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January 28, 2013

leadership should be discussed under the situation

today we had a exercise about identifying one leader and one deputy for a safe boat among six people.

after i read the perosnal character discription on BRRET the pilot,i think heis not a good a leader.

Because he has so strong emotion, who can not accept others ideas easily.

in the past i also identify that a good leader is a person with good communication skill, accepting others ideas easily and motivating employees to achieve a common goal.

After today's exercise, i deeply realized that judge the leaders should under the situation.

Like the case, the personality of the pilot is definatelly not suitable as a leader in a big company. However, his strong personality is his strength in the safe boat case. Because he can give the order quickly and directly.

Thus, in the future, when i judge the leadership style, i will combine it with the situation to make it more critical

January 16, 2013

the things i learned from PMA writing

First of all, I have to say I learned critical thinking and critical writing through this PMA. This topic seems very easy. The first part of it is to compare and contrast two quality improvement systems??Lean and Six sigma. The second part is discussing how successful it is nowadays. However, after I searched information via Warwick library, I found there are different opinions on this topic. Even lots of them are real compatible. For example, lots of journals said these two approaches can not merge with each others, while others hold totally different opinions. Thus, this work force me to question the results gained by pre-journals. In addition, balancing the opinions of two sides, based on that develop my own opinions. It is my first time to find much journals with variety kinds of opinions. It is real a tough work for me to balance all of the opinions and develop my personal opinion based on them as well.

Secondly, i learned there is no excellence process improvement system in the world. After I compare and contrast Lean and Six sigma, I found combined them can bring company lots of benefits. However, it is not suitable for SMEs because of finance problem. Thus, even perfect excellence system may not is the most suitable one for your company. You should develop the one based on your companies current situation.

Thirdly, during the process of searching information on Six sigma, I found Six sigma not only can merge well with Lean, it also can help company to develop as a learning organization. Because it encourages everyone involved into the work, which make the organization to be more creative. In addition, Six sigma also encourages the members continuous self-learning to achieve the sustainable excellence. It changed the way from the traditional management method, which is managers rules every employees. The creative working environment and self- learning ability of the employees are also two important rules for a company developed as a learning organization.

January 13, 2013


DFSS is the short for design for six sigma.
After i read lots of journals i concluded that it is often happened in two stages of the manufactuing process.
It often happened in the very beginning stage of the process. It focus on reduce the design and innovation duration and design the products meeting customers demands. It using lots of datas gaining from the customers and statistic methodologies to prove the reliability of the project at the very begining of the stage to reduce the risk of the project.
In addition, it often happened between analyze and improvment stages. Because there are many defects can not be solved through improve the process. re-design is the only way to solve it.

January 10, 2013


i am in GROUPA-TEAM4.

Our group is responsible for the fourth question-- companre and contrast R&M first and then try tointegrated DFSS into the R&M case.

In my personal opnion it is a difficule question.

After i read the topic our group need to answer, the first thing i do is to search the information about R&M online.

Unfortunately, i found almost nothing.

Then i have to read the material again and again.

I think the artical is difficult to understand.

After nearly 5 hours heat discussion with my parteners i quit understand the meaning of DFSS AND R&M CASE

in my understanding,

the core concept of DFSS is to redesign things to meet customer requirement and achieve higher level of Six Sigma. The reasons why the organizations should use DFSS is becaue the customer requirements can not meet via only improving the production process.

R&M case is the evidence the suppliers shown to the customers that their products meet their reliability and maintainability requirements.

There are lots of similarites between two system.

Both of them are based on VOC --voice of customer

Both of them are based on statistic evidence

However, DFSS is a wider system and R&M is narrower.

R&M can used as a tool to make the DFSS more reliable

What's more, if now i am the owner of a company, i am now using DFSS approach. I wanna add R&M into the product life cycle.

In my personal opinion, i do not need to do a lot.

Because, R&m CAN be ragard as a tool to give more evidence to the customer that the product is reliable and have been measured.

our group spent around 10 or more hours to prepare this persentation.

We have searched lots of informations on this topic

Although this topic is quit tricky, it pushes me to learn more during the process of preparing it.

In addition, i feel happy to work with my parteners.

i hope all of you can enjoy our presentation tomorrow

January 09, 2013

notes of PMI online class

During my PMA writing process, i found the knowledge i gain from the PMI online class is useful

Thus, i these notes here






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