December 14, 2007

My Essay Hell

The essay about discussing the changes in Britain since 1945 was my fist essay in the University of Warwick. And it was a 2000-words essay. I have never written an essay before as long as this one in English. Certainly, it made me nervous at the beginning. Because there are so many differences between Chinese essay and English essay, I have to transfer my Chinese thinking into English.

In my opinion, organization and structure are the most difficult aspects for me. It is attribute to that the topic refers to such wide areas, there are too many changes; hence it confused me to pick up the main points to analyse. For example the changes of families and gender overlapped, so I found it was hard to separate them clearly. Then I took a long time to organize what aspects of changes I plan to cover and what are the detailed problems I want to concentrate on. In terms of structure, when I wrote essays in China I alwaye put the evidence and examples before idears; while in English the idears are required to advance at the beginning, which makes the readers clear about the theme of this paragragh. I can¡¯t be suitable this way of thinking immediately.

However, though this experience of writing an essay I have learned how to classify the knowledge and to select the useful imformation. I made a habit of writing an outline before the essay. In addition, I have learned how to use reference to make the essay more convinced. And I have learned how to write the references which I never did in China.

If I could go back to when I started writing the essay, I will pay more attention to my first part which is discussing the changes about political. Because I have not read much enough books or imformation I did not use many evidence to prove my pointview.

In a word, however the essay is successful or faild it is also a valuable experience to me because I have seen my shortages and I am seeking an effectable way improve myself.

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    Your discussion is very interesting to me as it describes the difficulties you have here compared with what you had to do in Renmin. I think you have coped very well and this is an eloquent, clear analysis of the experience. I’m glad you are developing good essay writing habits such as writing an outline and being careful about references. Keep it up!

    06 Jan 2008, 20:24

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