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January 14, 2009

Making a New Year comeback

So I got back on the Brommie again yesterday and I'll tell you, i had good reason.

On Monday evening my taxi driver imprisoned me in his cab and refused to let me out until I threatened to call the police! Yes you did hear right, imprisoned me! Held me captive against my will! Truly!

How it happened is this: the driver arrived very early and then left 1 minute before the booked time and without picking me up. I called the cab firm, Trinity, and said he had to come back immediately as I would miss my train. He came back but of course by this time I was running very late. Traffic was bad on Kirby Corner Road so I asked him to turn around and take me to Tile Hill.

The fare I usually pay to Canley is between £5 and £6.50 but the fare to Tile Hill was £8. I said I would give him £6 and that's when he started shouting and swearing and locked the doors. He said he would take me back to the Uni. After much shouting and getting out my phone ready to dial 999 he eventually jumped out threw open my door and told me to "p*** off"!! (He kept the £6 of course)

So I made a formal complaint. What do you think of that? On another day I could have been really traumatised but luckily I wasn't too hormonal and hadn't had a bad day so I was more angry than frightened.

Anyway, the silver lining is that it really did force me back onto the bike. This morning was bloomin' freezin' tho so I might not last very long!

November 06, 2008

Nearly chickened out

Well it got cold and I very nearly chickened out and retired the Brommie for the winter... but then it got warm (ish) again so i am glad I am still on it.

A couple of times I have come in the car and I really do hate those traffic jams. Does nothing for my state of mind. Coming on the bike may be a little more complicated than jumping in a car each morning but at least I get to work feeling ready for the day ahead.

I am losing weight, getting fitter, saving money and helping the planet all at the same time - what could be better!

I have also decided not to buy a small car to get me through the worst of the winter. I'll get a taxi to the station near my house, train to Canley and then walk from there to Uni - it's not far at all. My wonderful husband has also promised to pick me up from my local station every night. So no need to buy another hunk of polluting metal!

But in the meantime I will keep biking for as long as I can.

September 24, 2008

Too busy to blog

Well it's been so long... I have been very busy at work hence no time to mess about with this blogging nonsense. So I am doing this when I should really be tucked up in bed with a cup of cocoa.

The biking is going really well and I am loving it! In fact I had the option to come in our family car tomorrow and decided not to bother as the last time I did it was very unpleasant indeed.

I now have the sexy new bike gear (although some might not use the word sexy...) so feel like a pro.

Actually managed to overtake another cyclist going uphill this morning (not that I'm competitive or anything) - and they were standing up on their pedals - and they had a full size bike!!! So that made me feel good (I'm told it's all in the gearing).

Played badminton for the second time tonight and then got on the bike to come home - felt like some kind of sports nut - which I definitely am not. Won a couple of games though (it was a tournament) so did better than last time. My doubles partner is very patient.

Will try and keep this up more often.

September 01, 2008

First day on the Brommie

Writing about web page

Well, my first day by bike and train to work. Sorry that should be first day by Brompton and train to work. Sold the Mini for a better, greener, leaner life and one with more spare cash!

It went pretty well. At least the bike-related bits did. Didn't fall off which was a bonus as i haven't ridden properly since a teenager. But of course my train was cancelled - something to get used to I suppose. I was completely knackered by the time I arrived at Uni and the guy on reception didn't even recognise me - all sweaty and panting with lid and shades on.

Forgot my towel for the shower so had to pay the outrageous sum of £1.45 to borrow one from the Uni gym. But transformed into professional person, emerging crysalis-like complete with make-up, hair-do and heels. Continued sweating until about lunchtime and, starving to death all morning after unusual burning of calories!

Feeling scared about when it's going to rain and then someone helpfully said 'it won't be this easy when it's icy you know'. Oh yes, I had forgotten. Determined to remain gritted teeth throughout as don't want to go back to being traffic slave but am also pragmatic and honest. Encouragement at this point very welcome.

Still waiting for sexy new bike gear to arrive so as to look like proper cyclist. Just watch me go when I've got my dayglo kit and leggings on!!

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