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January 13, 2008

Summary of the Panorama–One clink from Danger

Writing about web page

The aim of this program is to alarm the teenagers' parent to keep their child safe online. There are some examples of the dangers online. Nowadays, there has been an explosion in social networking sites for either adults or kids, such as Facebook, Myspace and Bebo. Teenagers put their private details on their profiles so it makes them easy target for the sexual predator. Ellie's experience is a good example for us,. Ian Hunter, a 55-year-old predatory pedophile pretended to be a young woman called "popcorn puppy" became the virtual friend of Ellie. By browsing around Hunter get the information the girl have a school trip to Tate Modern so Hunter followed them, and talked to Ellie. Lucky she did not get hurt this time. When police arrest him is difficult to open his door because of a lot of pornography.

Data shows that 25% of the child had given out personal details on the internet, but only 13% of the parent thought their children would do that. Some people do not think they are victim of the internet, Jams, a teenager who is a user of webcam; he gets money by showing his naked picture.

The  pedophile themselves do not realize it is abuse to child. And some of them feel regret. They pretented to be a teenager talk to them and truned into the sexual purpose quickly.

Children can be getting hurt at home very easy, so parents should not allow their children have their private computer in their room. And keep knowing who their children talk with. And the tennagers should not post their private information online.  

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