June 07, 2007

task 1

in my spare time ,i like playing the computer games and doing the sports. all fridends around me like computer games, so usually we talk togather about how to play those games. and most of my friends in renmin university like palying basketball and football. although the number is few, we can played together happily.

maybe i'm so lazy,i have not joined any societies in renmin. when i search the societies in warwick, i have a notion immediately which i must joined some societies to rich my experiences. moreover, i can imagine that lots of good computer game players are in there, and waiting for me ,hahahahahaha!!!!!!

i have visited some web pages of some societies. i am interesting in football fans. haha, i have dream of watching the football game in old trafford. and i have a question, what is Assassin's Guild in the game society?

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  1. I believe the Computing Society runs fairly regular gaming sessions.

    The Assassins’ Guild play a game where the aim is to “assassinate” other players. At any time, you have a target who you are trying to kill (with water pistols, cardboard daggers, etc.), and also someone trying to kill you. You don’t know who this player is, so you need to watch your back.


    08 Jun 2007, 11:18

  2. i am very glad to someone gave me a comment. but my english is poor, so i can not understand all. and i want to konw, my friend, who you are? i come from china , and you? maybe i will go to warwick in augest.

    08 Jun 2007, 16:19

  3. haha~~great, you start your task!!!
    seems like many boys love football lo!

    and for the Assassins’ Guild, Alan had explained clearly. That what I did a lot when I was in college. Some people joining the game society play in real life. For example, if there are 5 people play this game, A B C D E. and A has to kill E, B has to kill A, C has to kill B and so on. But everyone only know who you have to kill but don’t know who has to kill you.

    It means A knows he has to kill E but he doesn’t know B is gonna kill him. And if they apply a water pistol as the weapon which means anyone who is attacked and gets wet than he or she is dead.

    And the game continue. i.e. if C killed B than he has to kill A which B was originally need to kill or if B has killed A already than C has to kill E.

    the purpose of this game is to be the last survivor. Do you get it?

    And I believe Alan is a kind student from Warwick too, you can click his name to visit his blog and leave comments!!!!!!

    09 Jun 2007, 16:54

  4. I found a eastern food scoity, seems good~

    10 Jun 2007, 07:28

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