October 05, 2008

summer vacation

During the summer vacation, I went to an English training school to improve my English. The aim of this the course which I studied in was helping the students know more about the GRE test. GRE is Graduate Record Examination, and is for graduate students who want to study post graduate in America. The students must get enough marks to apply the good university in America. The reasons of studying this course were improving my English skills firstly. In addition, I wanted to know more about the system of American education, particularly, the way of applying the American universities. In this course, I obtained some new ideas. In my opinion, if I have chance to go to study in American universities, it is much helpful for my further studies. My major is about cultural studies, so it is beneficial to know another country¡¯s culture. America is a powerful country, so it is worthy to study there. Furthermore, America also has diversity culture which is similar with UK. I believe that there are lots of things worthy to research. Especially, through studying the writing section of GRE test, I found some differences between UK and America. It was an evidence to prove two different cultures. Although it is not necessary to study in America in the future, it really helps me in the English skills area. The quantity of demanded vocabulary is 20 thousands. Thus, from that day when the course was over, I began to memorize the vocabulary everyday and I had decided to try the GRE. Finally, I knew a lot of new friends. They all had a dream of studying abroad. Since I have already studied in UK for a year, I told them many useful experiences of living abroad. Moreover, a few of friends have studies in America. We built a good relationship, because we have so many common topics to discuss. I think these things are all my treasure for the future.    

January 13, 2008

danger from internet

This programme described some danger from internet. Nowadays, more and more people use internet to make friends, but they do not think about any dangers from internet. My space and facebook are very popular now, and people upload personal information on them. The example in this progamme is about a predatory pedophile. His name is Ian Hunter, and he hided his identity on the internet. He just prerended to be a caretaker at school to cheat Ellie. At last, Hunter was arrested by police.

In my opinion, internet provides so much convenience to us, but danger from internet also exist. Because of popularity of personal space, many teenagers like put their information on it. If some person like Hunter, there will be very dangerous. I suggest that teenagers should have ability of judge good or bad from internet.

December 22, 2007


I met lots of difficulties when I was writing my essay. this is the first time to write an english essay, and there are many differences between chinses essay and english essay. so, i do not know how to do a good job.

first of all, the problem is how to arrange time. i am a lazy boy. i began to write essay in the last few days before deadline. i just found my research was not necessary, but there was no time.

Making a good reference is difficult too. when i was in china, i did not know every point need evidence for english essay. so, i did not have any idea to find evidence to support my own views. during the essay's time, making reference makes me crazy, haha. 

i think i have already understood most of the skills to write an english essay. in the next time, i must arrange time well, read more books and do more research.

October 20, 2007

Learning Englsih in the supermarket

Everybody have their own way to study English. As a learner of English, I think the ways of improving English are always writing, reading, listening and speaking.

I think I do not have fixed learning style. In most of time, i like reading by myself. In my opinion, reading is my best way to improve, because reading can increase my vocabulary which ,I think, is the most important fact. Personally, leaning vocabulary is boring. However, studing in Britian gives us a good opporunity to increase vocabulary, because we are surrounding by various news words.

During these weeks, I found a good method to learn vocabulary best which is Learning English in the supermarket. I could learn some names of food, and extend my vocabulary through reading the instruction of these food.

If you can pay more attention to some life details, such as Learning Englsih in the supermarket, I think you can become a good learner.

October 04, 2007

my impression of Britiain

I have been the Britain for almost 7 weeks. During this time, I fell there are lots of differences between UK and China. When i arrived at Birmingham airport, the first impression of Britain was the different weather.

As I had known, Britain was definitely colder than China. However, I never imagined there was no  feeling of summer which was similar to China in British summer. Because it was quite cold for me. In China, especially in my hometown, south of China, it was extremely hot that the temprature  might climbe to 40 degree  is in July. Therefor during the previous days living in Britain, I am not able to totally adapt  the British weather. There was no doubt that the cold weather suprised me the most at first place.

And then, in the following days, the British food impressed me deeply as well. In my opinion, the British food was not very good. I thought this was a distinction of eating habit. In fact, I can not comment on the food from another country. For example, in today's sociolingusitics lecture, the tutor felt the Chinese rice is very bad, just like eating paper. But to me, it is unbelievable.

In a word, there are many differences between Uk and China. Personally, these differences are due to different culture. Although most of them have been stressing a lot on me, I think I can get rid of them finally.

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