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October 09, 2007

Fisrt class, shock!shock!shock!

Paul's one question in this year's first class impressed me very much that is ' Are you looking forward to this class?'---here is the first SHOCK! Are you the guy who knows what we are thinking?

'cause I exactly did look forward to it the day before the first class no matter how bad my English is...I prepared something including going to bed early at 10pm however, God, I just can't fall into sleeping and I can remembered I lied on the bed awake all night...worrying about the future or just because of the noises around my room?

English, always English. I need keep improving my English. As a part of team 2, I am really afraid of impacting negatively performace during team work beause of English issue, as I know Hiren and Alice is quite excellent in English mastering.

For the video, I know who is Deming and Juran, but I was not quite clear about the information  from the video including the game conducted by Deming in the video. I know Maslow in Chinese, but this time it occured to me until the requirement triangle showed up by Paul..SHOCK. ..I ALSO CREAT MY TRIANGLE. I might wander between UNDERSTANDING and many steps i shall climb up...cry!


I write blog in chinese for years in at least 3 different blog websites, including one special for my dog( searched with my unique net usename in google and baidu, BTY,I think there is only one person in this world using this usename, and it reminded me  2 (4 in google) pages with at least 5 blog website that i used to use.... and now this is the first time that the blog would be assessed as the part of my work during this academic year-- can I write some interesting things or non-reletive to courses here?Paul?

I always think I have the born problem in writing which proved true during these years...:)..I still remember the conversation with my father 15 years ago.'I don't how to write and writing is too hard for me';'is it? it's quite easy. when you got a topic, just create it then write them down!' --SHOCK till now as well as I know I need to wirte so many articles this year.

Paul introduced lots of information about PPE, these information is put in different website, sometime different places in main EEE website,sometime in Forum. What shall I do if I forget to check one navigation? SHOCK, IS THERE ANY SHORT CUT TO COLLECT ALL INFORMATIN TOGETHER?

So many things, do I have enough time to manager? Timemanagement,Timemanagement! And a detail standard procedure.

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