January 13, 2008

Summary of the Panorama–One clink from Danger

Writing about web page

The aim of this program is to alarm the teenagers' parent to keep their child safe online. There are some examples of the dangers online. Nowadays, there has been an explosion in social networking sites for either adults or kids, such as Facebook, Myspace and Bebo. Teenagers put their private details on their profiles so it makes them easy target for the sexual predator. Ellie's experience is a good example for us,. Ian Hunter, a 55-year-old predatory pedophile pretended to be a young woman called "popcorn puppy" became the virtual friend of Ellie. By browsing around Hunter get the information the girl have a school trip to Tate Modern so Hunter followed them, and talked to Ellie. Lucky she did not get hurt this time. When police arrest him is difficult to open his door because of a lot of pornography.

Data shows that 25% of the child had given out personal details on the internet, but only 13% of the parent thought their children would do that. Some people do not think they are victim of the internet, Jams, a teenager who is a user of webcam; he gets money by showing his naked picture.

The  pedophile themselves do not realize it is abuse to child. And some of them feel regret. They pretented to be a teenager talk to them and truned into the sexual purpose quickly.

Children can be getting hurt at home very easy, so parents should not allow their children have their private computer in their room. And keep knowing who their children talk with. And the tennagers should not post their private information online.  

December 21, 2007

My essay purgatory

First of all, I have to say that I write it really in a hurry. But it does not mean I did not write it at the pains, because I have tried my best to read the book which is helpful for my essay. And I also worried about my essay for nearly half a month. I felt it is really very difficult for me to write an essay as this long. However, I think this essay that I have hand in is not in good quality, it cannot be worse. I did not satisfy with my essay; again I think it is really a big challenge for me to write a 2000-words essay. I know it sounds like some kind of excuse, but it is really my first time to write an essay in 2000 words in English, to be honest I have never write 2000-words essay in Chinese before.

There are three difficult aspects for me to write the essay. First, is how to use the information from the book, there are so many books to read, but I cannot find which part is needed in this essay, and sometimes I cannot concentrate my mind in reading the book. There are some difficulties in understanding the meaning of this book too. Second, sometimes I cannot change the words which used in the book, I think their English is just unchangeable, I also afraid to make grammar mistake. Third, I have difficulty in organizing the language, my mind jump a lot, I just set out some facts without order, and I did not write enough evaluates on the facts too. I have met so many troubles more than that.

If I have chance to write it again, I think I should better write a clear outline before, and form an idea first, and do not change the idea too much, I have to follow the idea till the end. Once I decided write it I have to organize my time to reading the book, and making note, and then organizing my language to start write it, and try my best to use my own words instead of keeping the original sentence.

All in all, I have experienced a painful time before the deadline of the essay, indeed I have made some progress, no matter how worse my essay is, I have finished my first 2000-words essay all by myself.

October 17, 2007

Learning English by using it

When I first came into contact with English I was only 12 years old. So I am not a novice of English. But in the past 8 years I didn't form a good habit of learning English. And at that time I learned English just for pass the exam. Now I am in Britain, it becomes a big challenge for me to talk with the native people, which is due to my poor English pronunciation and limited vocabulary. Maybe I should change my attitude of learning English; also change the way of learning English.

It is really hard to say what my learning style is. To be honest, I don't form my personal style of English learning. In China, when we learn English, teacher speak a lot, but we student participated few, especially in the middle school. The way of learning English is always emphasis on rote memory, which is very bad way for memory, because we can only memorize the vocabulary for a short time, soon you may forget it. I found a really good way to memorize vocabulary. When I memorizing a word I often use a ball-point pen write it down then make a sentence of it. And when I write something I often try my best to use the new words I have learned. In this mini essay I used "novice", which I have learned from a recent translation class.

Hereinbefore I mentioned that we participate few when we learning English in our middle school. That is not good way of learning English, so I think we should pay much attention on participate, we should speak more than the teacher in the class. Teacher should encourage us to speak whether it is correct English or not correct. And try to find subject to speak to the native speaker. I know there are two people in my flat are British, so next time in the kitchen when I meet them I won't give up the chance to talk with them.

In conclusion, I am a loser of English learning; I hope it is not too late to catch up. In the feature I will keep a good attitude of learning English, and try not to loss any chance to practice English. And use the new words in any suitable cases.

October 04, 2007

My first impressions of Britain

Today is the fifth day since I came to Britain. Also, I still feel it is hard to get use to many things here. Because this is my first time I left my motherland to another country. Life here is totally different from China. But I have seen some good things here.

Before my plane landed, I overlooked Britain through the window, maybe it's not very clear, but I saw a prim field and uptown. And at that time I have believed that Britain is a clean and orderly country. And after I went to University of Warwick I found this kind of believe is true. For example, my shoes still very clean after one day's walk, and I even found some of the student wearing no shoes, and walking in the street. Of course that is not because they don't have shoes to wear. This is can be a impression of Britain.

Another thing is that people in Britain are very polite. This is the impression of Britain. When we students walking in the street and want to cross the road, the drivers stop their cars to let the pedestrian go first. It is really surprised me. If this happened in China the diver won't do the same thing. And sometimes they will shout to the pedestrian to look out. In my flat I often heard they said sorry to me, but they don't do anything sorry to me. Sometime their polite even makes me unease.

All in all, I think Britain has left me very good impressions, Britain is an orderly country and people here are very polite. Although I have problem with my English, so it is hard for me to communicate to the local people, their manner really worth me to learn, and lots of thing worth we Chinese to learn.

beautiful maple leaf outside my window

June 15, 2007

welcome to my blog

Oh, it is really a long time since I get this blog. I am sorry for I didn??t write any log here those days. But I really have some reasons. First, I don't know how to write log. That sounds stupid. Then, there is something wrong with my computer. And now, with the help of Eyelash and Wen Jin's kind advice, I can write something here. Thank both of you??

Anyway, let me introduce myself in a very very brief way.

My name, I think you are already known. And from my name you may properly know my gender; obviously it is a girl??s name. I am coming from Hubei province. It is often said that most of the students from Hubei are good at studying. But for me, I wish I could be one of them. ^_^

Like any Aquarius girl,my charater often changes. So sometimes i don't know whether I am an extrovert or an introvert. But I wish I could be the first one. Because an extrovert can make firend easier than an introvert. OK, I think I should stop heremarguerite

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