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June 09, 2013


although in the PMA, i choose maintenance as the aspect i focus on.

but i also think other aspect of the asset management is also improtant for Waveriders.

for example

a bette management in environment can help the company do something to the society to win a better brand name.

the resorce managment can help the company solve the high inventory problem

the safty managmenet can eliminate the cirsis happened.

et, al.

therefore, in the future, if i become a manager of a small company, i will choose maintenance as the main aspect i foces on

because it can improve the quality of the products and help the company to wider the current market

if i am working in a big company, i will pay attention on environment.

because when a company has a stable market position, it should do sth to the society.


maintenance is a concept of asset managmenet paid attention on process and people.


what is assest management.

as far as i considered, it is a management way of a company to manage the tangible assets in the company.

in the PMA, i chose maintenance as the aspect i focus on.

there are several reasons for me to choose it.

  • it can keep allthe assets in good working order so as to minimize downtimes.
  • it can keep all the assets in a state of good repair for the owners?? health and safety.
  • it can ensure that the assets achieve their full potential service life.
  • it can prevent unnecessary damage to assets that may result in their premature failure.


during the process of writing the PMA, i find the knowledge i learn from the KBAM can link with the previouse modules.

for example,

the maintenance asks the managers

  • give a fair reward system to the employees.
  • talk to the employees frequently
  • give feedback to them frequently

when these aspects can be done by a manager, his leadership style is improved.

the maintenance can help the company to have a plan weekly, monthly, yearly.

it is helpful to the company to know and remove the waste in the production process. and only keep the value- added one.

it helps the company to build a lean thinking.

in addition, assest management has a close relationship with the EFQM.

for example

  • - Leaders drive improvement of the organization??s management systems and performance.
  • ?¡ìC People are rewarded, recognized and cared for
  • ?¡ìC Buildings, equipment, materials and natural resources are managed in a sustainable way.
  • ?¡ìC Technology is managed to support the delivery of strategy.
  • ?¡ìC Products and services are produced, delivered and managed.


in the last blog, i pointed out the point that maitenance is not an aspect paid so much attention on innovation. it can help the company win a wider market via high quaility of the products.

but i think this issue again and again today.

i think the company still need innovation to help thier products to achieve continus improvement.

because the high quality of the products only can increase the reliability rate of products.

other rates can not be improved via the production process like maintenance, safety, environment

they should be considered at the design stage of the product.

therefore, the SMEs still need paid attention on R&D department.

but as far as i considered, the task of the departement is not the innovation.

the task of it is to improve the characteristic of the current product

June 06, 2013

KBAM PMA–2:critical thinking on developing new technology

people always said developing innovation is a key sucess factor for a company.

because the advanced techonology can help the company to achieve sucess.

however, during the process of writing this PMA, i found develoing the techonogy so often is not always a good thing.

Take Waverider as a example.

it is a small manufacturing company. it has not enough moeny to support the high investment on the techonogy development and R&D department. in addition, at the current stage, it's employees even are not familiar with the current machine. If they use more advanced machine, the employees can not use it well.

Therefore, the most important thing for Waveriders now is not changing. the production process shoud be improved.

the quality of the products can be improved by moniterating the production process and training the empoyees to use the current machine more efficient.

as the consequence, the qulity of the products improved and the cost also decreased.


in my opinion, this PMA is not a easy one.

during the process of writing, the first problem i met is that "choose which concept of asset management to help the Waveriders to achieve sucess".

different concept can solve different problems, for example resources utilization can reduce the inventory of the company and health and safety management can sure the reliability and the safety of the products.

Therefore, before i decided the concept i used, i did a swot analysis on the Waveriders current situation to show the current problems faced by Waveriders.

as far as i considered, the concept i choose should develop the weakness of Waveriders and bring more oppotunities to the company.

Fiannly, i decided to suggest the Waveriders to use maintenance as a tool to help them to achieve suecess.

April 24, 2013

knowledge management in daily life

blog is a good thing for knowledge sharing.

firstly, in the reflective aspect, it is a way to help us to reflect what we learned and how can we use it in the future these two questions, everyday.

secondly, it is a good place for knowledge sharing. because we can learn the things from others blog.

group discussion is a good thing for knowledge sharing.

all of our in moodle asseignment is done by group.

there are full of knowledge sharing during the group discussion.

because before the meeting, everyone will prepare some materials and share it in the meeting.

tutor feedback is a good way for knowldge sharing.

the feedback is a really good thing. becasue it is the recommadations given by the teachers, who is the expert in this area. all of them are good for the furture develpment in this area.

knowledge sharing is everywhere in dialy life. if you want learn more things, there are hundrends way for you to choose.

some thought s on KBAM

based on the journal i read, majority of people nowasays do not know their potential ability.

for example, if a people are good at drawing potentially, but he never draw sth. how did he know, he has this kind of potential ability.

in my opinion,

the company can have some activities, in one aspect they can discover the potantial abilities of these people, in the other aspect, these activities are also good ways to close people's relationships.


the company managers also can disvoer their potential ability via communucation.

there are a lot of ways can investigate the potential wisdom of a people.

however, nowadays, the boss prefer to fire people instead of giving them another chance.

so from this thing i also realized another truth.

all the theory we learned are based on a safe working environment. all the solution we make is excellent in a saft working environment.

but can they work in a real company?

from the CBE to LE to KBAM, we always try to create a awesome change plen for a company.

but we never consider the time the company need to spend on the changing.

for example, how long a company can finish the change from a hierachycal company to a company with free communication environment?

how long the employees can have close relationship and have trust with each other from no communication with others at al?

how to develop wisdom

one of the famouse chinese educator confusiouse said that if you want to be a wise man the most important thing is reflective.

everyday, before you fall a sleep, you should spend some time on thinking what you did today, what you learned from the today's experience and which behavior you can improve it in the future.

i agree with his opinion, reflective is the most important thing to be a wise man.

the famouse scientist Einstein said be the geniuess need 99% of hard working and 1% of talent.

as far as i concered 99% refers to do sth and do reflective after that to achive improvement.

for example, in order to get the great mark in the exam, we must do some exercise to prepare for it.

in my opinion, do exercise is important. but do reflection after doing exercise is also important.

in this way, you can know what kind of knowledge you are not good at. and then you can work harder in this area to cover it.

(by the way, after i realized this theory, i never afraid of fail, because the fail can help me to do reflective better and help me to realize the disadvantages of me better. it is helpful to my furture development.)

in addition, ask from the expericenced people is also a way to achieve wisdom.

for example,

i used to work very hard but the mark i got from the exam is not good. Thus, i will ask for some study experience from several students who have good mark.

after that, i will think whether their study way is also useful to me. whether i can use it or not.

i think in the future, when i start working, it is the same.

if i am not showing good working performance in the work, i will ask the managers to know how to achive the improvement.

it is a kind of knowledge sharing. In this way, i saved time to investigate a new way by myself

April 23, 2013

develop knowledge management or not

there are two opinions on knowledge management.

some people think knowlege management is necessary because knowlege sharing can increase the other employees performance. in addition, it is also a good way to encourage the communication among the company to close the relationship among the employees.

however, others show totally different opnion. they think the process of knowledge management should be long. thus it needs a large amount of cost. in the real life, some peope will leave the company after they get the knowlege. it is not worth for the company to do that knid of thing.

in my opnion, become the learning organization is a necessary thing for a developing company. but when the company in its way to the learning organization, they also need to develop the solutions to protact their own benifits.

for example, sign long time employeeing contracts with the employees or let the employees record their knowlege sharing expericance. Thus, even the worker left the company, others can also learn from the materials

how to develop wisdom

in order to answer this question, we need to know what is wisdom.

after i read some journals, i think, wisdom in a company is using people's experience and knowlege to help compay achieving the mission or goal.

in a learning organization, developing wisdom people is necessary. Becasue after knowlesge sharing, the working performace of the employees would be improved dramaticly.

after i read the journal, i knew there are 4 stages of wisdom development.

at the first stage, people do not know their potential ability and they do not know they could be wisdom. majority of people are at these stage.

at the second stage, people start the realize they might be wisdom after training.

at the third stage, people like to involve into the wisdom development. because they have confidence to be the wisdom people at this stage.

and finally, they become wisdom.

for a company, they need to investigate the potential wisdom employees among the company and do traing on them to help them going through these four stages in a short time.

error may bring a company into dilemma

in the class i learned there are six kinds of errors.

they are information not available, information not observed, information difficult to detect, memory error, incorrect mental model and anticipation error.

all of these errors can lead to the failture of the business, or even lead to some crisis.

in the project and programme module, we need to investigate the problems in the company given in the food industry.

we find the most obviouse problem of the company is that in order to wider the market, the company translate all the information on the lable to the local language.

but the thing is, due to unproberate traslation, many information are not shown on the lable such as some raw materials.

it is a kind of information not avaiblable. becaue the company did not give the approperate information to the customers.

in addition, the company big their company’s slogan in the labels’ of products to enhance their brand recognition. it leads to the storage way of the products showing in the corner of the lables.

it is easy to lead customers ignore the storage way of it.

both of these two kinds of errors will bring bad things to the company.

if the potential customers have any allergies on the raw materials of the products, which are not shown on the lable, it will cause the customer ill.

in addition, if the customer not storage the product well, they may think the products can only storage in a short time. Next time, they will choose another product with longer storage duration.

thus, if the company do not correct the information on the lable, the sales of their products will decrease dramatictly.

April 22, 2013

decision making process

there are some journals said there are 7 steps of decision making process

decision making process

some of them said only four

decision making process

no matter what kind of decision making process. both of them are helpful to the final decision making.

both of them need to identify the problem of the company at the first stage to help company know their current situation better.

both of them need to use tools to help the decison making to be more robust

both of them ask the managers to rethink the decision process to decrease the bias.

folowing the decision making process is not only a good way to make a robust decision, following it is also a good way to rethink and judge the decision making process

April 20, 2013

further learning on SWOT analysis

the first time i learned SWOT is the second year of universtity.

i used SWOT to analyze a travel agency to create a market strategy from it.

after that, i use SWOT oftenly, especially using it to analysis the current situation faced by the company, including the international joinver venture moudle i taken.

However, in the process of re thinking the process of decision making, i read a lots of journals.

i found SWOT can not only use to investigate the situation the company faced to, but also can use to investigate the tools and techinologies or other things.

it is a good tool to investiage a problem to find detail information.

April 19, 2013

make a decision is not an easy thing

after i learned this module, i find make a decision is not an esay thing

there are five main reasons i conculued based on the journals i read to support my opinion.

Firstly, the most important thing I learned in this model is that decision-making is not an easy thing. Before this module, I think the decision making process is an easy process. The managers can make decisions after they control the situation of the company. After I took this module, I find good or bad are not only two criteria to judge the decision. There are lots of types of decisions such as robust. In addition, making a decision should follow five steps and meet the critierias.

Secondly, there are lots of alternatives can help the decision making to be more robust. Good examples to support it is that finance one can make the decision more robust such as cost benefit analysis, investment appraisal and the marketing one can help the managers know the current situation better such as, SWOT, PESTLE. Majority experts encourages using market tools instead of statistic tools to avoid bias.

Thirdly, the sequence and the combination of the decision-making alternatives are also very important. In the process of writing PMA, I rethink the process we made decisions. I found if we can consider more on the sequence of the alternatives using instead of investigating more alternatives, the results would be better. In addition, in the process of writing this PMA, I read lots of journals. The theories shown on the journals support my opinion.

Fourthly, having a good explanation on the results gain from the decision making techniques is the same important as choosing the suitable decision making methods. Having a good explanation not only depends on personal characteristics (risk lover V.S. risk adverse), but also depends on the personal experience. Some experts can investigate what¡¯s going on deeply below the surface. Thus, in the future, control all the decision-making alternative is important, but gather experience on decision making process is also important for us, if we cant to be a leader in the future.

Finally, the decision-making also depends on the time or situation. After having lectors and reading journals, as far as I considered, the criteria for decision making is changed based on the situation. In the common decision making environment, a more comprehensive decision making process would be better. While, quick decision making process is needed in the emergency. Thus, in the future, when we judge some decision making process, we cannot only see the result of it. We should see the situation it happened in.

April 18, 2013

bias in decision making

after i checked lots of journals online. i found a large number of experts said the bias of decision making is easily created by the misexplaination of the decisions and using finance tools too oftenly.

there are lost of people nowadays prefer to using finance tools instead of marketing tools.

Because some finance calculation is conlicated, some bosses may hardly understand the meaning of the datas.

they think this way is more persuasive and more reliable.

another reasons for them to do this may be they do not have much knowledge about marketing tools and do not know the importance of these tools.

in the future, the company can on some training on the decision making process.

learn how to make a decision more robust is also a task for managers, which is the same important as having a suitable leadership

April 16, 2013

finance tools in decision making

during the process of writing post module assgniment, i read a lot of journals.

i know that using statiscits tools can make the decision more reliable and persuasive.

however, the thing is as far as i consider the results gain from the finance tools are not such reliable.

because oftenly, there are some calculation bias.

in addition, the finance tool can only analysis the current situation faced by the company.

it is not the most suitable tool to decide the long term strategy for a company.

the long term strategy is better to decide by the market tools such as swot analysis or pestle.

April 15, 2013

decision making based on situation

the lecture notes said different people have different explainations on the same results because of different characteristics.

some people are risk lovers and some people are risk averse.

in addition, as far as i considered, the situation also is a important factor in the decision making process.

in the leadership module, i learned, the leadership style is decided by the situation.

for example, in the emergency situation, the best leadership is to give order to people and make a quick decision in a short time.

the same, i think in the emgency situation, the leaders of the groups must do a quick decision making process to solve the problem.

maybe these kind of decision making is not as good as the one made by group decussion.

But it is necessary at that kind of situation

cooperation is necessary in the decision making process

i leaned that cooperate is very improtant in a company.

it can let the employees to share their knowleages with others and communicate more with others.

it is a necessary for a company to become as a learning orgainziation.

as far as i concerned, cooperation is also very important in decision making process.

because, there are some linkages among every decision making.

it means that the factory location making process maybe is related to market tool choosing.

Thus, if we are not work as a team, seperating our work at the first stage, we will not get a very comprehansive solution at the end.

Thus, in a big company, if there is no communication among each departments, it is hard for them to make a robust decision.

decision making via group

the Waveriders project ask us to make decision in three areas, whether to continue the project; market tool choosen and location choosen.

all of the decision making is made via group discussion.

as far as i considered, it is a very good way.

it not only let all the groun members participant into the decision making process.

it also gather all the group members' thinking to make the decision to be more comprehansive and robust.

the only disadvantage of it is that it takes time to finish all the decision making process.

but i think it is worth to do that.

Takes longer time to use one decision making process to make a decision is better than using 2/3 decision making tools.