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March 31, 2013


there are some good characteristics of leaders.

after do sone researches on the field of leadership, i found the most important characteristics of a leader is like challenges.

when we are talking about challenges we are talking about helping people to react in a way that helps them deal with the challenge, issue or obstacle in their path. In a way that gets them excited, inspired and saying ¡°Wow, here¡¯s an opportunity to learn¡±.

challenges can help leaders to be a better man.

in addition, when we face to a very large production, everything had to be rehearsed, checked and checked again.

Thus, the leaders here need their followers to help them to achieve perfect.

Thus, listening and accepting challenges is a important characteristics for leaders

March 30, 2013

western leadership theories used in chinese company

in the process of writing is PMA, i read a lot of theories for example Path goal theory.

all of them are very good and them can help a company to achieve sucess.

However, like my previous blog said, i am worried about whether they can impliment in Chinese companies.

recently, i do further research on this topic and i find a good example.

Li jiacheng is a sucessful chinese businessman, he is the man who invlove wstern leadership theories into chinese companies.

he insists to promote people obly based on their ablity and not considered their background or other things.

However, due to he implement it into chinese company, he also consideres chinese culture when implementation.

a good example is that

Although the projects are done by the project teams, the final decisions are still made by a group of people.

thus, maybe in the furthre chinese company can do like Li jiacheng do. combined the chinese culture and western leadership theories as a way to manage their business.

March 28, 2013

can the same management theory applied in chinese companies?

the originial situation of waveriders is like the SMEs in China, which is full of hierachy.

however, when the mangers in waveriders see the benifits of changing, they want to make change.

Every one of us is a leader and is ethically responsible as well as ethically accountable for all interactions with other people.

i remember, teachers starts to set the leaders in the class when i am 10 years old.

and they always tell us should follow the orders given by the leaders.

Thus, chinese people are used to the hirachical management way.

I think it is harder to introduce a democractive managment way in Chinese company than western company.

so i think in order to change the current management situation among chinese companies, the teaching way in chinese schools should be changed. it should learn the western education way. it not only can improve the management way, but also the chinese people will more willing to involve into discussion in the future.

in addition, the chinese managers should go abroad to learn some advanced management theories.

they can do better when they realize that they need change instead of others telling them.

March 26, 2013

things i learned from the class and PMA

leadership and excellece is a big topic. Some expert learn it for several years. we only have two weeks to learn it. i think we only learned the surface of it.

but actually i learned something during the process of writing PMA and study week.

in the class, I know how to be a good leader through the tasks. In the PMA process, I know how to choose an appropriate leadership approach for a company.

Both of these two things are the key concept to be a success leader.

Choosing a suitable leadership approach is complex!

During the information searching stage of PMA,I know the trait theory, it says different people have different personal characters. this leads to they suitable for different kinds of leadership. This is the new information I gain. Thus the newest leadership theories maybe not is the one most suitable for the company. The leadership theory chosen should be suitable both company's current situation and the characteristics of managers. During the process to find a most suitable approach for Waveriders, I find it is not an easy thing to do. It takes me long time to compare and contrast the leadership approaches to find a most suitable one. Thus, if a company want to make some changes in management style, long time spent is one of the reason why the company give up the change on the half way. Thus, I suggest some leadership approach intermediary or suggestion center is necessary. There are several reasons for this recommendation. The first one is they are more familiar with the leadership theories, they can find a more suitable one than the company find by themselves. Secondly, they also can give some guide during the company changing process. Thirdly, they are the observer of the company. So they can see the question more objective. Fourthly, it also can save the company lots of time. However, based on my knowledge, there is small amount of leadership intermediary in CHina. So I think it is an opportunity to invest on an leadership intermediary.

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