January 13, 2008

The dangers of internet chatting

Who Uses Chating Rooms or Instant Messaging? A variety of people around the world with all kinds of personalities, backgrounds and purposes often chat online. In recently years, abstract Internet chatting has increasingly grown in popularity, more and more teenagers eager to make friends on the internet. They put all the personal details on the FACE BOOK and MY SPACE. Now and then we hear some appalling stories of net chatting disasters. Some of the teenagers are often lured by cyber criminals into perilous circumstances, which can result in extremely horrible tragedies. Dangerous people make use of Internet chatting to hurt vulnerable group of users.

Internet chatting is an empowering tool that has expanded in recent years. Though people are finding it entertaining, it does harm in several ways. Certain functions of online chatting enable users around the world with all sorts of motives and backgrounds to get together. Too much trust and dependence on cyber life can cause net addiction that may lead to several psychological disorders or physical problems. Moreover, relationships in real life have been affected by on-line relationships. Extreme cases indicate the most dreadful consequences caused by cyber criminals. As Internet chatting is still spreading its attractions, teenagers need be aware of these dangers and take proper actions to protect themselves and their life.

December 08, 2007

My feeling

I do not know how to express my feeling. Happy? Or Sad? Maybe very complex I think. This is my first time to write an essay in English. And I know the mark of this essay is very important for us. So it is not just an experiment for us. In fact, I¡¯m not very satisfied with my essay, and there are lots of uncertainty reasons.

When I get the feedback of this essay, I know I should do a lot of work to improve on it. The most difficult aspects for me are how to write a correct reference in each paragraph and how to make my essay like academic writing. I only give the references at the end of the essay, not in the each paragraph. So it is uncertain to know where this information comes from, the most important thing is, maybe it will be thought for a kind of plagiarism. Another aspect is how to make my essay like academic writing. The Chinese criterion for essay is different from British. So I must change my mind and the way of thinking. In china, we usually give the result at the end of essay, but in Britainwe should give the result at the very beginning, in order to make the reader know well what thing I decided to talking about. If I¡¯m not obeying these rules, I can not make the essay have a clear argument and structure.

I have learnt a lot from class. I know how to write reference and the process of writing. Tilly told us if we want to make us essay more academic, we should change some of the informal phrase into academic words and some simple sentences we should change to another way of expression. Moreover, write outline and make notes are very important for us to prepare our writing. Because, when we have a clear idea, we can make an essay have a clear argument and structure.

I will try my best on it. My belief is: No pain no gain.

October 19, 2007

Learning English

As an English learner, the study technique of English is very important. English learning can divide into four parts----listening, speaking, reading and writing. Among these four parts, the vocabulary is the most important thing in each part. So a good English learner can not ignore the importance of vocabulary in the English study.

My favorite ways of learning vocabulary was divide into two parts. First is listening. In normal times, I usually listen to the radio. BBC is the best broadcasting station in UK. But only listen is not enough, and I always write down what I heard. If there are some big words in the program, firstly, I always guess the meaning and then depends the pronunciation I write down the words, finally, I lookup them in the dictionary.

Watching English movies is another way to improve my vocabulary. For the first time, I usually watch the caption and try my best to understand the meaning. Second time I always try to repeat the caption and write down some words which I fell interested.

Second is reading. As an English learner, we should read lots of books, such as text book, papers and some articles. When I find some new words I always guess the meaning first and then I find it in the dictionary, use this way can improve my memory. In my spare time I usually choose some magazines to read, there are some interested news in it, so it makes me have more interesting to accumulate vocabulary.

During my study, I am very worry about my spoken English. I afraid to chat with local people, because most of them speaking very fast, sometimes I have difficulty to follow them. It¡¯s very embarrassing. But now, I found a best way to solve this problem. In china I do not have enough chance to chat with foreign people but on the internet is different. In my spare time I always use the web cam and mic to chat with them. I think British people are the best choice because their pronunciation is very standard.

I think if I can keep on doing all of that improve my English is not far away.


October 05, 2007

I'm in uk

With our entrance to the 21st century , education has become more and more important . Going to study in some developed countries has been brought spotlight recently . So this is the reason why I come to the great country¡ªBritain . My first impression is that there is a perfect education system in the UK , which also surprised me the most .

Firstly , education system in Britain is more convenient than that in china . Because of the advanced technology in the developed country , education system can save much labour and time . For example , all register can be finished on internet in the university of Warwick . In china , new students must spent one or two days on doing any kinds of register . In the Warwick ,I finish all the register without an hour . Because you can do every register on internet , such as paying academic fee , applying accommodation , getting time table of major and so on . So ,you can do register before you come to UK .

What¡¯s more , the education system is fair to every student . No matter which countries do you come from , no matter whether you are rich , no matter which degree you get , everyone has the same right in the school . In china , if you have good relationship with officers or have much money , you can get high score in the test . So studying hard is the only way for every student to get high score in UK .

Therefore , from what has been discussed above , I can draw the conclusion that education system in UK is perfect . Because the impression of Britain ¨Ceducation system has surprised me the most , so I have enough confidence in my future studying .

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