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March 25, 2013

to be a leader is innate?

based on trait theory, management way depends on the characteristics of people.

Thus, i start to think whether some people is born for a leader and som one is born for a follower.

Generay, people can be divided into two kinds, extrovertedand introverted.

it seems that the extroverted people are more suitable to be a leader.

because extroverted people are good at communication. and as a leader, the most important concept is motivated others via communication.

while, the introverted people are more suitable to be as a follower. because they prefer operating than communication.

if you force a introverted people who is not good at expression, to do a market manager who need to communicate with others everyday, he will not do it well. In addition, he prefer operating than communication. Thus, he will not devote himself into the work.

the same if you force a extroverted people to do the operational task, he also can not do well.Because they will not have enought pationt to set down in the front of the desk for several hours to finish a task.

in my opnioon, if the chief manager can divide the work properately based on everyone's characteristics and arrange the task to the suitable people, the company can work well.

March 09, 2013

RDM project for marking part

this RDM project for the marketing part, we use both grid analysis and swot analysis to analysis the marketing.

finally, we choose newspapers,flyers and radio as our marketing tool.

the cost of all these three tools are not a lot. it is good for our company. because, we can use more money to invest in our R&M department.

after do the swot analysis, i find two main role, when choosing the marketing tool.

the first role is that, combinating 2-3 marketing tool is very important. because they can cover others weaknesses. but it is also essential to choose one tool, which can bring the company most benifit as the main marketing tool.

and the second role is that, when we choosing the market tool, we should make decision based on company's current situation. the perfect marketing tool is not suitable for our company. we should choose the one. which we can use the strength of it, and cover the weaknesses of it.

March 08, 2013

team work in robust decision making

this project is did as a team. i learned a lot from the team work. here i just summarized some of them.

during the team working, i realized that not only the tools can help the decision to be more robust, teamworking is another facter can influence on the level of robust.

during the team work, we can gain everyone's opinions. because different people has different opinions. Thus, through the team discuession, we can make our consideration more comprehansive.

in addition, nowadays, time is very important. during the team work, i also feel that teamwork can make the things more easier and finished quicker.

finally,our communication ability and making decision ability also be improved during the team work. for example, when there are different opinion in the group. The leader need to balance them and make a final conclusion.

March 07, 2013

swot analysis

in this presentation i am responsible using swot to anlysis the maketing.

during the gorup discussion, i realize that SOWT not only can use to analysis the current situation of the company, but also can use to identify tools whether it is useful to the company.

in this presentation, i will use swot to show that the marketing tool our company can bring our company lots of benifits. In addition, our company can also cover it's weaknesses.

i will use swot to support the grid analysis .

after i do it, i find swot is a good way to analysis things.

both strengths and weakness are the internal thing & oppotunities and threats are the external thing.

after, tried to link to them together, everything is crystal clear.

it is very helpful when company want to use it to make a decision

decision time VS. decision tools using

in this project, our group use 2 finance tools and 3 marketing tools to analysis the Wave Riders case??

it spends us half day to apply one tool into this case study

i start to think that, more tools will help the analysis to be more comprehansive, but the thing is the more tools using, it will spend more time to make a decision??

how to balance these two?

because, making decision faster is essential for a compay. It can make the company to be more flexible

but using more tools can help the decision to be more comprehansive is very important as well.

a bad decison can make company go into a delimma.

thus it is still a que s ti on for company to balance the No. of tools using and a comprehansive solution

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