March 28, 2010

On Jarvis, Solar and The (Didcot) Girls

So I was kicking myself this afternoon at 3:58 this afternoon because i thought I had missed some of Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service on 6music. Never mind it being an institution of a Sunday, (Some people have church, we have Jarvis) it's also a threatened one, what with bbc seriously thinking about scrapping 6music - thus ditching the best part of the whole company. So we 6music loyalists(1) HAVE to tune in whenever we can, and keep our favourite presenters in our diaries (or for more capable people, our memories) so we can never miss a show There's nothing like having a twenty-word comment made national (even international) to member of the apparently NICHE group of "6music listeners" 

Anyway, turns out that - when i tuned in at 4:10(2), Jarvis turned up. The wally had forgotten about the clocks going forward. Victory! Hadn't missed a thing. I was still one of Jarvis' congregation. Just as I am one of Adam and Joe's black squadron. I "sign in" with George Lamb, embracing terms like "nutty" and "havin' it". At 12:00 every week day i down tools and get ready to assemble something daft out of objects around me for Lauren Lavern's "Workers' playtime", and once chose the good day song for "Good day/bad day" with Steve Lamacq. 

It helps to no end that jarvis just read out an extract from Ian McEwan's "Solar" over the sound of howling seals - i defy anyone that listens to it not to be bewitched (BBC radio archive, begins at about 17:05, that's hour 3 on 28/3/10). I'm reading the book at the moment and the part he just read was the part i most remember out of all i've read so far. Genius, McEwan, can't wait to see him - CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM - on the 29th April :D 33 minutes I'm going out for a get-together with the girls. I have two "the girls" but the one I reference here is the Didcot "the girls" who are actually too much fun! :D. We buy large bottles of white zinfandel, talk about everything (with increasing exaggeration) and drink until it feels like a Tuesday. Love them girls. time

(1)That is the precious many who have realised as I have that while there are hundreds of thousands of 6music listeners, at any one time the odds are there're not enough listeners for every one of my own texts/e-mails to be overlooked.

(2) takes 10 bloody minutes to open the computer, upload the net and choose the right page OR relocate my digital radio from any one of the hundreds of rooms in this warren of a student house

November 09, 2009

What the postman brought ME today

When I opened the door my psychic postman said "Just a book for you" ohh! How did he know? Let's ignore the massive "WATERSTONES" printed on the cardboard, because i think it's rather appropriate that my psychic postman brought me such a bizarre book.  

House of LeavesVery excited to be in possession of my own copy! I may have indulged a little and bought a brand-spanking-new one rather than a dog-eared and pencilled three-penny-amazon copy...spare me, i'm pretencious.

My NaNoWriMo, incidentally, is by no means the 1600-word-a-day word feast that NaNo demands but at least i'm, putting all my spare time into that (and the radio show...and band-project 'Paris and the Hiltons'). But I'm not deciduous; I'll be up and about all winter making a mess and getting musical notes in my hair and ink on my teeth.

Point being, I don't think anyone actually reads this blog but you should, because then i can advertise RaW student radio. RAW STUDENT RADIO! please! You know how you write into the big stations like BBC anything and Heart etc, and you're like NEVER read out? Well on RAW you're going to be one of like 14 listeners and everything you write in will be read, and everything you request will be played. Plus, it gets all the presenters all excited if they know they're not broadcasting live air to out into dead air. TUNE>IN mmkay?

And look for Paris and the Hiltons on, Phil Jourdan has a sound, and it'ssss huussskkyyyy....

I know...I know...go do some work Zoe...or at least read your nice new big book...

October 16, 2009

plus 1: a year almost to the day

October 18, 2008

Irish Imaginary

Irish Imaginary

A chair is standing on top of a hill

Approach it now and take a seat, the view

Will change to suit your every childish will.

You look out now at what you never knew

Deep breath, my friend, now tell me what you see:

A myth in landscape, Irish green below

Where trees, between red leaves, set sunlight free

And Cyhiraeth, a druid walks. A crow

In flight draws Celtic filigree above.

In evening peace the sunlight then exhales

To pink/grey clouds. You feel at last the love

For Ireland; for her emerald, primal tales.

           Awake, a break, the IRA, a scream

           You close your eyes and cling to Ireland’s dream.

October 14, 2008


The BIG and the small of it

This is just the small.

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