much of its purpose on the surface level, more space to read and develop ideas on it, and more personal. While this Mr. Agreeable sees movies from another angle, and different layers, which as he mentioned are on levels of sociology, philosophy etc. Maybe I should have a further study on these two films and recompare as well as finding more in common with Jim Carrie's choice of superpower. Yeah!

Almost awake

2 out of 5 stars

5 o'clock in the morning, awake with a poorly reviewed film. Yeh, nearly every rock film excites me. Am I so into heroism themes? Or is it just because it associates me with my vague past? My past stories weren't pictured as beautiful as the film. But I know girls with the bands. Some won, some lost. There was this girl who's younger than me, never slept with a single member of a rock band but only as a whole. The sex of rock makes her strong, strong enough stay up for parties on the day she had her abortion. There was this other girl who's my close friend, gave her virginity to a guitarist, and slept with this only person for a year. The sex of rock makes her weak, too weak to date any confident male. I had always wondering what the music we fancy had brought to us? Freedom out of the real world? Or just the chance to see the painful process of growing up more vividly?

Almost Famous indeed, is a failure of extreme rocky film: not dark enough, not glorious enough, not rebellious enough, but telling too many emotions belong to the real world. It's not cool, mixing rock and roll with hollywood genres. The Doors is the real rock film: the man struggling for music, the man takes drug, he's gonna have feeling of the nature and anything he could capture, but not women or money. And that's why we are so unconfortable to accept such a film called Almost Famous though it successfully sculped this young and cute band aids Penny Lane, and this not good looking but writing-talented William boy — they don't have superpowers, they can't save the world, neith us can. Jimmy Morrison saves our soul through his music, but not Russell Hammond. Adoring Jimmy Morrison, we want to be just like him whereas we can't, we can't evenbe Russell Hammond. That's why it's an ALMOST. Isn't it sad? Even the film is almost a success.

I give it two stars, because it's not outstanding. Being one of the critics, Im also relunctant to confess my natural born ugliness, and my problem with the opposite sex. It's only the hope for good lover adds it one star, and the other star given for it accompaning me standing up the night.

Shining with the Moonlight

With the coming and going of the Mid-Autumn Day, also called Moon Festival, I have been sleeping with moonlight for about a week. Have absorbed too much moonlight, I become pale as the vampires. The spidernet settled on my window reinforces my idea of being a creature of dark power. Locating in a castle of darkness can be a good reason for leaving the room as a mess. Look at the picture, I m facinating. Webcam is the magic mirror that hides most of the flaws on the face. With the help of the magic mirror and my improved making up skills, I look absolutely another person in that picture. Isn't it like a lie? A lie that links me to a strange kingdom with my mysterious new personality.

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