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October 19, 2007

Learning English Through Reading

I have been learning English for a long time, but I am still looking for the most suitable learning style for me. And I felt the more I learnt the more I need to complete my learning style; in another word, I improve my learning style while I am learning English.

My learning style in the university is that I first read the text book before classes in order to get a greneral impression about the content of the text. At the same time I underline the complex sentences which are difficult to understand; so I will pay more attention to these sentences in class. Secondly, after classe I will review the text to understand deeply. Thirdly, before the exams I always check with the text book and combine with my notes to remember the tenor; and the more significant thing is that I will try my best to retell the content to myself to make sure that I really understand it.

During my study I found learning vocabulary through reading was a very good way. Because in the text book there are many words that I never encountered and most of them will be repeated several times; it is easy for me to remember a word which appears so many times. It is also the reason why I'd like to read the text several times.

However, I think my worst skill is listening, I really need a lot of practices to improve it, so I think I have gotten a good environment in UK, and I hope I could get more chance to communicate with the local people.

In conclusion, according to my experence reading is useful; it not only helps me to understand the context but also expends my lexis and reading is beneficial for my academic writing. I will try my best to read.

October 05, 2007

First Impressions of Britian

After 2 years' study in Renmin University of China I came to University of Warwick to continue my study. It is known that the faculty of Warwick are professional and the facilities are advanced, which is more important, I live in the environment that is filled with English.

I arrived at Britain on Sep.29th. After 11 hours' journey I felt tired, but when I was on the National Express to Coventry I saw the green grasses, big and fantastic tree, and several groups of sheep and horses. All of them made my mind clearer. The contryside looked very quiet and natural, which also made me peaceful.

It was nearly 9:00pm. when I got Warwick, so I couldn't see the view of my school clear. However, my first impression of the campus is big and quiet. I'm sure it will be a  ideal place to study.

During the following days, I recognized that it was not so easy to adapt to the life in UK. I registered  with Health Centre, opened an account in the bank, bought a SIM card, and went to Tesco for many times. I found I can't quite follow the local people, sometimes I understood them several seconds later, it usually made me embarrassed. In addition, the traffic rules are different from China; people walk by the left.

In a word, I have a long way to run both on study and life, but I believe it is a good choose to come to Britain.

October 02, 2007

I am coming

On Sep.29th I came to the UK. On the way from Heathrow to Coventry, the most thing I can see is grasses, trees which is very big but alone on the grasses; sometimes I saw several groups of sheep, horses, and cows. In a word, in my first impression England is a beautifulful clean and peaceful place.

I felt very sorry, when I got Warwick it was about 21:00, so I can't see the view of the whole campus clearly, my only feeling was cold and tired. But the next morning I found Warwick is beautiful, too, there were some ducks in the lake, and sometimes the squirrel jumpped here and there beside me. Then my friend took me to the Students'Union, Sports Centre, Arts Centre, and so on. Maybe it will still take me several days to be familiar with the campus but I am sure I like to study in Warwick.

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