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June 23, 2010

Final review for communication

I think my ability to communicate with others has improved through this academic year, though there are still many places I can done better, e.g more actively speak and confidently introduce myself to new friends. Here are some advices I leave for myself.

To talk is not difficult if you relax, because ideas will come naturally.

Loudly express your idea, if they cannot understand, then slow explain to them. Mistakes do not matter at all.

Be more brave to ask and more careful to listen.

Final review for reading

To summary my reading in this year, I think one way is to compare it with my previous reading.

There were fixed self-study periods in my previous school which allows me to calm down and read. In contrast, there is more freedom in university, but it seems harder for me to sit at the desk and read.

Another difference is that now I mainly read books in English. Some of them are hard and some are easy. But the problem is that I cannot read them as natural and comfortable as I read books in Chinese. This has nothing to do with the content of books. It is just because I have not get used to English.

In conlusion, I mustn't rush into reading but I should keep myself in a state of reading and continue to self-motivate,

Final review action plan for making notes

Three final and important points about making notes:

1. Margins allows additional information and comments.

2. Following lecturers' steps to think is more important than making notes, because most of the lecture notes are available online.

3. Key words should be used as reminders and indicate where detailed explanation is. 

Final review for team role

Generally, I do not have many chances to work in a team due to my course, at least for this first year. However, through the two cases I encountered in my previous reviews, i.e. finding a suitable house and working in Bridge society, I find that I did learn something about how a team work and how to work in a team.

I think that working in a team not only requires you to finish the work allocated to you, but also need you to have a general idea about the whole task. And the communication within a team is extremely important. This is because that someone's work may require your work done. And there are potential conflicts in a team, so to keep a team working efficiently, sufficient communication is very necessary.

In addition, I got an idea that how different type of people may have a different work style, e.g the Doing type of people.

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