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September 25, 2012

My Researcher Profile: Finishing

What have you enjoyed about your URSS project?

I enjoyed the research work and experienced a different way of learning. I learned a lot through the project and my supervisor helped and encouraged me a lot. Although I was stuck at some points through the project, I felt great when I finally solved the problems and was able to explain my project to my friends logically. Furthermore, the workshops let us know other URSS researchers and their projects and my mentor's comments on my blogs also gave me beneficial feedbacks.

What have you found difficult?

The most difficult part of the project was those theoretic deductions. Though I obtained plenty of helps from my supervisor, I still could not make them sound. I felt that the answer seemed to be just in front of me, but there were always some tiny differences between my answer and the correct one.
Debuging is another difficult part. It is less difficult than theoretic deductions since it can be done anyway. But it is quite time-consumed and annoying, especially when I have checked the codes through for several times

How do you feel that completing a project has/can help you?

1. I gained a lot of useful skills by completing the URSS project. Many of them can be used in my studies. I learned to use Matlab to do symbolic calculations, analyse Markov chains in details and apply Doob-h-transform to find certain probabilities. Latex and Latex poster template are great tools for typesetting mathematical articles and posters, which will be applied on my fourth year dissertation.
2. Reading papers to understand what the problem is and what the author tries to do. This gives me a great source to learn from other people, since most of academic work are captured by the papers from the authors. This will also help my postgraduate study.
3. Since the URSS let me know more about the research work and I like this kind of work, I will more likely do research related work in the future.

How did you find out about the URSS scheme?

I found it first through the poster on the wall in the computer workroom but I did not take it serious. Later I found its notice on the department website, then I explored more on its homepage and queried my personal tutor about it.

What are your 3 top tips for URSS students about to start work on their research projects?

1. Try more and harder when stuck.

2. Explaining your problem to others may help to clarify your problem.

3. Store your relevant files and documents in an organised way.

What's next for you?

I will finish my degree next year. Currently I am interested in further study in statistics and computer science.

How would you sum up your URSS experience in one sentence?

It is enjoyable to learn something useful and overcome chanlleges in a relatively relaxing situation.

Recommendations for the URSS

The URSS is indeed a great chance for students to know more about research work and experience a different way of learning. It motivates students to learn and think about their projects. It also carefully supports students in various ways, such as workshops and mentors.

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