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June 23, 2010

Final review action plan for making notes

Three final and important points about making notes:

1. Margins allows additional information and comments.

2. Following lecturers' steps to think is more important than making notes, because most of the lecture notes are available online.

3. Key words should be used as reminders and indicate where detailed explanation is. 

February 05, 2010

Fourth review for making notes

Due to the style of some lecturer, I think the problem is not about note taking but the preparation before the lecture. I will try to read through the lecture notes before the lecture next time.

The key words method lets me copy the notes just before they are rubbed out.

January 20, 2010

Third review for making notes

The new method of constructing notes makes my notes more clear and changable.

Recording key words help me to catch up with the lecturers' notes. But there are still some problems in understanding the lecture and writing notes simtaneously.

For the exams, I did not do well. There are several reasons, such as time allocation, choice of questions and too slow thinking with my homework.

December 08, 2009

First review action plan for making notes

Key words are helpful but easy to lose track if I do not revise much.

The speed of coping notes improves a little bit

Leaving some space for marginal do help to make my note more clear and esay to edit and remark.

November 29, 2009

Action plan for making notes

I sometimes write too slowly to catch up with the lecturers' notes. And the notes on the paper are too full to add anything else. 

1. Only make notes for key points if the text is long.

2. Copy notes after understanding.

3. Copy sentences of notes, not word by word.

4. Apply the Cornell Note-takong Method to make notes to allow comments.

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