March 20, 2005

Works of Fenghuang, Landscape

Here are some landscape shots of Fenghuang Village which located in South of Hunan Province, China

New start~~

Yet, just got an amazing idea about my photography topic when I watched " closer", it is not something like trip to Manchester, not being lonley in Canley but Stranger (no studio shots which showed in that movie)/ Strangers sitting in the bus stop, Strangers studying in learning grid, bra bra bra… stranger is all around, and the key thing is stranger is something living with emotion, I want to express my feelings through my pictures, if he is sad, yeah… maybe I do not know the story, but I am trying to tell the people … "Something makes him sad "...That is all the things I need to do…

Take pictures around, take pictures of the life!!!

February 27, 2005

My classic camera

Last year, with my passion to black and white photography, I ordered a second hand camera from Ebay with incredibble price £110 including (Minolta X700 body and MD 50 F1.4 and MC 28 F2.8 lenses plus shipping fee). Having been used for 2 rolls of films, it gives excellent performance on controls, and I really enjoyed using this for snap-shots and portrait photography as well. Eastern holiday is coming, time to do some phtography work now!! Where is the best place?

is it cool?

October 06, 2004

Visa extension

Do not really know what hell is the wrong with British Home Office?last year they only gave me one year's student visa, why was that? Am I doing a 3 years' degree now? Have to prepare all those document for this, bank statment, status letter etc. The complicated process did make my angry, coz this will determine if i can go home this christmas and if I can catch on special offer from BA (GBP 378 round trip).Anyway good luck for me and for those guys doing visa extension, hope there will be no post strike at the end of this year:D

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