December 20, 2007

My essay's process: from the weaning to the feeding


A voice is that writing is not just an end result, but also a process that help you develop your ideas and think logically. This theory describes the whole part of picture--essay. I support this idea, hence in this essay I answer two questions, for one thing is which aspects are difficult, for another is what i have learned after finishing the essay.

I was so excited when i got the topic about this essay firstly, because i like the history very much especially the history of Uk, and i though i could handle it easily. Thus I began by brainstorming topic, collecting information, taking a lot of notes and asking a large amount of questions.  Neverthless, when I set about writing the draft of this essay. I found it was hard for me to organize my notes and sources. as a result, I wrote it blindly at the beginning. Moreover, when I developed my topic and looked for patterns and relationships of what i had written. I couldn't see what conclusions I can drew. because I found that i end up with  a different idea from the one i began with. 

I did not get rid of these troublesome issues by myself until i got the support from tutor, after discussing with tutor, I had the new perspective of understanding my essay,  consequently I strarted to re-organise my essay and rewrite it .   Personally speaking I felt that is much better than the first one, therefore I called the latter process "feed''. Nest i would address my experiences from the following aspects. which i had learned through writing this essay.

Firstly, in my opinion, understand the purpose of writing can help you develop the necesssary content and structure for essay.  Secondly, spend some time exploting your topics and ideas, you had better write down whatever comes to your mind related to the topic. Next, after spending a good deal of time brainstorming, start to develop a general outline for your essay and keep your outline as clear and direct as possible. Fourthly you should know what you wish to write and always have a goal in mind. fifthly, you could ask tutor or other friends to read over the draft, which is a good way to get another persons' opinions about what you have written. Finally, do not put too much pressure on yourself to write the perfect essay on the first try. you might discover new ideas that work better than the ideas you explored previously.

To sum up,   an essay is an attempt to put forward a case: develop an argument and explore ideas. By writing essays, I can develop my capabilities of solving problems and my communication skills. Moverover, I want to cite an advice which never gets old: practice makes perfect, the more writing you do, the better you will get, and as your skills improve, so will your enjoyment


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  1. Tilly Harrison

    You write a lot of sensible ideas here although I was not sure what you meant by ‘weaning’ and ‘feeding’. I’m glad that you liked the topic as it is always useful to be interested in the essay subject matter. Where did you go to find the information needed in the essay?

    In your last two paragraphs you seem to be giving advice but I wish you had been a bit more honest and acknowledged that many of the words are not your own but those of Jesse Seldess on this page and also this website

    I’m afraid presenting other people’s words as your own is considered plagiarism and it is VERY dangerous if you do it in assessed academic work. In fact please NEVER do this. Always acknowledge when you borrow or quote from someone else, even in a blog. In the last sentence you mention that you want to cite the advice you give – good idea but tell us who you are citing!! (It was the writer on this website – you also seem to have borrowed some of the description of the process of your writing from this website too – why did you do that?!)

    06 Jan 2008, 20:17

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