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October 14, 2004


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 Reading comprehension
In this part, students could get enough questions to do group work. Randomly, the group work can be carried out through one to one, or more than 2. Students can use discussion, find reference, all kinds of strategies to solve these questions. Students totally control this activity. Actually, in this stage, students should construct by themselves and reshape their own knowledge and understand. As teachers, they could not always go with the students. When students try to use what they have learnt to communicate, we can not always be there to wait for help. So train students to be effective and independent learners of language is the main goal of this part.

 Text discourse
Put it here, not like the former one is in the front of reading comprehension, because I take this stage as a comment of the above part. Students could find the correct answers to the above questions by themselves during the time. The classroom communication is shared by teacher and students. Teacher provides all the necessary information and explanation, and at the same time, students give feedback.

 Role-play
The topic of the role-play is told to the student in the last class, so students have enough time to do good preparation. Students could complete this activity in groups, pairs or individually depending on the given conditions. If we use metaphor to describe the relationship between teacher and students now, they are just like audience and actors. Of course, audience always have evaluation. Here is also. For example, do their performance is suited for the social circumstance and how to improve it and make it better.

 Homework
It seems that the class will stop at here. Give the role-play topic for next class, and the grammar practice in the text. Sometimes we must care about the education system in this country. Personally speaking, I believe the grammatical competence is the base of all.

I think, after the mending of the former plan, students could easier to attach the aim of communicative competence. And during this assignment, I use a typical lesson in my personal context as an example to understand the conception of communicative competence. It is a new experience to me, and I enjoy it.

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