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October 31, 2012


I did not blog, until today is because i am too busy on studying.

Last week, i spent whole week to write the draft of PMA.

And this week, my elective module has started.

This blog. I wanna to talk about the changing of my feelings after i received the feedback from the tutor.

Last Friday, i finished majority part of the PMA.

However, the feedback from Paul says that i am on the wrong way.

At first i feel very sad. Because the whole week works are all useless.

However, A loss, no bad thing.

It is much better than i realized i am on the wrong way when i received the grades of this PMA.

Now i still have chances to change the content if it.

In addition, the last week's work are not all useless. Because i learned lots of knowledges when i searching the information.

Finally, i reallized that our learning enviroment is reaaly safe.

Because if i am on the wrong way of the PMA, the teacher will give me lots of advices to guide me on the right way.

However, when i made a mistake during the work, I MUST will be fired or have some punishements.

October 20, 2012


last week i was responsible for one presentation about compare and contrast three models.

In addition, i am also the group- presenter in seminar3.

The presentation made in the seminar 3 is the first time for me to present in front of so many people

i felt nervouse. And i presented unlogically and uncleally.

After the presentation, i felt very sad.

However, i were not give up. I want to try to present in front of so many people again.

So, Thusday nightm i practised the presentation about three models again and again.

Not only because i want to practise my presentation skill, but also because i really want to present the results clearly. our team members spend lots of time to find the results.

Frinday, after the presentation, i felt very pleasure. Because i am not so nerviouse when i am presentating.

I think the improment is depending on the practise.

When you feel sad, please do not give it up. Try to practise more. And finally you will be success

course review

Today is the last day of study week. It means that the module is ended.

though these two weeks, i had not many lectures, i learned more through the team work and mini projects.

When doing the mini projects, i learned how the search the useful information online. There are lots of inofrmation online is not reliable eg: wikipedia. When doing project, we need to ignore these kind of information and choose some reliable information through the online journal.

When doing the mini projects, i learned a lot about the benchmarking, learning organization, 3 modules et, al.. and i gained more information of these knowledges from other groups presentation.

when i cooperated with others, l learned not only learned how to cooperate with others but also the importance of it.

We can get different ideas from the group discussion, which can help the project finished quickly and successfully.

In addition, my team members give me a lot of help and confidence during the processing of mini projects.

For example, my team menbers always told me:" do not worry about the projects. we can do them together."

Another good example is that. Before i did the presentation, i felt a bit of nervouse. My team menbers said:"you are not alone, we three are standing behind you"

Here i wanna to say thank you to all of my team menbers.

October 16, 2012

different people have different needs

today is the 2nd day of elective module selection.

Which module you wanna to choose became the heatest topic today.

At first, i believe that the choosing of optional module is just rely on one rule that is interested in it.

However, after i discuessed with my classmates. I found different people have different reasons to choose the module.

Some of them said, the teacher is nice. He can help me to pass the module easily.

Some of them believe, the content of the module are helpful for their final dissertation.

Some of them chosed the module is just because they like the time of module started.

Even, choosing the optional module such a small thing, different people have different reasons. Some of them are very strange.

In the company of course, i think every people have their special reasons to work in the company.

Maybe talk to them, you will gain more than just guess what they needs.

October 15, 2012

Try to question teachers' opinion

Todays' class is very interesting.

There is a heat debate on " is Deming still useful in 2012?".

Our group's opnion is that it is not useful today. However, the Puals' opnion is not totally different with us.

When one of our team menber try to debate with the Pual. i adored him. Because in the past years, i never tried to debate with teacher. In China, there are seldom students are willing to debate with teacher. We are used to listening to the teachers and taking notes.

I have heared lots of my friends said it is normal that students are debated with teachers in the class in west countries. However, today is the first time i go thought this. I feel that debate with the professor is not quite difficult. It is just a process of showing your opnions.

Next time, i also want to try that.

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