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June 23, 2010

Final review for reading

To summary my reading in this year, I think one way is to compare it with my previous reading.

There were fixed self-study periods in my previous school which allows me to calm down and read. In contrast, there is more freedom in university, but it seems harder for me to sit at the desk and read.

Another difference is that now I mainly read books in English. Some of them are hard and some are easy. But the problem is that I cannot read them as natural and comfortable as I read books in Chinese. This has nothing to do with the content of books. It is just because I have not get used to English.

In conlusion, I mustn't rush into reading but I should keep myself in a state of reading and continue to self-motivate,

February 05, 2010

Fourth review for reading

Unfortunately, the lectures on the English literature clashes with my economics class. But there are audio recordings available on its website.

Fortunately, I found something exciting from one of the books I am reading. These words are almost what I thought about if the word "passion" can be understood in a wider way:

" 'all passions, even the most unpleasant, are as passions pleasant' because 'they make us... more conscious of our existence, they make us feel more real.' "    Hannah Arendt    "Men in dark times"

January 20, 2010

Third review for reading

During the last term and vacation, I think that the previous problem that I tried to read with an aim of learning something from the book returns. It made me less patient with what the author try to build or what the words try to grow.

Don't be too anxious so that I can follow with the interest grown from the text but not the relief from finishing one page. This is what I said to me.

December 08, 2009

First review action plan for reading

It started well but the tough assignment and essay leave me with no time for reading. Maybe this last week and the vaccation will give me sufficient time to read.

November 29, 2009

Action plan for reading

I like reading but I seldom read recently. I think the problem is that I lack some self motivation. i.e. I did not immerse in a state of reading with a good starting point. So I make a few action points to help me.

1. Read one book for 15 mins after finishing daily homework.

2. Read another book in a different area for 15 mins before sleep.

3. Read some material which is not hard to follow during the intervals between lectures.

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