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May 19, 2015



October 22, 2014

EDPA gets bigger!!



September 30, 2013

Love Beijing!! Love CHN!!

EDPA’s recent updates!@!


2005's party




March 15, 2011

Disasters vs. humanity

It has been a tragic time these days hearing updates from the news about natural disasters across East of Asia, notably in China & Japan. My wish goes to those who suffered and our hearts would be connected without border always.

google crisis

March 03, 2010

Some thoughs on relationships

remember a random woman once said in the Sex and the City:

Monogamy is fabulous, it gives you a deep and profound connection with another human being, and you don't shave your legs as much.

Monogamy is one of several mating systems observed in animals. the amount of social monogamy in animals varies across taxa, with over 90percent of birds engaging in social monogamy but only 7percent of mammals engaging in social monogamy.

I've always been questioning the necessary of marriage, Miranda once said that if there were unlimited apartments in Manhattan, we'd all be single forever. and I agree with it. Marriage does no good apart from improving social stability and being a good benefit to religions. The concept of marriage is so vague as if you r looking for a man who could offer you comfortability and safety, I suggest you rather dating a minivan instead.

Again I quite understand the feelings when people say: every girlfriend I've had wants me to change something. change your job, change your friends, change your attitude.... the only thing i change is girlfriends.

not everyone would agree with it, but I believe most of you would have experienced similar scenarios in your life. For those of you who haven't, you are the most lucky man in the world!!

February 01, 2010

Somewhere Quiet

I’ve been actively looking for a place where I can relax myself 100%, and this has approved very hard to achieve especially in a big city like Beijing. I feel like myself being a machine-like or a robot doing same things again and again, travel to work, work, going home…

Many people have done the work to find a real meaning of life for themselves, and I too, now realise that I need to do the similar home work to set myself free. People often mixed up between the aim of life and way to get it. Wondering why, and wondering how. Other people just left those questions behind and do whatever they like.

Remembering Sofia Coppola’s film of Lost in Translation, and is it funny that I still feel lost in a place where I understand perfectly what the local people say?

December 24, 2009

New Website of EDPA is coming

brand new EDPA website is coming, let’s pay tributes to some of the screen shots from previous one, and for the new: Expect the Unexpected!!!

July 10, 2009

Big Thanks to WGA and Warwick Blog

Follow-up to I'm back from --- A & A---Tom's blog---***

forgot one thing: big thanks to WGA to provide me with a new account to re-open this blog and also prompt response to me email. well done guys!!

I'm back

after over four years dormant, I decided to open this blog again, one of the main reasons being I’m getting old and start missing times when we were young. haha…

so wish all my old readers and new readers (if there is any) a good summer holiday.

Tom (AKA in Warwick)
Justin (AKA in Cambridge)

May 03, 2005

Why do girls prefer the bad guy

I notice that girls, especially the nice girls go for the bad boy. Why is that? Is it because girls love being smacked around? Do they find the challenge of keeping one very exciting? Or do they hope to turn the bad boy into a nice guy? Do u girls feel that bad boys would be better at protecting you. Nice guys can protect you too, even better than bad boys, nice guys know how to call the cops if u are in danger.

April 30, 2005


My Home Page

Warwick students and my friends can login to be able to browse more content

Gallery and some of entries can be
seen by friends only due to sensitive info. contained.

Fellow adventurers, welcome to my nest at Warwick!

It is great to have a little space in the dense forest of the Web. This was built in the hopes of categorising my projects and interests in one, easy to access place. I believe that if you know what you seek, you will find a way to move towards it. Always striving; always learning; always trying. It may be, that as you walk the path you have chosen, that you will achieve what was considered impossible. It is my goal to make this a place to nurture and explore ideas; a workshop where dreams are evaluated, and if worthy, reached for. Sometimes it will feel like reaching for the stars and everything is just out of reach. So it's not always going to be easy. (It never has been, for any adventurer). But when the journey gets rough, this will also be a quiet place to rest and ponder life; perhaps, realising what is most important. There is a long way to go in this endeavour. It will be an ongoing process: a life-long study.

If you have any questions or comments, or just want to chat, feel free to
email me. Meanwhile, enjoy your stay in my nest.


Tom Wang

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Tom Wang
All Rights Reserved

All trademarks used within this
site are property of their respective owners

February 10, 2005

Celebration of our first website and EDPA BBS ( Chinese Only)

February 2005 sees the completion and launch of the first phase of our website, designed by Eric and me to meet a general standard of AA level of compliance with W3C's accessibility guidelines.

So come on in and grab urself a seat in the BBS before everyone else.

URL: link

January 17, 2005

Chinese NY

Follow-up to Welcome from --- A & A---Tom's blog---***

Last Update: 09th of Feb.
Jason, David, Michelle, Holo and Vicient: For those of you who need transport to the restaurant, you are advised to share a Taxi together at 5:45pm at Bus Stop Near Roots Social Building.

Last Update: 4th of Feb.
The booking with the Restaurant for the party has been made. Please visit the invitation link below for the final time and Instruction of the party.

Update: 23rd of Jan.
Please RSVP me or Eric if you decide to come as the Restaurant will be very busy on the New Year day and they do advance booking only for that day.

The list of people who wish to come: ( if your name is not listed below and you still would like to come, please email me or Eric ASAP)

David Lian
Zhang Jing
Huang Lu
Wen Ye and Rebecca Yang
Holo with one her friend

You are advised to contact each other for sharing Taxi.

For the Party Invitation, include finalised time and Instruction, Please visit HERE

For the Party Menu and price, Please visit HERE

January 10, 2005


I've been talked with many people who believe in God these days. Then I rised a question, If there was a so-called God how could he allow the horror of Tsunamis. I understand that people said there may have been a God at one point of the earths creation. But is he still exist now? Cos I came to realise that it's up to us to pretect our earth and everything on it. For those of you who believe in God, I wonder why people should suffer so badly in Tsunamis, and those left behind must be ready to lose their minds in life?

One said that

you live, you survive, you breed, you ensure the next generation is successful, you die.

Thats it! You live to breathe, eat, reproduce and die. Anything else you do is just a bonus.

Give some thought.

Dirty Jokes

Hi guys, here are some jokes just to cheer you up in the new year!

I’m sure that you’ve got better one than mine, so just post it by reply then we can all enjoy it.

In this entry, you can say whatever you want to say as this entry is only accessed by selected user only!

OK, let get started:

A man was waiting inline to check into his hotel room. As he moved to the counter he accidently elbowed a passing woman in the breast. He said ” Mam if you heart is as soft as you breast youll forgive me” She replied ” Sir if your dick is as hard as your elbow, My room number is “587”

Why do men name their penis?
Because they don’ t want all their major decisions being made by a stranger.

A man and a woman having sex. He is giving the woman pleasure with his hands ” down there” .
SHE: Ahhh! That feels so great. But please take off your ring.
HE: I don’ t wear a ring, it’ s my watch.

Kid comes home and catches his parents having sex. Later on in the day, the curious kid asks his mother, ‘What were you guys doing?’ The mom replies, ‘Oh…..umm….we were…..MAKING FISH STICKS….”
The kid looks at his mother and says, ‘Oh really?? Well, mom you have some tartar sauce on your lip.’

January 02, 2005

Year of 2005

Follow-up to Xmas from --- A & A---Tom's blog---***

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone peace, health, and happiness in 2005.

Dream big and crow loudly in the year of the rooster!

H ours of happy times with friends and family

A bundant time for relaxation

P rosperity

P lenty of love when you need it the most

Y outhful excitement at life's simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber

E verything you need

W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health

E njoyment and mirth

A ngels to watch over you

R embrances of a happy years

December 07, 2004


Follow-up to Welcome from --- A & A---Tom's blog---***



Happy New Year

Tom Wang

December 04, 2004

Contact me

wangteng757@hotmail.com?subject=MSN Requires”>
Building in Progress

HB 141.4, Uni of

Mobile: 0776 577 0929

Ext. 31504

Calling from outside of Uni: 024 7657 2572—-31504

November 26, 2004

Love Letter

Follow-up to Welcome from --- A & A---Tom's blog---***

Template of Love Letter: ( guys, u r welcome to use it without need of reference)

Dear *,

Every moment I spend with you is special. This past year has been wonderful, and I've had so much fun being with you… I am glad we got together and I sincerely hope things will remain the same forever.
Thanks for everything.

With much love,
(ur nick name)


Dear Romeo,
you're over weighted just like the way u love me,
hope this gayness reputation me and you got in here will end so soon !
with all love and kisses, hope i will visit you in your dreams tonight !



comment on this post if u guys have more then.



October 27, 2004

Tom's Project

E-business Project

1st To-Do List

Project Plan ( in progress)

To-Do List
(Deadline: 8th of March

Project Questionnaire