June 10, 2007

my little point of view about blog

i have used this english blog for these days, and i have some own opinions about function of blog.

what is blog? originally, through the chinese translation, i do not understand its meaning. and then when i am scanning the web site of warwick university, i know the word is short for"weblog", and obviously you can write a log or journal onto web. but i think carefully about this chinese word, and feel the chinese translation "bo ke"can express more deeply meaning of blog. the chinese meaning of "bo" stands for so many or extensive. and "ke" is the guest. that's right, the blog attractives the great deal of people, and you can get many comments from other person who as a guest enter your web site of blog.

and now, i want to through the chinese word"bo" express my own ideas. first of all,just like i have talked about in the second paragraph, there are many "bloggers" at present.a web site called TECHNORATI claims that according to the datas, a new blog establishes in every seven seconds. secondly the other meaning of "bo" is extensive. As we konw, everybody can have their own blog, unless you do not know how to get on the internet. in America, the number of teenagers who own blog have been over 200 million. as i know, in china, the number of bloggers have been quite large, especially young people. i can not imagine everybody own their blog, and what will the world  become?what is more important, blog give us a chance to know the world easier and clearer. "many" and "extensive" whch i have just tought upon are the basic of blog. when i used english blog, i found i could communicate with foreigners. at the moment, i understand indeed about the function of blog. to make the communication easier and let everyone get the information more quickly. naturally, i associate with a book named THE WORLD IS FLAT. I do not know whether it is famous, at least through this book and my new blog, i really konw the birth of blog is an exciting thing!

the world is flat

A book holds a house of gold. everybody can read this book if you are interested in it.

In china, the history of blog is not long, i hope someone can give some advanced conceptions onto my blog.

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  1. .....it’s amazing, you are doing an essay?!

    I haven’t read this book what is it about? you can write a book review if you like, to introduce a nice book ^ I was suffering from the Corporate Finance. I need something like this!!!

    and I’m so glad that you concerned about the blogs. yeah, it’s very young, it was originally from an idea called “web-logs” which was born in Silicon Valley. In 2002, Fang Xingdong first brought this notion to China and the first Chinese blog was “blogcn” ^

    it is very nice that people leave comments here and you can always check other students’ blogs in Warwick and make comments. Actually, many friendships grow up by blogs.

    11 Jun 2007, 19:34

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