October 17, 2007

Learning English by using it

When I first came into contact with English I was only 12 years old. So I am not a novice of English. But in the past 8 years I didn't form a good habit of learning English. And at that time I learned English just for pass the exam. Now I am in Britain, it becomes a big challenge for me to talk with the native people, which is due to my poor English pronunciation and limited vocabulary. Maybe I should change my attitude of learning English; also change the way of learning English.

It is really hard to say what my learning style is. To be honest, I don't form my personal style of English learning. In China, when we learn English, teacher speak a lot, but we student participated few, especially in the middle school. The way of learning English is always emphasis on rote memory, which is very bad way for memory, because we can only memorize the vocabulary for a short time, soon you may forget it. I found a really good way to memorize vocabulary. When I memorizing a word I often use a ball-point pen write it down then make a sentence of it. And when I write something I often try my best to use the new words I have learned. In this mini essay I used "novice", which I have learned from a recent translation class.

Hereinbefore I mentioned that we participate few when we learning English in our middle school. That is not good way of learning English, so I think we should pay much attention on participate, we should speak more than the teacher in the class. Teacher should encourage us to speak whether it is correct English or not correct. And try to find subject to speak to the native speaker. I know there are two people in my flat are British, so next time in the kitchen when I meet them I won't give up the chance to talk with them.

In conclusion, I am a loser of English learning; I hope it is not too late to catch up. In the feature I will keep a good attitude of learning English, and try not to loss any chance to practice English. And use the new words in any suitable cases.

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  1. Tilly Harrison

    So sorry I missed this blog before – this is a very late comment! However I think you express your learning style very well and I was impressed with the example you gave of ‘novice’ which was a new word to you and which illustrated well your strategy of using a new word straight away. I definitely would not say that you were a loser of learning English – you will only lose if you give up trying. Keep using your good habits and finding new ways to improve and I promise your English will get better and better.

    06 Jan 2008, 20:57

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