July 23, 2005

my make up course

it is really interesting to do so, i have just finished the body painting, may going to do the hair next week. btw, next monday, it is a big day-i am going to do the black and white shooting, it scares me!!!

June 22, 2005

i failed one of my course

i really cannot belive and still not. why?? the one i prepared a lot and spent most of my time on had failed and the one i didnot care be achieved a high level of mark!! it so dissappointed me or shocked me !!

May 20, 2005

only two weeks left

oh¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬my exam starts 2nd of june, and i have not finished the revision yet. how about u guys?? are u ok then?? do u feel nevours??

May 03, 2005

u can also go and see my another blog

the address is link
go and see!!

nice face

i changed my blog's face just now. it is more bueatiful now, itsn't it?

April 27, 2005

preparing for the exams

for the exam preparing, i found that i had got quit a lot interesting topics around. however, i have to choose 3 of them when i am seating in the exam. should i do the thing i really know better-even those things i had down last year when i was in foundation course? is it good for understanding the knowledges? however, i do not think it is good.i should remember the new events as more as possiblel!! in this case, i need to take new things i learnt this year, am i?

April 21, 2005

the most crucial bloody stress thing will happen to me

maybe because of the envy, may be other reason——my cousin will come here to study bussiness-without exams, without the qulificaiton of university undergraduate degree, but the college one, she can so easily go straight into the master course at warwick!! what should i say?? the chinese agencies are so successful??

she lives better than me, gets praises all the way through her life and i am the one always be forgotten… also, she took away all the gardians' attention from me!!!! i really hate her though i am not allowed to by my mother(her aunt)!!i really want to go crazy!!! haha!! i am such a bloody monster who is jealous of her courson!! however, i could do nothing with the such unjustce!!!

April 09, 2005

final week

have u guys finish ur works? i haven't yet or i can say i did nothing at all!oh¬¬god i need to do sth now.

March 28, 2005

it is not a justice world

everything,everything can be solved if u are rich or if u are beauty!!
it is always unfair to some people they are just normal!!
i had nothing to say and i do not want to say anything at all right now!!

March 03, 2005

my blooding heart

english,english!! it is a formular: foreign students=english is surely bad. i know i cannot achieve the level english people speak and write, but it is not right to deny every foreigners that they cannot write academic essays at all. once the tutor cannot understand their forgein students' writing which can only be expained that those students writing skills are low.
why i say forgein students rather than speakig international students? this is because the home tutors never thought we can achieve the level their home students arrive. i am so angry at such discriminations.
'u should write short sentences.','if u cannot expain it well, so u need to go to the help class.' truly that most of us need the extra enlish class, but does class essay really proved our true levels? everybody thought we are less eligibilities, but does this another way of showing their imperialism? they thought we are children, we need to be cared and teached by the superior race like english, then we can gain the value of life. totally shit!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so depressed today, i even canceled my party for the bad mood. i found i cannnot get the high satisfaction at study and i worried about my future, too. i do not know what i will do next. i thought i can be a good labour in a big company, but the gender discrimination and the result of my study drived me off. i though i may take other jobs like artists or actress, but i am not young enough. also my big chines drived me off. i really unsure about my future, if people are bore to wait for death, i hope i can close my eyes immediately but my parents would let me do.
i really do not know why there is so many inequlities: races and genders can bring discrimination while physic attraction brings in opportunity differences.
i do not belive god because he never helps, if it is ok, i wish i could be god-who is reverenced by everybody even he did nothing at all. totally shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!

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