Where I will do the most studying in Warwick

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“Where you think you will do the most studying”

Two years aboard studying means a lot, while I think the most fundamental thing is to find a right place for studying. And my room in Warwick is the right place where I will do the most studying in.

My block is conveniently situated next to the center of the campus where also has beautiful scenery around it. Moreover, my room is in the golden location of the block. Outside my window, there is a lawn with a tree in the center. Every morning I open my window, the fresh air with the fragrant of the new-mown grass and the flowers blowing on me. Besides the excellent environment, my room is equipped with modern conveniences which are useful to my studying.

I think I will do the most studying in my room according to four reasons. Firstly, due to the good location and the facilities of my room, I think studying in the room is convenient. Secondly, the beautiful scenery around my room makes me feel comfortable which I think will release my pressures. Thirdly, I have neighbors who are native English. Therefore, I can always communicate with them in order to improve my English level and to know more about British cultures. Last but not least, I like studying in my room because I have a private space where I can think and study freely and without any interruption. As a result, I can have more time thinking independently and I can have more creative ideas on my study.

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