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March 25, 2013

to be a leader is innate?

based on trait theory, management way depends on the characteristics of people.

Thus, i start to think whether some people is born for a leader and som one is born for a follower.

Generay, people can be divided into two kinds, extrovertedand introverted.

it seems that the extroverted people are more suitable to be a leader.

because extroverted people are good at communication. and as a leader, the most important concept is motivated others via communication.

while, the introverted people are more suitable to be as a follower. because they prefer operating than communication.

if you force a introverted people who is not good at expression, to do a market manager who need to communicate with others everyday, he will not do it well. In addition, he prefer operating than communication. Thus, he will not devote himself into the work.

the same if you force a extroverted people to do the operational task, he also can not do well.Because they will not have enought pationt to set down in the front of the desk for several hours to finish a task.

in my opnioon, if the chief manager can divide the work properately based on everyone's characteristics and arrange the task to the suitable people, the company can work well.

February 17, 2013


there is a heat debate on "compitation or not" during the class.

personally i do not think compitation is a good. but the thing is competition among in majority of chinese orgaizations.

i think out two ways maybe can decrease the compitation level among chinese companies

one thing i learned in my bachor degree is that a good way to enhance own market share is collarate with the compititars to set a barrier of entrance to avoid new compitators to enter into the market.

when the companies want to enhance their market share, innovation new product is a good choice.

if all the companies work like this, companies can pay less on advertisement ect. they can invest more on innovation.

As a result, there would be more new products with advanced techonology among the market.

in addition, there should not be compitation among employees as well.

in WMG, if a student average marks of each module is over 70 is it distinguish.

however, in my previous school, the top5%student is distinguish ect.

compared these two, i think the mark system of WMG is better, because it can avoid the compitation among the students. The students can shared the information they gain without worry about others marks are higher than their's.

i think the mark system can be used in company. the company can set the criteria that performance everyone's ability and the higher mark with higher salary. maybe this is a good way to encourage cooperation among employees.

February 16, 2013

module review

just like my previouse blog said, i used to think i can not be a good leader.

but after coaching, i think i should be more confidence. I want to try new things.

but unfortunately, i have no chance to be a leader in Thuesdays team exercise.

but i leaned lots of things from others that what ellement will lead a leader to be a good one during the team exercise.

as far as i conserned, the most important thing is motivation instead of communication.

motivation can let every one invoved into the project.

to be honest, i am a quite guy in the team.

fortunately, all the leaders in team exercise all tried their best to motivate people.

Thus, i will try to do as much things i can to make contribution on the team results, just like a fan.

secondly, based on everyone's advantages give different works to them is also very important.

during the process of team exercise, i found majority of the leaders will divided works to everyone according to everyone's ability.

it helps the process of the project works smooth.

thirdly, the most important thing i learned from other "leaders" is that the leader is not the guy with the highest knowledge. He is the guy who can organize people and gain them to achieve success.

a leader should focus on time management, balanced eveyone's work and emotion and involved team members instead of solving all the problems by himself

I think the leadership and excellence is a big topic. it hard for us to learn it in 100 hours.

however, i have leanred how to be effecitve leader during the team exercise

In addition, i will learn more theories during process of writing the PMA

i think 100 hours just open a window for me in the field of leadership.

now i have basic knowledge on it, i can use it and practise it in my future career

February 15, 2013

cooperate social responsibility

in my understanding CSR is the company do sth good for the society to win a good reputation among their customers.

actually, my project of my bachelor degree relates to CSR.

it is about whether the brand name will be influence on customers choice in chinese market.

the results of my project show 'YES, it will'.

the methodology i used is experiment.

i choose two companies' yogurt. One company is with high reputation and the other one is with low reputation.

In addition, the previous research has supported me that the one with low reputation should tastes better.

the process of it:

i remove the brand name on the band packing. and i let the participants to taste it. Then make a choice.

and then 5 days later, i give them the same product with the brand name. and let them taste again and make a choice after tasting again.

after i analyzed the data, i found more people will choose the one with low reputation at the first time and they will choose the one with high reputation at the second time.

in order to find the further reasons why they change their choice. I interviewed them.

i found the customers always relating the quality of the products with the brand name.

Thus, i think, companies invest on CSR project is a win win stategy. It not only can do sth good for the society and enviroment. But also helping company win project in long term

February 12, 2013

motivation aspects of dictators' followers

the topic os seminar two is about the motivation factors of dictators and their followers.

as far as i considered, this topic is kind of tricky.

i think, the followers of dictators do not need to gain motavation from their leaders.

because they can adjust their emotion by themselves.

majority of the people who can follow a dictators are the fans of the leader. they trust leader can lead them to achieve success. They are used to follow the orders than come up their own ideas.

Thus, as far as i considered the motivation aspects of these people is mainly from their own sence of achievement when they finished a project instead of gain from their leaders.

i say this is because i used to lead by a dictator. Although i feel a little bit of unconfortable at the beginning, i feel well when the processing of the project goes well under his leading. and i were willing to follow him. Because i know he gains me in the right dicraction.

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