March 03, 2013

Reflection on P1 Warwick Skills Portfolio Award workshop

Attending the P1 workshop was a great surprise for me. I did not expect the workshop to be such an excellent one and I must say I managed to learn a great deal from it. The lessons about how to set personal goals, the analysis of learning styles and self-reflection process will aid me a great deal throughout my time in Warwick, helping me shape my learning process and control how I want to spearhead my development and career progression in the future. The casual setting also helped me to relax and the encouragement to reflect provided me with many new insights.

Following the P1 workshop, it would make no sense to end there but instead I shoud build on the workshop to improve myself further. As such, I have set 3 action goals for myself to achieve in the year ahead. In the next 4 weeks, I will actively work on these goals but I believe in constant improvement and not stopping even when some improvements are made. I will continue to build on what I have achieved to reach greater heights in the future. So, to start with the 3 action goals:

1) My education in Warwick has been progressing well but although the curriculum has been quite demanding, I do not yet feel really challenged. Also, I feel that my learning has become rather limited to within the classroom and the boundaries of my course. I would like to broaden this learning to other areas as well. I believe that many subjects all complement each other and everything will be useful in the future. As such, I would like to learn more, especially in different areas of interest. As I am taking Economics, I want to learn more about Business, Finance, Management, History, Sociology, Psychology and other inter-related disciplines. I will go about achieving this by reading more about these new topics and maybe have conversations with friends about these topics to increase my knowledge and broaden my horizons.

2) Aside from simply academic learning, I believe in experiential learning as well. As I have discovered that I am also a rather strong kinesthetic learner, I believe I should challenge myself to try new experiences. Participating in more societies and organizing more events would be both meaningful and exciting. It will also teach me many skills which will be helpful for me in the workplace in the future. Beginning from this week, I will aim to participate in more events, volunteer to join different positions and take up more responsibilities.

3) Lastly, I believe that a very important aspect of our lives is actually the people around us. I plan to spend more time with all my close friends and keep in touch with them even though a majority of them are not in Warwick. Additionally, I want to make more friends and get to know more people, both within and beyond UK. The first step to this would actually be to coop myself in the room less and explore other activities to do beyond my usual routine. I will participate in more events, speak to more people and treasure the friends that I already have.

Hopefully, with these few aims in mind and working towards them, I will become a different person and benefit greatly from all this!

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